Email Marketing Case Study for Network Marketers

Today, I’d like to share my email marketing case study with you. I am a huge fan of email marketing. Anyone who tells you that email marketing is dead is full of crap!

Email marketing is alive and well. It works. And, it’s not going away anytime soon. If you aren’t leveraging email marketing as part of your marketing campaign, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

To clarify, I’m not talking about spamming people. I don’t upload random people to my auto-responders and blast out my emails to millions of people hoping for the best.

Instead, my email marketing revolves around leveraging safelists. These are online membership sites that allow members to email each other promoting a variety of money making opportunities. I’ve been using safelists for several years now. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

I wanted to run an experiment AND document it. I set aside a budget of approximately $1,000 to try different ads on 4 proven safelists, one “test” safelist, and 3 additional solo ads.Email Marketing Case Study for Network Marketers

My Favorite Safelists

For this email marketing experiment, I used my top four favorite safelists, plus one I am experimenting with. Those safelists are:

  1. Herculist
  2. Top Surfer
  3. List Joe
  4. ViralURL
  5. Jumbo Solos (my experimental one)

With each of these safelists, I only used their paid advertising, not the free options they give you. 

I also purchased three individual solo ads from different vendors on

My Offers 

For this email marketing case study, I wanted to test a variety of different offers designed for network marketing enthusiasts, using the same traffic sources. I wanted to know which offers converted best.

Here is a summary of each offer below.

Biz Opp: This offer promotes my MLM Company. I decided to promote it as a “copy & paste system” rather than promote it as a standard MLM Company.

MLM Ezine: This offer was designed to promote my Free MLM Boot Camp.

My MLM Company’s Products: With this offer, I led with a product-based business approach for my MLM Company. You can see below, I promote it as a free CBD business, free Essential Oils, business, free Coffee business, etc.

MLM Texting Scripts: With this promotion, I give away my secret MLM Texting Scripts to other network marketers.

My Marketing System: For this offer, I promote Power Lead System, the marketing system I use to build my network marketing businesses online.

My Emails

I won’t share every single email I used for this email marketing case study, but I will share several below just to give you some ideas. You’ll also notice that I create many of my landing pages within Aweber, without having a fancy domain name or capture page.

Free CBD Business

SUBJECT: Free CBD Business

Start a free CBD Business. Get paid daily.

8 free websites and email marketing system included.

Under the radar, ground floor opportunity.

Get the details!

MLM Texting Scripts

SUBJECT: Free MLM Texting Scripts

Request my free MLM Texting Scripts. This PDF report shares
17+ of my favorite scripts to find new customers and
recruit new reps.

If you d like to build your network marketing business via
texting, these free scripts will help you a lot. Get yours
now! Limited time offer.

Get your free copy now!

Free Pet Products Business

SUBJECT: Free Pet Products Business

  • Cash in on Pet products
  • Natural & Organic Products
  • Earn 20 to 50 Percent Commissions
  • Get Paid Daily
  • Free Websites & Marketing System Included
  • International opportunity
  • Free leads and training provided
  • Check out my link to get the details

Learn more about our business!

Copy & Paste Profits

SUBJECT Copy & Paste Profits

If you can copy and paste our texts and emails, you can make money with this business.

Join for free and get paid daily. Check out my link for the details.

Yes, I want to learn more!

Turnkey Marketing System

SUBJECT: Custom Made Marketing System

Automated marketing system. Promote any business online. Earn up to $526 per sale.

Custom capture pages and auto-responders included. Plus, you will get training by industry experts on how to market online.

Check out my link for the details.

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Stop Failing in MLM

SUBJECT: Stop failing in MLM…

Stop failing in MLM. Learn the secrets to success from a former MLM Junkie turned top earner.

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does email still workMy Strategy

I only send traffic to capture pages first, never directly to a sales page. I don’t focus on sales or immediate income when I advertise. Instead, my strategy is to generate as many targeted leads as I can, as cheaply as I can, as quickly as I can.

I know that every email subscriber I generate is worth about $10 to me (in lifetime sales). I also know that if I can generate leads for $2 or less, I can make a nice profit while building my email list at the same time.

My Email Marketing Case Study Results

Rather than type out hundreds of words to explain the results of each ad, I figured the easiest way to do it was to have it all in one simple chart, so you can see for yourself.

email marketing case study

The Nitty Gritty Breakdown 

Overall, this email marketing case study was a huge success.

You can see from the chart above that I spent $1,010.44, which generated 31,022 clicks, for a cost of 3 cents per click. That resulted in 991 leads for an average lead cost of $1.02.

Out of all the statistics shown above, the cost per lead is the only thing I am concerned about. 

I have no complaints investing $1 per lead, considering the lifetime value of each lead is worth about $10 to me. Once again, I don’t track front end sales, because most of my sales come through months of repeated follow-ups.

Also, Herculist turned out to be my best source of leads for this experiment. I’ve been using their services for 4-5 years now. I buy ads from them daily, normally their $20 solo special.

My # 1 offer turned out to be my Copy & Paste Profits, which I used to grow my MLM Business.

I did have one flop though. My ads for the Free MLM Boot Camp were my worst performing ads. I spent $95.07 to generate 22 leads, for a cost of $4.32 per lead.

I am happy with my results. I continue to use my favorite 4 safelists and buy solo ads. It works great for me and I know it could work for you too.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, thanks for reading my email marketing case study. I’d love to hear your thoughts. What has your experience been like using safelists, email marketing, and solo ads? Leave a comment below to let me hear your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!


These are just my results. My results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

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Chuck Holmes
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Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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2 thoughts on “Email Marketing Case Study for Network Marketers”

  1. Thank you for posting your email marketing information. This is something I want to start doing. I have only advertised on Craigslist, and I know that is a crapshoot! I wondered if you would be willing to tell me where I could go to set up a capture page? I am trying to take my business from part time to full time.

    1. I use Aweber and Power Lead System for my capture pages. You can find links to those sites on the resources page of this website. I’ve been a customer with both of those companies for 5-10 years.

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