eFoods Global Business Review

eFoods Global is a new direct sales/multi-level marketing company that specializes in food products. The company manufactures and inventories the food, ships the product orders, handles customer service support and tracks distributors’ commissions, while the independent distributors, also known as Independent Business Owners, sell the products via word-of-mouth advertising.

The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It opened for business in the fall of 2010. The company was originally founded by Steve Shenk, Brad Stewart, Barbara Rossberg and Michael Rossberg. The corporate vision statement is “to empower all people to be independent, secure and prosperous.” All products are manufactured, stored, and located within the United States. At the time of this review, the company does business in the United States only (excluding territories).

The Product Line

eFoods Global products are food products, such as breads, oatmeal, cereal, muffins, pancakes, biscuits, soups, and entrees. From what I found on the corporate website, their food products are a little bit different than what you would find at the grocery store. Many of the products are made with dehydrated products, giving them a longer shelf-life than a traditional grocery store product. All of their products contain zero trans fats. Additionally, the products come with a money-back guarantee. They offer a small product line (at this time) ranging from 30 to 50 different products.

Joining the Company

How do you join eFoods Global? To join the company, you need a sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who first shared the products or business opportunity with you. If you don’t have a sponsor, you can visit the company’s website to find a potential sponsor.

You have three different options. You can sign up as a retail customer for free, or you can become an Independent Business Owner by agreeing to the company’s terms and conditions and paying the $29.95 enrollment fee. If you are serious about building your business, and you want to build a large sales organization, you have the option to purchase the Essentials Pack for $349.95. The Essentials Pack gives you are large sample of the products at a discounted price.

Once you join the company, you get your own Independent Business Owner distributor number and a company replicated website. At this point, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. To remain an Independent Business Owner, the annual fee is $29.95.

The Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan is very fair. Distributors earn money by personally using the products themselves, by generating retail sales and by building a sales organization. Listed below are a few quick facts about the company compensation plan.

• The company pays its distributors weekly

• The company utilizes a binary compensation plan

• There are seven different ways to get paid

• You can earn a 25% personal sales bonus on your product sales to customers (and personal use)

• You can earn a $35 enroller sales bonus when one of your personally sponsored distributors generates $350 in weekly sales

• The Essential Life Codes bonus pays you $15 to $75 for everyone in your entire organization who generates $350 or more in weekly sales

• The company pays 10% team commissions

• There is a 25% personally enrolled matching bonus

• There is a 25% Total Generation matching bonus

• The company promotes an auto-ship program

• There are minimum purchase requirements in order to earn commissions

Obviously, the people who make the most amount of money with the company are the ones who have lots of personal customers, and a large sales organization. However, you can earn a decent income just by having a large customer base. Simply put, there are many ways to earn money with the compensation plan. Your key to success is to set some goals and then take massive action. I’d recommend you start by using the products first, and then start sharing the products and business opportunity with people you know.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, eFoods Global is a unique business opportunity with an in demand product line. More importantly, the company offers a fair compensation plan, has a good reputation, and is positioned for long-term growth. Although the company is still young, it has an effective leadership team with proven experience.

Your key to success with this company is simple. First and foremost, you need to team up with a successful eFoods Global Independent Business Owner who knows what they are doing. Once you do that, you need to start using the products yourself, so you have good product knowledge. Next, you must build a large customer base. Ideally, you want 20 to 50 personal customers who order the products on a regular basis. Finally, you must continuously sponsor new IBOs into your business and build a large sales organization.

If you can do the activities mentioned above, you can earn a very good income with the company. However, please don’t think this is some “get rich quick” type of company that you can join, do nothing, and get rich. In my opinion, this is a legitimate business opportunity that requires hard work, long term thinking and consistent effort. If you are willing to do that, you should consider partnering up with a great company such as
eFoods Global.

Thanks for reading my review.

Disclaimer: Please know that eFoods Global is a registered trademark owned by the company. I am not affiliated with the company in any way.

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8 thoughts on “eFoods Global Business Review”

  1. I did not see any recommended sales venue, so there would be many different ways to sell this company’s products. I love in-home parties for food companies (thinking Tastefully Simple, here), but I also think that the local flea market or community fair might be good venues also. It would be so easy to take some of these to work with you (if you have a j-o-b), and share them with your co-workers. If yours are like mine, they do love food. Since the products are consumable, this could be an ideal MLM to join. Four years is still a little young, though.

  2. As I see it, the way the world has headed, this type of MLM may be a great opportunity.

    I think seeking those who want to get “off the grid” will be a great customer base. It seems you would want to go towards survivalists, hunters, campers and those who are looking for easier ways to store foods.

    I believe a MLM such as eFoods Global would do quite well here in Puerto Rico. I wonder if they will ever see fit to spread out their business?

    I see this becoming a great up and comer. Hmmm? Has me plotting a little bit. Maybe dehydrated bananas, plantains and papaya.

    Start my own MLM? What do you think?

  3. This is an interesting MLM company. I’m intrigued with the fact that the food is dehydrated which is a little unusual. With all the ‘prepper’ television shows on tv right now, I can’t help but wonder if this product line wouldn’t be in great demand. The dehydration would allow a much longer shelf life, and the compensation plan looks pretty nice. My only question would be what the minimum sales to generate commission would be, but if you’re serious about your network marketing business, this shouldn’t be a huge deal.

      1. I was just slightly curious on their pricing structure. Do you have any figures on the costs of some of their products? This does sound like a wise choice in an MLM, but if their products are outrageously priced, it could be very difficult. If a person could purchase dehydrated foods at much cheaper prices, why would they go with efoods? Also dehydrating foods is not difficult using the proper techniques. So I am very curious to their pricing.

        Thank you.

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