Ethics in Network Marketing: 11 Things to Abide by

Ethics in network marketing…

Excuse me for being blunt, but I sometimes think that 90% of the human population has no idea what ethics are. What happened to the days when men opened a woman’s door or a child helped an elderly person across the busy street? Yes, there are still ethical people, but I think that they are getting lost in the crowd of immorality and greed.definition of ethics

In case you’re wondering what ethics are, here is a good definition I found online.

Ethics are rules of human behavior that are based upon the moral principals of what is right and what is wrong.

Ethics are learned early in life, normally from your parents and teachers. Ethics also vary by country. But, there is a common moral standard that we do not kill or harm others, and we use the Golden Rule.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Being ethically sound is not difficult, but it does seem like a puzzle for many people.

In the paragraphs below, I will talk about ethics in network marketing. I believe it is an important subject because some distributors’ unethical behavior damaged network marketing as a whole. If we teach our team members proper ethics, and if MLM Companies stress ethical behavior, network marketing can have a huge image change, which is needed drastically.

When I read negative reviews and views of network marketing online, I discover that the primary reason the person has entered the attack mode is because they have encountered unethical people in the network marketing business model.

Now don’t get me wrong… There are unethical people in traditional business structures too, but they normally do not stay in business long because their business is shunned. What happens in network marketing is: when a person is treated unethically, they assume all network marketers are the same. They do not differentiate between the people or the businesses. In their mind, they are all the same, instead of separating them like they would traditional businesses.

We will have a difficult time changing that form of thought, so the best change we can make is the way distributors are acting. We will never completely wipe out bad ethics, but if we can stop a majority of it, we do have a chance of changing the overall opinion of network marketing.

Ethics in Network Marketing

Below, I am sharing my top 11 ethics to abide by in network marketing. If you have more items you would like to add, feel free to comment at the end of this article. Please share this information with your team members and use it yourself. They will do what you do.

# 1: No Income Claims

Do not make income claims of any kind. Do not share your income publicly. Do not tell people they can join, do nothing, sit back, and watch the cash start rolling in. Do not tell people it will be fast, free, or easy.

If you’re set on talking about money, share your company’s income disclosure. Tell people about the possibilities, but use disclaimers, and let them know that individual results will vary.

# 2: No Medical Claims

Even if your company has amazing products, don’t use words such as diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent. Always use a disclaimer when talking about the products.

Share your story but include a disclaimer when you do. In addition, be cautious on social media and YouTube when talking about what your product can do. It’s best to stick with the company’s approved literature.

# 3: Don’t Bash Other Companies Publicly

It amazes me that some reps do this. Remember, when you speak badly of someone else or another company, it just makes you look bad.

Even if you dislike another company, let it go. Focus on your company, and your opportunity. No one wants to work with someone who constantly bashes others.

# 4: Don’t Quit on Your Team

If you have even one team member, do not quit the business. If you brought people into the business, do not quit on them. You owe it to them to stick it out and build your business. Your # 1 responsibility is to show people what is possible in business, by your own actions.

# 5: Don’t Be Rude to Prospects Who Don’t Join

Most people you talk with will not be interested in your opportunity or products. That’s okay. Don’t harass them, bash them, guilt trip them, or make them feel bad for not joining. Everyone is on their own journey in life. Who are we to judge them?

Treat everyone with respect. Many people who tell you NO today will eventually be on your team if you treat them well, stick with it, and do an excellent job with your follow up.

# 6: Don’t Harass Team Members for Not Producing

I see this a lot in our industry. Many high achievers and top producers bash team members who don’t produce like they do. They try to pressure them to do more with the business than they want to. As a result, they push their team members right out of the business.

People join the business for several reasons. Meet people where they are. Find out what their goals are and help them achieve those goals. Don’t expect them to be as committed or as serious as you are.

# 7: Keep Personal Information Confidential

If someone shares their social security number, credit card, or personal information with you, keep it private. If someone confides in you, keep the conversation private. Be trustworthy.

# 8: Support Your Team

Once people join your team, your real job begins. Make sure you support your team. Stay active in the business. Provide help when asked. Lead meetings and provide training and support for your team.

# 9: Do Not Advertise Your Opportunity as a Job

Don’t do this. Your business is not a job. Do not advertise or promote it as a job. Promote it as a side hustle or income opportunity, but do not tell people you are hiring. Make sure people know it is a 1099 position, not an employee position.

# 10: Follow Your Company’s Policies & Procedures

Read your company’s policies and procedures and abide by them. Every company has different rules in place to keep the company out of legal trouble. Read the rules and follow them. It’s simple to do.

# 11: Be a Network Marketing Professional

Be a Network Marketing Professional. Treat your business like a million-dollar business. Manage yourself in a professional manner. Take pride in what you do, have integrity, and treat everyone well. Be a student of your business and place the needs of others above those of your own.

Final Thoughts

I believe so strongly in the 11 ethics I put here today, that I must urge you to share these with both your team and upline. If we all work together, we can change the negative attitudes of network marketing.

What do you think about ethics in network marketing? Do you have any comments? Questions? You can post them below. Thank you for visiting. Have a great day.

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