End of Year Checklist for Network Marketers

What I’d like to do in today’s post is share my end of year checklist for network marketers.  This is a list of tasks I evaluate at the end of each year, and I figured it would also benefit you.  Keep in mind I am not a lawyer, financial planner or accountant. The tasks are listed in no particular order.

End of Year Checklist for Network Marketers

# 1 Backup Your Computer

If you aren’t already doing this on a regular basis, you should be.  I have heard countless horror stories of people losing ALL of their important documents because their computer crashed.  It even happened to me once.  Don’t let it happen to you.  There are plenty of services online that will back up your computer every single day for you automatically.  Worst case scenario, get a USB Flash Drive or external hard drive and back up your computer once per week.

# 2 Evaluate, Organize & Clean Your Work Space

I’m assuming you have some type of home office, even if it’s just a small space in a spare bedroom.  Now would be a great time to clean it and organize it. I believe having a good “work flow” is very important, especially if you work from home.  Go through your files, clean off your desk, dust off the shelves, and tidy up your work space so it gives you a good “vibe”.  Add some artwork, motivational posters, a good air freshener, and some new relaxing audio CDs.

# 3 Order New Business Cards & Stationary

Now is a great time to order some new business cards with a NEW, updated photo of yourself.  If you have a bunch of business cards left from last year, by all means use them up first.  You can go on Vista Print and order some new business cards at a very low price.  There are also options on their website to order customized thank you notes.

# 4 Contact EVERYONE on Your Team

Contact every active and inactive person you have personally sponsored in the business: EVER.  Just check in to say hello and see if you can “reactivate” them in the business.  Let everyone know that you are glad to have them on your team and that you appreciate them.  Depending on the size of your team, send a personal message, note, email or phone call to EVERYONE on your team, and see if you can identify a few serious people and reactivate some “former” customers and distributors.

# 5 Review Your Daily Routine

end of year checklist for network marketersThis task is a real eye-opener.  As hard as it might be to do, just be honest with yourself.  Take some time and evaluate your daily routine for the past year.  How much time each day did you honestly commit to growing your business?  How many new people did you contact per day?  What percentage of your time was spent on the money producing activities?  In most cases, you will discover that you didn’t contact as many people as you thought you did.

What could you do more effectively and more efficiently in your daily routine this year, to get better results than you did last year? Take some time and brainstorm a few ideas.  Write down whatever comes to your mind.  Ask your sponsor or mentor for their input as well.

Do yourself a favor and write down your daily routine. Put it on an index card or piece of paper. Keep it with you at all times and keep looking for ways to improve it.  In addition, I highly suggest you order a copy of “Miracle Morning for Network Marketers” and the “Miracle Morning for Network Marketers Journal.”  Those two resources will help you develop a winning routine.

# 6 Update and Review Your Profit & Loss Statement

I’m assuming you do a monthly profit and loss statement for your network marketing business every month, just like I do.  If you aren’t doing that, you need to. Add up your income and expenses for the year and see where your business stands financially.  Evaluate each expense and look for ways to reduce or eliminate the expense. For example, review your cell phone plan and provider, how much you pay for business cards, where you advertise, etc. and see if there are alternative things you can do to save you money.

# 7 Make Income Projections for the Upcoming Year

Once you’ve updated your profit and loss statement for the current year, make some financial projections for next year.  How much money would you like to make next year?  What type of gross income and net income do you want to have?  Fill out a spreadsheet and make a best guess estimate.  Once you figure out what type of income you want to make, look at your company’s compensation plan and determine how much volume you need, what rank you need to achieve, and about how big of a team you need to hit those goals.

# 8 Review Your Business & Marketing Plan

You need a business plan and marketing plan for your network marketing business.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  It shouldn’t be complicated.  Instead, it should be a one or two-page document that has your goals, mission statement, vision statement, marketing plan, and daily routine.  This is a living, breathing document that should get updated regularly and referred to daily.  If you need an example business plan and marketing plan, check out this resource.

# 9 Review Your Personal Development Plan

Your business will only grow as much as you do.  What is your personal development plan for next year?  What percentage of your income will you reinvest in your personal development?  What books will you read next year?  What events will you attend?  What will be your daily game-plan to work on your personal development every day?  Answer these questions for yourself and write down your answers.  Personal development is vital to your long-term success in the industry (and in life).

# 10 Update Your Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog, you need to review it each year.  Add some new content, change some graphics, review all of your information and make sure you back it up!  Consider uploading a new theme to make it look fresh.

# 11 Review Your Business Tools & Marketing Tools

Review all of your online and offline business tools to determine which ones work the best and which ones need to be updated, eliminated, or replaced. This could include your auto-responder, marketing materials, flyers, business cards, postcards, etc.

# 12 Identify Areas You Can Outsource

No one is good at everything.  Identify areas in your business you aren’t good at and see if you can outsource some of those tasks to a virtual assistant on Fiverr or Upwork.  It will be time and money well spent.  I outsource as much as possible and it makes a big difference.

# 13 Find a Mentor

If you already have a supportive, successful upline who is helping you, you are on the right track.  If you’re trying to build your business alone, you are really missing out.  This business is a team sport.  Look for someone in your upline who is successful, accessible and willing to help you with the business. Stay accountable to them and follow their lead.  If that isn’t possible, find a mentor on YouTube, or someone you respect and trust in a different company.  Having a mentor is vital to your long-term success in the business.

# 14 Update Your Will, Living Will and POA

These three documents are very important when it comes to estate planning.  At some point, we are all going to die.  You want to have your affairs in place, especially when you have a big business, so that everything is in order in case something unexpected happens to you.  Get with your local lawyer or CPA to help you draft up the documents.  My wife and I are doing this right now through LegalZoom.com.

# 15 Schedule Your Next 90-Day Challenge

Do yourself a favor and schedule your next 90-day challenge.  If you don’t know what that is, you can read more about it here.  Try to find 1 or 2 team members who will do one with you.  This can create a surge of growth and momentum in your business in the early months of the upcoming year.

# 16 Update Your Name List

I would encourage you to go back to your name list and update it.  Spend three or four hours and brainstorm another 500 to 1,000 names.  Go through each name on your name list and see who you need to follow up with.  Come up with a simple schedule to follow up with everyone you have talked to over the past year.

# 17 Update Your Spouse, Partner or Significant Other

Once you do all of these things, update your spouse.  Schedule a “board meeting” at your house and share this information with them. Include them in part of your business planning.  Not only will it make them feel important, but it’s also good for them to know where your business stands, and where you see it headed in the near future.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  This is my end of year checklist for network marketers.  I hope you found the information helpful.  Let me know, what do you do at the end of each year for your end of year checklist?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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