Creating an Eagle File for Your MLM Business

You definitely want to create an Eagle File for your network marketing business.

What is an Eagle File?

It’s nothing more than a list of “top notch” quality people that you know, or have recently met.

Basically, you want to keep a spreadsheet (or journal) with the sharpest people you know and come in contact with.

This list might include successful entrepreneurs, sales people, successful network marketers, professionals, etc.

eagle fileBasically, it’s anyone with a large sphere of influence.  It’s someone who other people admire, like and trust.

These are the type of people who can join the business and build it quickly because they have the credibility and the contacts.

As you meet people that meet this description, there are a few basic things you should do.

First off, keep the contact information for each person.  Write down their name, email, phone number, home address and SKYPE.  If possible, send them a friend request on Facebook.

Next, write down whatever you know about them from previous conversations.

After you’ve done that, make it a point to stay in touch with each person in your Eagle file at least once every 90 days FOREVER, until they buy or die.

You could send them a personalized note in the mail.  You could sent them an article they might enjoy.  You could send them an inexpensive gift.  You could send them a sample of your product, or just an update about how the business is going for you.

The list goes on…

Basically, you just want to stay in touch with them frequently, but not too often.

This will keep you in their mind so that when the timing does become right in their life, there is a good chance some of them will become a customer or distributor in your team.

Yes, this takes patience, a little money and some consistent follow-up, but it is so worth it.

People who make the Eagle File list are your top prospects.  They are worth staying in touch with.  They are worth the extra work, because they are EXACTLY the type of person you are looking for in your business.

address bookMost network marketers do not look for sharp people because they are afraid of what that person might say or think. Even worse, most network marketers SUCK at the follow-up.

If you can overcome these two things and focus on prospecting quality people, staying in touch and taking the long-term view in your business, there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve success with your network marketing business.

Now, before I end this post, you need to know something.  I learned about this simple concept from Dale Calvert.  I have put it in my own words, with my own thoughts about it, but please know I originally learned about this concept from him.  If you’re reading this, thanks Dale!

There you have it folks.  You now know about the Eagle File concept.  I hope you will go to your local store tomorrow and buy an inexpensive notebook to use as your Eagle File.  More importantly, I hope you will follow the steps outlined in this article and apply it in your business.

bald eagleIf you do that, your business will grow.  And when you do finally sponsor one of these sharp people, the time, money and effort spent will be well worth it.

And remember this, you can’t turn a chicken into an eagle…

You find eagles… normally one at a time.

What are your thoughts about this simple concept?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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