Best Edward Ludbrook Quotes from Tidalwave

Today, I’d like to share some of my favorite Edward Ludbrook quotes from his popular network marketing book, Tidalwave: Getting Rich Fast in Network Marketing with the Eight Secrets of the Asian Masters.

About a week ago, I bought a big lot of used network marketing books on eBay. This book was in that lot. The title of this book really caught my attention, so it was the first one I read from the lot.

You see, MLM is HUGE in Asia. It’s popular and growing rapidly. I’ve always wanted to learn what the Asian leaders did differently than many of the folks here in the USA. Now I know.

About the Book

Tidalwave is a very quick read. I finished my copy in about 90-minutes. It was first published in 2004 by Ludbrook Research. My copy is in softcover format. It has 99-pages. Overall, I give this book 8.5 of 10 stars. I believe it is an out of print book.

For anyone looking to get over the hump and grow their team rapidly, I highly recommend Tidalwave.

Edward Ludbrook Quotes

Top Edward Ludbrook Quotes

What you will see below are some of my favorite Edward Ludbrook quotes. These quotes are listed in chronological order, based upon where I found them in the book. After each quote, I will share my own two cents. 

# 1: You can get rich. You just have to learn how.

Network marketing offers the average person the OPPORTUNITY to get very wealthy. While most people do fail or quit, some people earn incredible, life-changing income. That shows what is possible in our industry. The people who ultimately succeed are the ones who stick around, develop the skills, and put in the work.

# 2: All successful companies are based on a system.

Whether it’s a traditional business, or a network marketing business, the system is the solution. Charismatic personalities do not duplicate. Special skills do not duplicate. SYSTEMS duplicate. Follow and teach a simple system to everyone on your team. If someone isn’t willing to follow the system, go and work with someone else who is willing to follow it.

# 3: The secret to long-term income is great skills.

Your job is to develop and master a simple set of skills. This is not unique to network marketing. Every profession requires a specific skillset. Once you develop and master these skills, the business is much easier to build. In addition, you will never make the big income our industry offers UNTIL you become a network marketing professional and master the basic business building skills.

# 4: At the start, you have to put the most effort in and your income is the smallest. Do you know any business or career that does not start like this?

When you start a new business of any kind, it’s hard. You work around the clock. You typically earn less than minimum wage while you are learning the ropes, building up your client base, and getting your name out there. To people with an employee mindset, this is very difficult to understand, because they are accustomed to trading hours for dollars. However, as you build up your business, you can potentially earn MUCH MORE than you actually work. It just takes time and lots of hard work to get to that point.

# 5: The most critical growth wave is the first. ONLY those people able to create momentum in their networks EVER earn a leadership income. It is the only determinant of success for failure.

To make the big bucks, you need to do at least one 90-day challenge and ideally two or three. This is when you create a SURGE or recruiting and personally recruit 30, 40 or 50 or more people in 90-days. This creates rapid growth, momentum, and excitement in your business. Once the 90-days are finished, you can revert to a slower, normal pace.

You can get rich You just have to learn how

# 6: The most important skill is sponsoring.

To gain the real benefits of network marketing (leverage, duplication, and residual income) you must build a team. The only way to do that is to learn how to personally sponsor people. If you can sponsor 2-4 new business builders EVERY month, and you can stick with one company for five to ten years, you will build a big team. That is what most top earners have done. Most top earners have personally sponsored 100 to 500 people, over a period of five to ten years. If you do the math, that’s about 2-4 new personally sponsored distributors per month.

# 7: Your job is to rapidly grow a network. To grow it as fast as you can until others in your team catch fire and build their teams without needing your support.

Speed is essential to creating a big team. This business is 100x easier to do if you build it quickly. Going slow is better than doing nothing at all, but not by much. At some point, you must create momentum. The only way to do that is to recruit a lot of people quickly, within a 90-to-120-day timeframe. You can make that happen by doing a 90-day challenge.

# 8: The more presentations you do, the more people will join.

What you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers. This business is a numbers game initially. It becomes a relationship business AFTER you sign them up. If you want to recruit and sponsor more people, share the opportunity with more people. It’s as simple as that. Of course, as you fine tune your presenting, closing, and follow up skills, you can share the opportunity with fewer people and sign up a higher percentage of people.

# 9: Skills create confidence.

If you lack confidence, work on your skills. If you want to grow your income, work on your skills. Remember, we get paid based upon the VALUE we bring to the marketplace. The only way to increase your value in the marketplace is to increase your skills.

