End of Month Hustle in MLM: Finish the Month Strong in Your MLM Business

Today, I want to talk to you about how to finish the month strong in your MLM Business, also known as your end of month hustle in MLM.

If you’ve spent any time in our amazing industry, you know that the first 10-days of the month are pretty good, the middle 10-days are quite slow, and the final 10-days are exciting.

When you talk with the “top earners” in our industry, you will quickly discover that 50 to 80 percent of their monthly production happens during the last 7-days of the month and most of it happens in the last 72-hours.

Why does this happen? Because people tend to procrastinate. It’s just human nature to do that. You will not change that, so don’t try.

How you finish your month in your MLM Business is what matters most. You might start out slow. You might start fast. As long as you finish the month strong, you can hit your goals.

Listed below, I will share a list of simple things you can do to finish the month strong in your MLM Business.

End of Month Hustle in MLM

Tips for a Successful End of Month Hustle in MLM

Let’s get started.

# 1: Have a Team Contest

Contests are an absolute game-changer when it comes to wrapping up your end-of-month hustle in MLM. Picture this: by setting up fun challenges or competitions within your team, you’re not only igniting everyone’s competitive spirit but also pushing each other towards the finish line. Whether it’s a sales leaderboard, a recruitment challenge, or a creative marketing contest, these competitions act as a turbo boost, motivating everyone to go that extra mile. Plus, the excitement and camaraderie that contests bring can skyrocket productivity and create a fantastic buzz around your business. It’s a win-win for all – driving results while keeping the energy levels high!

# 2: Do a Daily Team Call

Okay, so here’s the scoop on the power of daily calls to crush it at the end of your month in network marketing. It’s like your daily fuel-up, your chance to regroup, motivate, and kick things into high gear. Picture this: you and your team, all on the same page, dialing in to share wins, set daily targets, and support each other. It’s not just about catching up – it’s your daily dose of inspiration and accountability.

You’re checking in, discussing strategies, and maybe even sharing a laugh or two, creating this pumped-up atmosphere that keeps the momentum rolling. Daily calls are like your huddle before the game – they set the tone for the day, align everyone’s efforts, and keep the end-of-month hustle strong. It’s about coming together, cheering each other on, and ensuring that every day counts towards finishing the month like rockstars!”

# 3: Monitor Your Back Office Closely

Check your back office several times each day to see who is close to their next rank advancement. Make sure each person knows how close they are. Give them an added push and let them know they can do it. If you are allowed to “move” people in your team, consider helping them by placing someone on their team.

# 4: Run Flash Sales or Promotions

Running flash sales and special promotions is like throwing a surprise party for your customers and team! These quick, time-sensitive offers create a buzz like no other. Think of it as a limited-time window where you’re not just offering a discount, you’re offering an experience. It’s all about urgency and excitement, getting everyone to take action now. Blast it on social media, email your list, and let your team spread the word. The key is to make it irresistible, something people just can’t pass up. It’s like saying, ‘Hey, here’s an amazing deal, but you’ve got to act fast!’ This urgency not only boosts sales but also drives momentum, giving your month the powerful, action-packed ending it deserves.

# 5: Upsell & Cross Sell

Okay, let’s talk about upselling and cross-selling to rock the end of the month hustle in MLM. So, you’ve got this incredible opportunity to not just meet your customers’ needs but exceed their expectations. Upselling is like saying, ‘Hey, I know you love this product, but how about this one that complements it perfectly?’ It’s about offering that next-level item or upgrade. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is all about, ‘Hey, while you’re here, check out this other fantastic product.’ It’s presenting additional options that could be just what your customers are looking for.

These strategies don’t just boost your sales but also enhance the overall customer experience, showing that you’re not just about making a sale but genuinely helping them get the most out of their purchase. It’s a win-win – your customers get more value, and you close out the month with a strong surge in sales.

# 6: Do a Content Blitz

Implementing a content blitz to wrap up your month in network marketing is like throwing a spotlight on your business. It’s all about flooding your platforms with engaging, valuable content that leaves everyone wanting more. From blog posts to videos, social media posts, maybe even a live Q&A session – it’s about getting your message out there in a big, bold, and consistent way.

Share success stories, product spotlights, tips, and tricks – anything that showcases your expertise and the value you bring. By creating this content storm, you’re not just amplifying your reach, you’re creating a buzz and keeping your audience hooked till the last minute of the month.

