End of Month Hustle in MLM: Finish the Month Strong in Your MLM Business

Today, I want to talk to you about how to finish the month strong in your MLM Business, also known as your end of month hustle in MLM.

If you’ve spent any time in our great industry, you know that the first 10-days of the month are pretty good, the middle 10-days are quite slow, and the final 10-days are exciting.

When you talk with the “big dogs” in our industry, you will quickly discover that 50 to 80 percent of their monthly production happens during the last 7-days of the month and most of it happens in the last 72-hours.

Why does this happen? Because people tend to procrastinate. It’s just human nature to do that. You will not change that, so don’t try.

How you finish your month in your MLM Business is what matters most. You might start out slow. You might start fast. But as long as you finish strong, you can hit your goals.

Listed below, I will share a list of simple things you can do to finish the month strong in your MLM Business.

End of Month Hustle in MLM

Tips for a Successful End of Month Hustle in MLM

# 1: Have a Team Contest

One of the best ways to finish your month strong in your MLM Business is to have a team contest. Come up with several team contests for the last week of the month. Choose some great prizes. Promote the heck out of your contest throughout the month. When your contest starts, keep everyone updated each day. Be sure to recognize people as they qualify for prizes. This can lead to lots of added volume and new recruits.

# 2: Follow-Up with Everyone You’ve Talked To

The fortune is in the follow-up. I’ve said that thousands of times on this website. Start reaching out to EVERYONE you have talked to during the past 90-days. After you’ve followed up with all of your prospects, and attempted to close them, call your personally sponsored people and help them follow-up with all of their prospects.

# 3: Schedule Some Three Way-Calls

Another great way to finish your month strong in your MLM Business is to schedule some three-way calls with your team members. Make an announcement to your entire team that you will be setting aside three or four hours each day for three-way calls. Make sure everyone has your phone number. If possible, have people schedule appointments with you ahead of time so you can work smart.

# 4: Do a Daily “Motivational” Call

Have a short 15-minute “motivational” call every day, during the last week of the month. Share your contest results. Do recognition. Provide updates. Motivate people. Think of it like a sales meeting, motivating your team to go out and hit their goals.

# 5: Schedule a Live Event

If you have a local team, schedule a live event a few days before the last day of the month. Do lots of training, recognition and motivation. Create some excitement in the ranks.  If your team is worldwide, or spread out through the country, do a webinar or conference call.

# 6: Plan Out Your Week

Take an hour or two and plan out your last week of the month. Make sure your calendar is full. Decide what times each day you will be working your business and know what you will be doing during those times.

# 7: Monitor Your Back Office Closely

Check your back office several times each day to see who is close to their next rank advancement. Make sure each person knows how close they are. Give them an added push and let them know they can do it. If you are allowed to “move” people in your team, consider helping them by placing someone on their team.

# 8: Contact All of Your Former Customers and Distributors

Now is a good time to reach out to all of your former customers and distributors and give them an incentive to come back. Come up with some type of special promotion, such as a free product, someone placed on their team, etc. Get creative. Even if you can get 1-5 percent of your inactive and former people to come back, it can help you hit your monthly goals.

The Best Advice I’ve Heard

Some of the best MLM Advice I ever heard was to “treat every day of the month like the last day of the month.” In other words, have a sense of urgency in your network marketing business. Pretend that every day of your business is the final day of the month and you only have a few hours left to hit your goals.

If you did this, you would probably get 10x to 20x the results you are currently in your business. Most people don’t work nearly as hard (or as smart) as they could. Doubling or tripling your efforts throughout the month would certainly double or triple the size of your bonus check.

How to Finish the Month Strong in Your MLM Business

Advice from Others About the End of Month Hustle in MLM

To keep things interesting, I figured I would include some tips from other successful network marketers, and entrepreneurs, about having a successful end of month hustle.

Run a Facebook campaign that ASKS for help and post it several times a day:  “Friends I am just X orders away from my making a big promotion with my company! How can you help? =>message me today to get a free product consultation!” (post some fabulous before-and-afters, testimonials, specials, press, or pictures!)

Sometimes freebies get people off the fence–that’s why department stores offer gifts with purchase, right?! Contact people who previously expressed interest in the product or business. Tell them you are running your own “month-end special” from now through end of month & offer a gift with purchase/sign up until the last day of the month! “As a courtesy to you, I wanted to share with you a special end of month offer. Earlier you expressed interest in the business/ products…”

Leverage 3-way calls or coffees with your sponsor to have them help close your prospects. Leverage events, and even virtual events with your team!

Remember, the FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW-UP! You have not, if you ask not!

Sarah Robbins, MLM Millionaire

Connect with at least 20-25 people this week and next. Sound like a lot? It’s not if you combine attending 1-2 quality networking events with online networking. You could do this just on social media, but I prefer to incorporate both online and offline options. Connecting with more people, week after week, month after month, helps grow your network faster. It provides more opportunities to spread the word about your brand and/or business. You could reach much more than this just with a quality, targeted blog post.

Swag Strategy Blog

Be Willing to Walk Away

The first rule of successful negotiation is that the advantage goes to the person who is most comfortable walking away without a deal. I have a friend who uses the philosophy ‘always be walking away’ when he sells.

If you’ve done your job reminding them that it’s their problem that needs to be solved, then indecision harms them, not you.

The Demand Creator Blog

Final Thoughts

In review, this is some of my best tips on having a successful end of month hustle in MLM. What are your thoughts? What are your best tips? Have you experienced the same results in your business, or something different? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “End of Month Hustle in MLM: Finish the Month Strong in Your MLM Business”

  1. Thanks for the motivational tips – I’m definitely going to use some. I do not consider myself a procrastinator, but I rather run out of steam by the end of the month. Because of that, I sometimes have difficulty “walking away” (your last tip) from those more disinterested clients, especially nearing the end of the month if I have not met my goals. I end up wasting my time and feeling doubly frustrated – need to work on that.
    It is also good advice to place a few of your own new clients (or move them) under team members who are under you. You still benefit from a larger down-line, but it really shows that team member that you are supportive and invested in seeing them succeed; what a great motivator that is!
    Anyway, thanks for another great post. I enjoy following your blog!

    1. It’s easy to run out of steam after a long, busy month. I feel that way myself sometimes, but I’ve just learned that the least three days of the month are the most important. That is really when you want to double or triple your efforts and make some good things happen. Ride the excitement and momentum and finish the month strong.

    2. Faye,

      Have you tried scheduling your time so you don’t run out of steam? Sometimes it’s hard to do when you are so eager to help people and get everything done. I compare it to going to the gym. Sometimes you feel like you didn’t do enough to get the results that you want so you push your body more. Work smarter not harder.

      Some people are so busy trying to recruit or make the sale that they forget to follow-up. Money can be left on the table by forgetting about those who are already in the business.

      I can use my sister as an example. She is so busy that she forgets to place her orders, I have her on auto-ship because of it. But with her, she likes to try new things so one simple phone call reminds her about what she wants to try next and it’s placed with her auto-ship. Your team members will be more likely to do what they need to do to succeed if they know you are following up as well.


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