Earn Six Figures in MLM: Advice I Learned from Jordan Adler

I recently read the book “Beach Money” by Jordan Adler for the first time.  Let me tell you, the book is amazing.  If you haven’t read it yourself, order a copy online and read it.  In the book, he talks about a conversation he had with a very successful network marketer named Russ.  At that point in time, Jordan was struggling with his MLM Business and was looking for the secret advice on how to earn six figures in MLM and make it big.  Basically, he was looking for the “secret” to success in the business.

This is the advice he received from Russ.:

“In the business of recruiting, you’ll need to be prepared to recruit twenty to thirty people.  It doesn’t matter if you are in real estate, financial planning, insurance or network marketing. One third of your recruits will do absolutely nothing.  One third will do a little  And one third will make a good income.  Usually, one of the them will build a group of thousands.”

He went on to say  how he watched many distributors unsuccessfully try to change the numbers. And he watched other distributors sponsor a few people and then wonder why their group wasn’t exploding.  He summed it all up saying “join a good company and sponsor 20 to 30 people.”

Beach Money Front CoverJordan went on to follow his advice and sponsored a couple of people each month until he had that many sponsored.  Needless to say, the formula worked for Jordan, and I know it will work for you.

That my friends, is really some million dollar advice if you want to earn six figures in MLM. You just need to find a good company with products you LOVE and then you need to go out and sponsor 20 to 30 people as quickly as possible, preferably in your first few months.  As you do that, the numbers we talked about above will prove true.  With 20 to 30 people personally sponsored you should find six people who are really serious about the business and want to work with you.

From there, all you need to do is spend your time helping them, coaching them and working with them as they build a team of their own.

The primary reason that most people fail in MLM is that they don’t sponsor enough people personally to find a few serious people.   They don’t work the numbers.  I’ve never known one six figure earner who only sponsored three or four people and achieved any type of success.

If you want to earn six figures in MLM, go 20 to 30 wide really fast and then work with the serious people and help them do the same.  Keep repeating this process over and over in depth and you will one day have a MLM Dynasty of your own.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Earn Six Figures in MLM: Advice I Learned from Jordan Adler

  1. This sounds like a useful book! I will have to add it to my ever-growing list of books to check out.
    It’s a smart strategy and actually, if you think about it, if you recruited one person per week, you’d have 20-30 people in about half a year. Then you could work on helping them expand their business, and there you go, you’re on your way to making 6 figures.
    Insightful post!

  2. It is true that you would need to sponsor many people in order to just find that few who will really produce and contribute to your team. It would be nice to be able to sponsor just three or four good people, but a 100% success rate is just unrealistic.

    Does this author give any tips or advice on how to sponsor so many people per month? I am a real fan of the strategy your have touted in other articles on your website: lead with the product, and those who really love it will ask YOU to join the business.

    • He teaches to sponsor 2-4 people a month for a few years. He teaches to do that by talking to people every day when you are out and about living life.

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