It’s like saying, ‘Hey world, we’re here and we’ve got something incredible to offer!’ This content rush doesn’t just build connections and trust, but it also gives your month a rocket-fueled ending, leaving a lasting impression that’ll keep the momentum going strong into the next month!

# 7: Set Specific Goals

Let’s talk game plan, because setting specific goals to close out your month in network marketing is like having a roadmap to success. It’s not just about saying, ‘I want to sell more’ or ‘I want to grow my team.’ No, no – it’s about getting down to the nitty-gritty. You want goals that are as clear as day, like ‘I’m aiming to sell 20% more than last month’ or ‘I want to recruit three new team members by the end of this week.’ The more specific, the better!

Break it down – figure out what actions you need to take every day to reach those goals. And let’s be real, these goals should be a bit of a stretch but still achievable. It’s like giving yourself a challenge you know you can conquer with the right amount of hustle and focus. Having these clear, specific targets isn’t just motivating – it’s like having a secret weapon that guides you straight toward that finish line!

# 8: The Century Club

I call it the Century Club. In the last three days of the month, reach out to 100 total people. You can break this down any way that you’d like. For example, you could approach 25 people about the products, 25 people about the business, follow up with 25 prospects, and connect with 25 team members. Or you could just approach 100 new prospects. Whatever works best for you, do it. When you connect with that many people in a short timeframe, good things will happen in your business.

List of 50 Tasks

If you’re looking for additional ideas, here’s a comprehensive list of 50 tasks that can help you close out the month strong in network marketing:

  1. Review and Analyze Last Month’s Performance: Assess what worked and what didn’t.
  2. Set Clear Monthly Goals: Sales, recruitment, team growth – have specific targets.
  3. Contact Previous Customers: Offer follow-up support or new deals.
  4. Follow Up with Prospects: Reach out to potential leads and re-engage.
  5. Host a Webinar or Training Session: Offer value to your team and potential recruits.
  6. Create Engaging Social Media Posts: Boost visibility and engagement.
  7. Send Email Newsletters: Share updates, promotions, or success stories.
  8. Run a Flash Sale or Limited-Time Offer: Generate excitement and urgency.
  9. Organize a Team Challenge or Contest: Motivate and incentivize your team.
  10. Distribute Promotional Flyers or Business Cards: Local marketing can be powerful.
  11. Connect with Influencers: Collaborate for increased reach and credibility.
  12. Attend Local Networking Events: Build connections and spread the word.
  13. Thank Your Customers and Team: Show appreciation for their support.
  14. Offer Personalized Product Recommendations: Enhance the customer experience.
  15. Create Engaging Blog Content: Inform, educate, and attract prospects.
  16. Host a Facebook Live Q&A Session: Engage with your audience in real-time.
  17. Follow Up on Auto-Ship Orders: Encourage continuation or upgrades.
  18. Create Customer Testimonial Videos: Share success stories to build trust.
  19. Engage in Personal Development: Read, listen, or attend workshops for growth.
  20. Encourage Team Training and Development: Equip your team with knowledge.
  21. Organize a Product Sampling Event: Let people experience your products.
  22. Host or Attend a Meetup: Connect with potential customers or recruits.
  23. Run Targeted Facebook/Instagram Ads: Reach specific audiences.
  24. Offer Exclusive Discounts for VIP Customers: Make them feel special.
  25. Create an Online Challenge or Workshop Series: Engage your audience.
  26. Collaborate with Other Network Marketers: Cross-promote each other’s products.
  27. Participate in Online Forums or Groups: Provide value and establish authority.
  28. Send Personalized Thank-You Cards: Strengthen relationships with customers.
  29. Optimize Your Website for Conversions: Make it easy for visitors to buy or join.
  30. Run a Customer Referral Program: Incentivize referrals for growth.
  31. Initiate Cold Outreach to Potential Leads: Expand your network.
  32. Create How-To or Tutorial Videos: Show product usage or benefits.
  33. Offer Limited-Edition Products or Bundles: Create a sense of urgency.
  34. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Network with potential B2B clients.
  35. Organize a Product Launch Event: Build excitement around new products.
  36. Host a Giveaway or Competition on Social Media: Boost engagement and visibility.
  37. Write Personalized Handwritten Notes to Top Customers: Show genuine care.
  38. Create a Customer Loyalty Program: Encourage repeat purchases.
  39. Reach Out to Local Businesses for Collaborations: Expand your reach.
  40. Run a “24-Hour Only” Sale: Create urgency for quick sales.
  41. Provide Free Consultations or Assessments: Showcase your expertise.
  42. Update Your Product or Opportunity Presentation: Keep it fresh and engaging.
  43. Set Up Automated Email Sequences: Nurture leads with strategic emails.
  44. Offer Freebies or Samples with Every Purchase: Incentivize sales.
  45. Host a Customer Appreciation Event: Build loyalty and rapport.
  46. Create Targeted Landing Pages for Campaigns: Drive conversions.
  47. Offer a Time-Sensitive Early Bird Special for Next Month: Pre-book sales.
  48. Run a Survey for Customer Feedback: Improve your offerings.
  49. Pitch to Local Media for Coverage: Increase brand visibility.
  50. Plan and Schedule Content for the Next Month: Stay organized for future success.

