Essante Organics Compensation Plan: Steps to Building Your Business Quickly

Today, I want to share my steps for success in the Essante Organics compensation plan.  As a quick disclaimer upfront, I am a happy independent rep with Essante Organics.  These steps to success are just my opinion. Individual results will vary.

Essante Organics Compensation Plan Breakdown

This compensation plan is very easy to explain.  It fits onto a one page document.  There are six different ways to get paid.  Here is the breakdown.

# 1 Retail Sales: There is a 30% wholesale retail markup on all products.  Whether you place an order yourself or not, you are eligible for the 30% retail commissions from all of your customers’ orders.  Your retail sales all count toward your personal purchase requirements as well.

# 2 Check Matching Bonus: This is my favorite part of the compensation plan.  If you are good at recruiting and helping your team members succeed, the check match could easily make up 75% or more of your check.  As a qualified Silver, you earn a 25% check match on anyone you personally enroll.  As a qualified Gold, you earn a 50% check match on anyone you personally sponsor.  As a qualified Platinum, you earn a 100% check match on anyone you personally sponsor.  For example, if you help five personally enrolled people each make $1,000 per week, and you are a Platinum, you would receive a $5,000 check match. The check match is based off the Endless Team Bonus (binary commissions).

# 3 Endless Team Bonus: This is the binary part of the compensation plan.  You have a left team and a right team. Whichever team has the smaller amount of volume, that amount is deducted about of both legs and you are paid 5% on each leg.  For example, if you had 1,000 points on your left team and 2,000 points on your right team, the company would subtract 1,000 points from each leg and pay you 5%.  In this example, you would receive 1,000 + 1,000 x .5%.  That would be 2,000 x 5%, which equals $100.  The remaining 1,000 points you weren’t paid on would carry over to the next week.

# 4 The Expansion Race Bonus:  This part of the bonus plan is for leaders and serious distributors.  Be one of the first 50 qualified executives in the calendar year to reach 50,000 BV in one month in BOTH of your teams and you can be eligible for the profit sharing program.  The company puts aside 1% of the sales volume from each country and will divide that among the first 50 qualifiers.  You must order 100 PV each month to be qualified for this part of the compensation plan.  Only volume from the qualifying country counts toward this.

# 5 Below Wholesale Pack Sales: Essante Organics offers two product kits.  One is $199 and the other is $499.  With the $199 kits, there are several different ones to choose from, to include a weight loss kit, beauty kit, etc.  Anyone you personally enroll who orders a $199 kit, you earn $50, even if you haven’t purchased the kit yourself.  Anyone who purchases the $499 kit, you earn a $100 bonus.

# 6 $500 Express Start Gold Bonus: This is a one-time bonus you must qualify for during your first 30 days in the business. In your first 30 days you must personally enroll 4 people who achieve Silver.  They must maintain that rank for three consecutive months.  If they do that, you can submit a form in the back office to receive your $500 bonus.

Additional Considerations

  • We are paid weekly
  • The company utilizes Payoneer for payments
  • Commissions are based off the Point Value of each product
  • Volume is NEVER flushed

Essante Organics Ranks

One of my favorite things about Essante Organics is the simplicity.  There are only three ranks in the company.  Here is the breakdown:

essante organics ranksSilver: This is when you are personally active with 75 points or more (personal order and/or retail sales) and you have personally sponsored one active person on your left team and one active person on your right team (they both are at or above 75 points).

Gold: This is when you are personally active at 75 points or more (personal order and/or retail sales) and you have four personally enrolled silvers. You must have at least one silver in each leg.  For example, you could have three silvers on your left team and one silver on your right team, or you could have two in each team.

Platinum: This is when you are personally active at 75 points or higher (personal order and/or retail sales), and you have four personally enrolled Golds. You must have at least one Gold in each leg of your business, with four total. For example, you could have three Golds on your right team and one Gold on your left team, or you could have two in each team.

Steps to Success with Essante Organics Compensation Plan

To be quite frank with you, I learned these steps from many other successful reps in our industry (outside of Essante) utilizing a binary compensation plan.  I wish I could say all of these things are my own ideas and tips.  They are not.  Many of these tips came from one of my mentors, Calvin Becerra (he is in a different company).

