Dr. Armando DeGuzman: Xango 500k Premier Success Story

Dr. Armando DeGuzman is a very successful Xango distributor (500k Premier) with tens of thousands of distributors and customers in his Xango team.

He grew up in the Philippines. After finishing medical school he moved to the United States to launch his medical career.  He opened up his own practice as a General Surgeon and spent many years in the medical field.

One of his hobbies is bicycling. After getting seriously injured in a bicycling accident, Dr. DeGuzman realized that he needed a way to leverage his income. He discovered that if he lost his ability to work as a surgeon, he wouldn’t be able to earn enough money to support his lifestyle.

He started taking the Xango product to help treat the pain from his injuries. He claims that within a couple weeks of taking the Xango juice, he could stop taking his pain medications.

Dr. DeGuzman first learned about network marketing in 1989. Since then, he participated with 13 different programs, and never really achieved the success he wanted. Right before he gave up on the industry for good, he discovered Xango in 2002.

After working his Xango business for one year he replaced his surgeon income.   And within two years he doubled what he earned as a surgeon. At that point, he decided to retire from his surgeon practice and focus on Xango full-time. This shows the value in persistence AND the importance of finding the right MLM Company to work with. It’s so important to join the right company at the right time.

Armando is a very dynamic guy and leader. He is very passionate about the Xango business opportunity and products. He is a great speaker, trainer, motivator, and leader.

He built a large and profitable Xango business by helping others succeed. He grew his business by sharing the Xango business opportunity with 11 of his friends and family members. He also met prospects and presented the business opportunity via one-on-one presentations and in-home meetings.

As Dr. Armando DeGuzman sponsored people into his Xango team, he helped them duplicate his success. At this point, he has personally helped hundreds of people achieve financial success with the company. He is a true Xango success story.

If you are considering Xango, you should find a sponsor like Dr. Armando DeGuzman. He is a proven leader who knows how to help others succeed.

What are your thoughts?  If you have ever worked with 500k Premier Dr. Armando DeGuzman, I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment to tell us when you met him, how long you have known him and how he helped you.  I look forward to hearing your story.

Disclaimer: Xango is a registered trademark.  I am not affiliated with the company in any way.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Armando DeGuzman: Xango 500k Premier Success Story

  1. I love stories like this. Dr. Armando tried this product, found that it personally benefited him, and then that positive experience drove his passion for the product which in turn reflected in his business. This is the best way to go about the process I think. If you can say to others, “I use this, I love it, I believe in it” the likelihood of others believing in you and the product is much stronger. It is also inspirational that he didn’t give up after surgery was no longer and option for him. He redirected his focus and found new success and perhaps even greater success.

    • Yes, his story is very inspiring. Loving the product is a great starting point.

  2. Xango’s steam has seemed to give out as of late.
    Many of the “upper’s” aren’t even doing Xango full time
    anymore…..economy etc…..These types of products no matter
    how “good” they are have about a 7 year life-span and
    if they don’t end up in WalMart they tend to fade away.
    Where is this company going? They do great things
    yet don’t seem to be able to continue the neck breaking growth
    they had 5 years ago.

    • Thanks for the comment, Steve.

      All businesses go through phases. Some get over the hump and some fizzle out. I’m not sure what will happen to Xango.

      I do know that the economy has crushed a lot of businesses though.

    • Really good point Steve. What do you think separates those companies who are able to continue to see growth after that 7 year period and those who do not see that growth? I think given the instability of the economy, it is even more challenging to create a product or service that can withstand the test of time which seems unfair because there are some great products out there that are useful and have been received positively that just don’t survive because of the impact the economy has on its buyers.

  3. A Xango 500k Premier does 200 points in personal volume, has a personal ADP of 200, has a minimum of 500k in group volume, and must have 1 personally sponsored 200k, two personally sponsored 100k’s, and 2 personally sponsored premiers. From what I can tell, they would need approximately 2500 people on auto-ship at 200 points per month to get to this level, so they probably between 20k and 30k total distributors on their team, since most are inactive and do nothing.

  4. You mentioned a key aspect of success in MLM, and that is having a system that others can duplicate. An effective and relatively simple process that others can learn and reproduce is one factor that makes MLM attractive. The flip side of that is, when someones joins an MLM, they need to be willing to learn and do the business the way it was taught.

    • Having a system is vital and Dr. Armando Deguzman definitely has systems in place. That’s one of the reasons he is successful.


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