# 10: People want money. First and foremost.

I personally always lead with the opportunity, not the products. People are not loyal to a product, especially if they can find something cheaper elsewhere. However, just about everyone wants to earn more money. If you can show people how to make more money via your business, and your company has decent products, your new people will use the products, like them, and want to reorder.

# 11: Your job is to simply offer the business opportunity to everyone in the same enthusiastic manner.

You are in the sifting and sorting business, not the convincing business. Your job is to share what you have with others and let them decide if they are interested or not. Of course, it’s also your job to follow up and ask for the sale. You can’t control who gets in and who doesn’t, but you can control how many people you share the business opportunity with.

# 12: Confusion is the cancer of the networking business. Confused people do nothing. Most new people fail because they are confused about what they need to do and what are the possible rewards.

You must keep things simple if you want duplication in your team. New people crave direction. They do not want another boss, but they do want step-by-step instructions. Give it to them! Keep things simple, follow a system, and do not be tempted to reinvent the wheel. If your new team member isn’t coachable, go work with someone else who is.

# 13: We are in the marketing business. Our job is to advertise that we have a great financial opportunity to people.

We get paid to talk to people. It doesn’t matter who says yes or no. What matters is that we keep talking to people and let the law of large numbers work in our favor. If you aren’t talking to new people daily, you won’t be in business long.

Skills create confidence

# 14: The only reason you will not work 24/7 is your motivation.

If you truly believed you could change your life financially in a year or two, you would do whatever it takes to make that happen. Most people don’t put in the work because they don’t believe in the industry, or they don’t believe THEY can do it. Know your why. Remember WHY you joined the business in the first place. Let that be your motivation.

# 15: Give this business one year to work.

If you want to see if the business will work for you, give it a minimum one-year commitment. To clarify, I do not mean just be in the business for one year and hope it works out. Instead, I mean doing 1-2 hours of INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES daily, six days per week, for one year before you decide to stay or quit. If you did that, you would talk to several thousand prospects in one year. There is no doubt in my mind you would have a nice commission check, a large team, and rapid growth in your business if you did that.

# 16: You need to put a massive 24/7, 110% FULL TIME effort in at the start to create the momentum in your network so that it grows without you.

If you want massive results in your business, you need to put in a massive effort, especially in the beginning. You must work around the clock for at least the first 90 to 180-days, so you can build up momentum, rapid growth, and excitement. On the other hand, if you just chug along, not much will happen in your business. Speed is everything in this business!

About Edward Ludbrook

Here’s what the back cover had to say about Edward Ludbrook:

Edward Ludbrook is the world’s authority of Network Leadership and the future of network marketing. He is the author of seven books and audio which have sold more than 2 million copies in 20 languages. He has unique experience working within more than 50 network companies around the world as a Network Development Consultant.

You can visit his website here, to learn more about him.


Tidalwave by Edward Ludbrook is a great book for network marketers looking to take their business to the next level. It’s well organized, easy to read, and loaded with great information. Overall, I give it 8.5 of 10 stars. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

What are your thoughts? What Edward Ludbrook quote mentioned above resonates with you the most. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Best Edward Ludbrook Quotes from Tidalwave”

  1. This sounds like a great book! I may need to try to find a copy. Those quotes and tips are all significant. I really like your idea when you are talking to people to start with the business, and then go into products if they are not interested. I agree, a lot of people out there are looking for an extra income source, if not actually quitting their 9.5. I think many people who start their own businesses don’t give it the time it needs to grow. They could of had something big if they would of just stuck with it.

    1. Yes, I always lead with the business and default with the products. That is not the only approach, but it works great for me. I’ve just found that people are generally not loyal to a product. However, if you can show them how your company can offer them more time, money, and freedom, they’ll start using the products. And if the company is worth its grain of salt, it will offer great products that your new team members will love.

    2. All these amazing quotes really shows how great the book must be. Each of the quotes filled with inspiration and motivation. Anyone would be motivated to grow their business from one level to another after reading the book for sure. Among the quotes, I liked number 9 and 12 the most, because in order to grow your business, skills and confidence is definitely mandatory. People out there are mostly confused about how to expand their business and income, this book will definitely work as a guideline for them. I really should get a copy of the book and learn to grow my own business.

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed these quotes. The skills and confidence are two things I see most people struggle with. I’ve found that if you improve your skills, you will naturally improve your confidence.

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