Essante Organics Success Story: Follow My Journey & Join My Team

In this post, I want to share my Essante Organics success story.  I am an independent brand partner (distributor) with the company.  I joined Essante Organics on June 7, 2017.

I joined Essante Organics to be part of the green movement.  It is not the only business I do.  I own SEVERAL different businesses, but I see the potential in toxic free products, and I would like to capitalize on that.

I’ve created this article to track my progress and share my Essante Organics success story. I like to be transparent with my website visitors and team. I want to share my growth, successes, failures and challenges, so you can learn what to do and what not to do. I hope my story will inspire you to work with me and join my Essante Organics team.

The only thing I don’t talk about is money.  I consider that a personal matter. I hope you understand.

This article will be updated once per month, sharing my results for the previous month.  It will be a documentary covering my first two years in the business.

My Vision

My vision is to build a solid part-time business with Essante Organics that eventually generates $3,000 in monthly residuals AND does not take much of my time to grow it or maintain it.  I want to share the “go green” message with thousands of people and I want to create an asset that pays me $30,00 to $50,000 per year in residual income for many years to come.

My goal for my first 12-months (by June 30, 2018) in Essante Organics is to build up a team of 200 ACTIVE distributors and customers. My two-year goal (by June 30, 2019) is to have a team of 500 ACTIVE distributors and customers.

Keep in mind I am NOT doing the business 24/7.  I try to work my business about 30-minutes per day.

My Game-Plan

My game-plan is to personally sponsor 2-4 people per month, every month, for the next three years.  If I do that, I will personally sponsor 72 to 144 people.  Based on my website traffic and personal recruiting results during the past few years, this shouldn’t be a problem.

My hope is that of those 72 to 144 people I can find TWO leaders who go on and build big businesses themselves, with or without my help.

I build my business online using blogging, video marketing, podcasting and email marketing.  I spend about 30-minutes per day on my Essante Organics business, five days per week.

My Team System

Here is a brief overview of the system I’ve created for my team:

  1. Training Manual for New Reps
  2. Secret Facebook Group for Team Members
  3. Email Training 1x per Week
  4. Online Marketing System for My Team Members
  5. One-on-One Coaching as Desired

This is in addition to what the company offers.

*** If you want access to my 1x week team training email newsletter, you can sign up for it here.  Be sure to confirm your email once you opt in.  I send it every Thursday.

My Essante Organics Success Story

Listed below, I will share a month-to-month breakdown of my business journey.  Enjoy.

Month 1 (June 2017)

I joined the company on June 7, 2017.  I ordered the $499 kit, so I could convert my home to the company’s products.

For my first couple weeks in the business, my primary focus was to try out the products and put my team’s system together.  I created capture pages, 65 email auto-responder messages, a weekly email newsletter, a secret Facebook group for my team, and a team training manual.  Those tasks took me about 100-hours of work, but I knew it would be a one-time thing, and well worth the time investment.

I enrolled my first person the same day I joined the company.  In the month of June, I personally enrolled 8 distributors into the company.   At the end of the month, I had 13 total people on my team.

Month 2 (July 2017)

Here were the business goals I set for the month of July 2017:

  1. Personally sponsor 20 new reps
  2. Finalize team’s COOP
  3. Generate 310 leads

I personally sponsored 16 distributors in July.  I did miss my goal by four people, but I am still happy with the results.

Rather than offer a COOP to the team, I decided to I wanted each person to do their own advertising, so I created sample ads and marketing materials.  That way each person could take responsibility for their own business and not be totally dependent on me.

I generated 128 leads instead of 310 leads, but I am convinced that August will be much better, now that I have tweaked a few things in my marketing campaigns.

I started the month with 13 team members and ended the month with 41 team members.  Of those 28 new team members, I personally sponsored 16 of them.  The other 12 were recruited by other team members.

I also spent a few hours and updated my team training manual (it’s now almost 50 pages).  This is a step-by-step guide for my team members about how to be successful in the business.  I try to update the manual once per month.

In July, we did a team call every week, which was great.  My upline helped me on each call and participation grew from week to week.  I also started a 90-day challenge on July 5th.  My goal during those 90 days is to personally sponsor 60 people.

Overall, July was a great month for my Essante Organics business. I learned a lot about the products, started building a relationship with my upline mentor, Jane, and learned more about the company.  I look forward to what August 2017 has in store.

Month 3 (August 2017)

Here were the business goals I set for the month of August 2017:

  1. Personally sponsor 20 new reps
  2. Generate 200 new leads
  3. Add 75 people to my team
  4. Send 62 handwritten notes
  5. Win corporate sponsoring contest

I personally sponsored 7 distributors in August.  That was 13 people less than I expected.  What’s funny is I started out the month really strong, sponsoring three people by the 4th day of the month.  After that, it really flattened out for me.

My goal was to generate 200 leads in August. I came up with 169.  Since 7 of these folks signed up as distributors, that gave me a 4.1% conversion rate.  This conversion rate is much smaller than my normal conversion rate, which is about 8% of all leads I generate.

I wanted to add 75 people to my team.  That surely didn’t happen.  There is no duplication going on in my team yet, so I only added 14 people to my team this month, of which 7 I personally sponsored myself.

I also had a goal to win the corporate contest.  That didn’t happen.  I thought I had it in the bag, based off the way I started my month, but I didn’t place in the top 3 spots.

One neat thing I did this month was create my own team YouTube channel.  I posted 21 videos.  I believe this will help me get more leads and more duplication in my business.  I also did our weekly calls each Thursday with my business mentor, Jane.

I’m looking forward to the month of September, to see what it has in store.

Month 4 (September 2017)

Here were the business goals I set for the month of September 2017:

  1. Personally sponsor 4 new reps
  2. Generate 100 new leads
  3. Add 20 people to my team

I personally sponsored 1 new distributor in September.  I’m not sure what happened with my website.  I generated 97 leads on my website, but only one person actually signed up.  I’m not too worried about it though.  September is normally a very slow month.  My team had 10 new team members, so I am happy with that.  I’m looking forward to the month of October, to see what it has in store.

Join My Essante Organics Team Today

Here is a great post with 27 reasons to join Essante Organics.  If you would like to join my team, you can sign up here.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my Essante Organics Success Story.  I hope you found the information helpful and inspiring.  Please bookmark this post and remember that I update it once each month.  Make sure you come back and visit to see my progress.  Have a great day!

Disclaimer: Essante Organics is a registered trademark.  I am an independent affiliate.  The products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  As with any business opportunity, individual results will vary.

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