Dynamic Essentials: A Review

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at a multi level marketing company that, at first, seemed destined for greatness.

But they are not a MLM company anymore.

We are going to review Dynamic Essentials.

I will tell you all I can find about this company and why they closed their operations.

I will tell you their short history and who started this MLM company.

You will also learn more about the primary product Dynamic Essentials manufactured and sold.

Just so you know, neither I nor the Online MLM Community was ever affiliated with Dynamic Essentials.

This post is just for educational and informational purposes to help you make good decisions in the MLM company you will choose for your home-based business.

I also want to help those who own MLM companies understand the guidelines to operate and manage a legitimate multi level marketing company.

How Dynamic Essentials Began

In 1998, a man by the name of Gary Raser was frustrated with his involvement with other multi level marketing companies.

It seemed that when he would get rolling, they would change compensation plans throwing all his work into an uproar.

Gary’s wife just stated one day that he should start his own company.

This rang loud and clear in Gary’s brain, and he teamed up with Kevin Jones and started the company called Dynamic Essentials.

The primary product that Dynamic Essentials sold via independent distributors was Royal Tongan Limu.

Royal Tongan Limu was a product that is a seaweed extract that allegedly has many health benefits.

A Bang Of A Start

Gary and Kevin grew Dynamic Essentials quickly and powerfully.

The sales grew worldwide and others took quick notice.

It seemed that consumers believed in the Dynamic Essentials product that had Royal Tongan Limu as its main base.

The company Nature’s Bounty proposed a plan to Gary, and they bought the Dynamic Essentials multi level marketing company.

Now Dynamic Essentials was a subsidiary of NBTY Inc.

NBTY owns many other brands including:

  • American Health®

  • Nature’s Bounty®

  • CarbWise®

  • Vitamin World®

  • DeTuinen®

  • Puritan’s Pride®

  • Rexall®

  • and more

It seemed that Dynamic Essentials was a perfect fit in the NBTY company showcase.

Manufacturing of Royal Tongan Limu increased, and marketing from the NBTY staff claimed the substance could treat diseases such as cancer, arthritis and others.

This went on for some time, but as is always the case when making health claims that are not backed up completely with scientific research, the Food and Drug Administration took notice.

In 2002, the FDA issued a extreme warning to Dynamic Essentials to delete all mention of health claims from Royal Tongan Limu from their websites and other marketing methods.

The executives at Dynamic Essentials chose to ignore this warning.

The FDA Investigates

Because websites and distributors from Dynamic Essentials continued to claim that their product with the Royal Tongan Limu could treat various diseases, the FDA started investigation proceedings.

The leaders at NBTY Inc had faced similar situations before, and they felt that they had to solve this situation quickly.

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NBTY Destroys and Shuts It Down

NBTY made a decision that was costly, but probably saved them from major fines and court proceedings.

It was ordered that the Royal Tongan Limu stored in warehouses would be hauled to a landfill and dumped and destroyed.

The value was estimated at well over $2.5 million.

NBTY also completely shut down Dynamic Essentials operations.

It is my understanding that all outstanding orders were compensated for, and independent distributors were paid what they were owed but told they could not distribute for Dynamic Essentials anymore.

What We Can Learn From This

This is a very simple answer: as independent distributors, or owners of a multi level marketing company, there cannot be claims of treatments by any product unless the Food and Drug Administration has given express approval to do so.

MLM companies must monitor distributors, and distributors must monitor themselves.

No matter what the product is, we cannot claim it will treat or cure anything.

If a customer does give a testimonial that a product helped relieve an ailment they have or had, that is okay as long as that customer is not also a distributor, but it is best to not allow any of those claims at all.

So What Happened To Gary Raser?

Gary still believes very much in the product he had started with.

He started a new MLM company that does not make medical claims.

But, they are distributing similar products.

A statement on their website says: Your Body & Tastebuds Will Thank You.

The name of Gary’s new MLM?

It is The Limu Company.

The products from Limu contain a seaweed extract and they call it a super nutrient that is called Fucoidan.

Using this ingredient, The Limu Company manufactures and sells via independent distributors these products:

  • Limu Original which is a drink that contains the seaweed extract blended with 4 fruit juices.

  • Limu BURN which contains caffeine and helps provide energy and suppress hunger.

  • BluFrog which also contains caffeine and B vitamins along with energy creating ingredients to provide a boost of energy. There is also a BluFrog 2 that has less sugar.

  • Limu Lean is a meal replacement shake with whey protein and a host of vitamins and minerals. It comes in Dutch Chocolate or Creamy Vanilla.

And learning from the Dynamic Essentials issue, it is shown throughout the website that these products are not intended to treat or cure diseases.

The Limu Company is based in Lake Mary, Florida, and from what I see, the company is running strong.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the Dynamic Essentials and NBTY Inc issue with Royal Tongan Limu?

Were you a distributor with Dynamic Essentials?

If you were, please tell us how it came out for you?

We would also like to hear from anyone now involved with the Limu Company.

You can post your comments or any questions you have in the comments area below.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Online MLM Company is affiliated in any way or form with The Limu Company. This is not a paid review.

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2 thoughts on “Dynamic Essentials: A Review”

  1. I was introduced to Limu by an over zealous distributor a few years ago. I look at their products but I didn’t find any interest in them. It’s interesting to hear the history behind the new company.

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