Excuses Don’t Work in MLM

Excuses don’t work in MLM!  And they don’t work well in life either.  The truth is, you can make excuses or you can make things happen, but you can’t do both.  In my MLM Company, one of the top earners says, “you can make excuses or you can make money.”  That really resonates with me.

I hope from this day forward you will stop playing the victim card (if you are doing that) and man up or woman up and take 100% responsibility for your life, and your MLM Business. Until you accept responsibility for your own success, nothing good will happen.  From this day forward, look yourself in the mirror and realize that person is the cause of your problems, and that person is the source of your success.

After spending more than 12 years in the industry, I’ve heard just about every excuse in the book about WHY people don’t build their business.  Here are a few of the common excuses:

  • My dog died
  • My wife won’t let me
  • My family thinks I’m crazy
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the money
  • The products cost too much
  • The market is saturated
  • It’s too hard
  • I don’t have the skills
  • Nobody wants to join my team
  • My mom thinks it’s a pyramid
  • And on, and on, and on!

The truth is, when you want to make excuses about why you can’t succeed, ANY excuse will do!

And most people need an excuse to justify why they weren’t successful with something.  God forbid they actually accept personal responsibility.

The opposite holds true, too.

If you make the decision to succeed, no matter what, you will succeed.

If you look at each challenge as an opportunity to learn something new and grow, you won’t let the little things get to you.

If you adopt the phrase “I CAN, I WILL, I SHALL” you will become a warrior and you will become a MLM Success Story.

Success is 80% mental and 20% doing the work as I see it (just my thoughts).

So draw a line in the sand and make the decision that today is the first day of the rest of your life and that you will succeed in MLM no matter what.

Assuming you love the industry, believe in it, and really want to do it, that is the best advice I can share with you.

And please realize that this advice applies to everything in life, not just MLM.  All successful people I’ve ever known take responsibility for their own lives.  I’ve never met a successful victim.

What are your thoughts about excuses in MLM?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

*** This is part of a mini-series.  Read the original post.

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
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5 thoughts on “Excuses Don’t Work in MLM”

  1. I think that people tend to focus so much on why they think they can’t or what could go wrong, instead of focusing on everything that could go right. It’s not hard to see the difference in the life that people lead who are positive and they do what it takes to get what they want vs. the people who make excuses. Think like a winner and you will become a winner. It starts with the mindset and then the steps.

  2. You know Chuck, my Dad used to give me a basic one-liner every time I had some stupid excuse. he would tell me, “excuses are like butt-holes, everyone has one and they all stink.” He was correct and so are you.

    As men and women, we need to leave the childish excuse in the closet and man or woman up. Excuses will get us nowhere in life.

    This was a great post that I hope many people read.

  3. I once heard a speaker say “An excuse is just a well-planned lie”. That resonates with me because it says that you are literally telling yourself a lie to make it seem like there is an actual reason why you cannot accomplish a task. I must admit I have used the one about my products being too expensive when they raised the price. What was funny was that week I did a vending event and the people were amazed at how affordable my products were for the beauty and design of them. I guess my lie was blasted out of the water that day. More people need to find reasons to get things done as opposed to excuses why they cannot.

    1. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Focus on what works, not what doesn’t work. Focus on good and good will happen. Focus on bad and bad will happen. We become what we think about.

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