If your network marketing company utilizes a binary compensation plan, I suggest you follow the steps mentioned below. It’s by no means the only way to grow your Essante Organics business, but it definitely is an efficient way.


Step # 2: MAKE YOUR NAME LIST (1st day in business)

Step # 3: BECOME A SILVER (1st 48-hours in business)

  • Pick the easiest two people from your name list to sponsor (mom, dad, sibling, best friend, etc.)
  • Help each person sign up, order kit, and set up Easy Order
  • Put your list away once this step is complete (just for the time being)

Step # 4: BECOME A SILVER MAKER (1st 72-hours in business)

  • Help your two new team members create their name list and sign up their first two people

Step # 5: REPEAT IN DEPTH 4x (1st month in business)

  • You now have two people on your first level that you sponsored and four people on your second level that they sponsored
  • Help those four people on your second level repeat steps 1-4
  • Once that is done, help your 8 people on your third level repeat steps 1-4
  • After one month, you would have 30 people on your team (2 on level 1, 4 on level 2, 8 on level 3, and 16 on level 4)
  • By doing this you should find TWO or more people who want to duplicate what you just did


  • Once your team is approximately 30 people, you can personally sponsor your next two people
  • Go back to your name list and pick the next two easiest people to sponsor
  • Repeat steps 1-5 with these people during your 2nd full month in business

*** Keep repeating this process over and over and never stop!


Basic Tips for Success

Here are a few simple tips to help you maximize the Essante Organics Compensation Plan.

Keep things simple and do not reinvent the wheel.  This is a business of duplication.  Rather than experiment with something unproven, find a mentor who knows what they are doing and follow their lead.

essante organics compensation planWE WORK THROUGH PEOPLE.  Typically, the people you talk to and sponsor won’t be your best people.  That being said, everyone knows a winner: someone serious.  It’s not who you know that matters.  It’s who they know.

If someone isn’t interested, ask them for a referral. If you got just one referral from every person you talked to, you would never run out of names.

This business is built in depth, not mass recruiting.  It makes more sense to help your new person to go out and sponsor someone than it does for you to recruit someone new.

Let the tools do the talking.  Use third party tools whenever possible. Remove yourself from the equation.  Keep it simple so your prospect thinks to themselves that they could do what you do.

Be excited.  Get excited and stay excited.  Enthusiasm is transferred from you to the prospect, not the other way around.

Become a SILVER & Help everyone else go SILVER in their first 24 hours. Help your new team members get off to a fast start.  Have a sense of urgency and build quickly.

Put other people first.  Take your eyes off yourself, and how much money you could make, and focus on helping your team members make money.  The only way to make money in this business is to help others make money.

Work through each person’s sphere of influence (everyone knows two people).  Help everyone you sponsor sign up their first two people in their first 24-48 hours.  Everyone knows at least two people who would join their team.

Building fast is the only way to go; have a sense of urgency.  This business is much easier to build quickly than build slowly.

Be the messenger, not the message.  Use third party tools to explain the business and follow up.

Launch your business with massive action.  Act as if you have ONE MILLION DOLLARS invested in your business.  Get busy and get to work.

Use your upline for third party validation.  When you are new and inexperienced, utilize your upline and sponsor to help you share the business and close prospects.

Keep adding new names to your list as you think of people.  Keep your name list with you at all times, so when you think of a person you can add them to your list.

Teach your people to teach their people to teach their people this same process.  This is a teaching business. The only way for your business to grow away from you is to teach your people how to be independent of you.

Never pressure people or use hype; always be a professional.  Follow the Golden Rule and treat everyone as good as you would treat your mother or spouse.

DO NOT post your website links or say the name of your company on social media.  When you’re new, you’re excited.  That’s great.  Don’t make the common mistake of spamming everyone on Facebook telling them about your new business.  That is a quick way to turn off your entire warm market.

The best way to initially contact people is by phone, or face to face.  Don’t send out mass emails or texts.  Reach out to each person in a personable way for the initial contact.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my steps to success with the Essante Organics compensation plan.  What do you think about these tips?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

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