Remember, adapt these tasks to suit your specific business and goals, focusing on what will bring the most impact to your network marketing business.

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The Best Advice I’ve Heard

Some of the best MLM Advice I ever heard was to “treat every day of the month like the last day of the month.” In other words, have a sense of urgency in your network marketing business. Pretend that every day of your business is the final day of the month and you only have a few hours left to hit your goals.

If you did this, you would probably get 10x to 20x the results you are currently getting in your business. Most people don’t work nearly as hard (or as smart) as they could. Doubling or tripling your efforts throughout the month would certainly double or triple the size of your bonus check.

How to Finish the Month Strong in Your MLM Business

Advice from Others About the End of Month Hustle in MLM

To keep things interesting, I figured I would include some tips from other successful network marketers, and entrepreneurs, about having a successful end of month hustle.

Run a Facebook campaign that ASKS for help and post it several times a day:  “Friends I am just X orders away from my making a big promotion with my company! How can you help? =>message me today to get a free product consultation!” (post some fabulous before-and-afters, testimonials, specials, press, or pictures!)

Sometimes freebies get people off the fence–that’s why department stores offer gifts with purchase, right?! Contact people who previously expressed interest in the product or business. Tell them you are running your own “month-end special” from now through end of month & offer a gift with purchase/sign up until the last day of the month! “As a courtesy to you, I wanted to share with you a special end of month offer. Earlier you expressed interest in the business/ products…”

Leverage 3-way calls or coffees with your sponsor to have them help close your prospects. Leverage events, and even virtual events with your team!

Remember, the FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW-UP! You have not, if you ask not! ~ Sarah Robbins, MLM Millionaire


Connect with at least 20-25 people this week and next. Sound like a lot? It’s not if you combine attending 1-2 quality networking events with online networking. You could do this just on social media, but I prefer to incorporate both online and offline options. Connecting with more people, week after week, month after month, helps grow your network faster. It provides more opportunities to spread the word about your brand and/or business. You could reach much more than this just with a quality, targeted blog post. ~ Swag Strategy Blog

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best tips on having a successful end of month hustle in MLM. What are your thoughts? What are your best tips? Have you experienced the same results in your business, or something different? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “End of Month Hustle in MLM: Finish the Month Strong in Your MLM Business”

  1. Thanks for the motivational tips – I’m definitely going to use some. I do not consider myself a procrastinator, but I rather run out of steam by the end of the month. Because of that, I sometimes have difficulty “walking away” (your last tip) from those more disinterested clients, especially nearing the end of the month if I have not met my goals. I end up wasting my time and feeling doubly frustrated – need to work on that.
    It is also good advice to place a few of your own new clients (or move them) under team members who are under you. You still benefit from a larger down-line, but it really shows that team member that you are supportive and invested in seeing them succeed; what a great motivator that is!
    Anyway, thanks for another great post. I enjoy following your blog!

    1. It’s easy to run out of steam after a long, busy month. I feel that way myself sometimes, but I’ve just learned that the least three days of the month are the most important. That is really when you want to double or triple your efforts and make some good things happen. Ride the excitement and momentum and finish the month strong.

    2. Faye,

      Have you tried scheduling your time so you don’t run out of steam? Sometimes it’s hard to do when you are so eager to help people and get everything done. I compare it to going to the gym. Sometimes you feel like you didn’t do enough to get the results that you want so you push your body more. Work smarter not harder.

      Some people are so busy trying to recruit or make the sale that they forget to follow-up. Money can be left on the table by forgetting about those who are already in the business.

      I can use my sister as an example. She is so busy that she forgets to place her orders, I have her on auto-ship because of it. But with her, she likes to try new things so one simple phone call reminds her about what she wants to try next and it’s placed with her auto-ship. Your team members will be more likely to do what they need to do to succeed if they know you are following up as well.


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