10 thoughts on “Facebook Tips for Network Marketers”

  1. Yes, I will admit, I am probably one of them.. 🙁
    I do need training how to do this. I don’t think with $ when I am posting I am just trying to get the word out for interest so everything you mentioned is totally correct. I just need to learn from my mistakes so I don’t continue to do them. I want to succeed in this venture!!!! Any assistance would be appreciated!

  2. I like what you said about creating a separate page just for your network marketing business. You could share the link to the page on your personal Facebook page, but I am completely against tagging people. If people want to join your MLM page, they will. Also, I believe you need to be educational in nature on the business page. If all you do is post sales messages, people will get turned off and you will lose many friends.

    It all just comes down to common sense. It amazes me when people cannot figure out this basic principal. I also think that MLM companies should be more proactive in stopping this type of network marketing spam. Hopefully many people will read this post and learn.

  3. You never, EVER, want to be the annoying distributor trying to pressure people into buying or joining your business. Speaking from a time where various people I knew were using that strategy to try to recruit myself and others; it is not effective and pushes people away. And I agree that social media may not be the best route for recruiting either. It is such an impersonal way to connect and communicate, the correspondence will likely just be seen as a nuisance and ignored.

  4. Thanks for the great article. I currently talk about my business/products in the same way & with the same zeal that I talk about my kids in gymnastics class or my husband surprising me, a great deal I found or a new listing I just scored ..and it’s truly just to share. Of course friends are like yes, can I get such-n-such from you or can u help me with this or that. It took me years to embrace the MLM industry b/c of this seemingly “secret society” aura that always accompanied it. I’m with a great company with great products and I want to share that…what’s the big secret? I do my “attraction marketing” from my fan/business page but I do share on my personal page.

  5. Hi Charles, Loads of good information here, but I would expand on one item you mentioned as a don’t #2. Never tag anyone about your business opportunity.
    Something that has been happening to me lately is a few people have been doing multiple tags in one message. The last one I had to deal with tagged 14 people for one message. I applaud their desire to get the message out, but what they didn’t understand is each person that responds to that tag regardless or not if they were one of the tagged gets a copy of the message. Most of these people tagged have anywhere from 5 to 20 or more friends that responds, even if its just ‘Thanks’. This can translate into an extra 200 emails in a short period of time. This is a fast way to get unfriended.
    Again, super article.

    1. I feel the same way Rick. I hate when people tag me about something. If they do, I normally unfriend them and block them, especially if it is something making money related and they never reached out to me first.

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