Doyle Chambers Group Postcard System Review

I received a postcard in the mail a few weeks back from Doyle Chambers.

The postcard was titled GIANT GLOBAL INCOME. It was printed on plain white card stock, nothing fancy, and no graphics. The card talked about doing something one time and getting paid over and over for it.

It definitely caught my eye, so I took a few moments to read it twice, and then I visited the website he provided.

His postcard promotes his system to make money from home by selling systems and promoting MLM Companies exclusively through direct mail, specifically postcard marketing.

I found that concept very interesting considering so many folks focus on the Internet nowadays. Based on my personal experience with direct mail, I know that it is still a very powerful and effective to grow any network marketing business.

His whole system is designed around mailing 30 postcards per day. I think anyone could do that, even the part-timer on a limited budget. That would equal about $350 to $500 per month in costs.

That’s a lot easier than bugging friends and family or trying to learn blogging, SEO, email marketing, and Internet marketing. And from what I can tell, he’s achieved great success with several different MLM Companies, so he definitely knows what he is doing.

In addition, his website is jam packed with testimonials from people he has worked with in the past.

After receiving my postcard from Doyle Chambers I visited his website and listened to his pre-recorded voicemail message.

I probably spent three hours on his website reading his reports, subscribing to his email list, and listening to the audios. I even re-visited his website several days later to see if I missed anything the first time around.

His website has lots of great information about residual income, network marketing, and working from home. There are numerous reports you can download and/or purchase.

I even gave him a phone call and talked to him on the phone. He answered the phone right away and came across as a really friendly and easy going guy. And he was nice to talk to and sounded professional.

He didn’t pitch me or pressure me. He simply answered my questions and asked if there was anything he could do to help me out.

I definitely liked his leadership and business approach.

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After doing some research on Doyle Chambers I found out a few things about him.

He’s spent nearly 24 years selling different systems, reports and opportunities through the mail. Also he achieved good success as a USANA distributor for 15+ years.

He’s now promoting Attain Health, a start-up health and wellness network marketing company. When you visit his website you can learn all about him and learn more about his products and business opportunity.

In my personal opinion, he is by no means a scam artist. He’s just a nice, honest, hard-working guy.

There are a few negative reviews online about his system from people who got started, but didn’t follow the system or do the work. There are also lots of great reviews by people who used his system and got good results.

Doyle Chambers postcardJust to put things in perspective, in my 17+ years in the network marketing industry, I have received less than 100 postcards in the mail from people promoting their network marketing businesses or system.  

When you break that down, it equals less than ONE postcard per month!

Compare that to the amount of phone calls and emails I get every day about the hottest ground floor opportunity, and you will understand the power of postcards.  

As I see it, that means there is plenty of opportunity to grow your network marketing business through direct mail, especially since so many people are obsessed with the Internet.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever worked with Doyle Chambers? Have you purchased any of his products or services in the past? If so, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment to this post to share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Doyle Chambers, his system or MLM team. All views in this article are simply my opinion.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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18 thoughts on “Doyle Chambers Group Postcard System Review”

  1. I personally know Doyle and he’s the real deal alright… He puts a great deal of work and effort into his products, because he truly DOES care about people’s success.

    He’s easily one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever spoken too since I got into the home biz industry in 1993 ish or so. His direct mail systems were put together with one thing in mind, to help the “little guy” or the newbie marketer to have a good chance of making some money.

  2. I have heard about him and this method in the past but never looked into it further. From what I recently read, most people don’t get how his system works, even after reading his work. Maybe it is hit or miss for most people. Either way I enjoyed the read about him!

  3. With all these reviews on Doyle Chambers, I am about to check out his website. I personally believe postcard marketing is a great idea. So many network marketers want to use the internet and bypass considering “snail mail.” Come to think about it, I very seldom receive mail of that variety. Almost every piece of mail I receive, I read. I cannot say that about emails. Yes, I believe postcard marketing is a great system.

  4. I ordered his “Power MLM” system a couple of years ago. It was very well written with good information, HOWEVER, he did not actually explain how to work your MLM business with postcards. It’s really weird and hard to explain, but he talked about mainly concepts and the psychology behind it but without the How-To. He obviously knows what he is talking about, but the way I saw it, was that you were better off just signing up in the MLM he is in at the time, and use he will send instructions on how to use postcards to build that MLM.

    In addition, he was with a few different companies within a short period of time (Neways, Attain Health and I think the other one may have been Aliva Max). His other products and programs look interesting and make me want to purchase them, but I am afraid on spending money on them and getting information that is not relative to what I need and thought I was getting, although his information is really good.

    I kind of liken it to getting a grab bag at a party and being surprised by what’s in it.I have spoken to him on the phone as well. He is helpful, a bit stoic but friendly. He seems passionate about what he does and is an “old school” marketer. I think the potential to stand out with direct mail is great since everyone is on the internet these days. In closing, I would love to hear about any other products people have purchased and their experiences.

    1. That’s interesting information, Alan.

      I have not purchased his courses myself, but when you look online there is nothing negative about this guy.

      What you talked about is one of the most common problems. Most courses have lots of good conceptual information, but they don’t go into the details and show you what to do.

      I appreciate the comment.


  5. Hi Chuck…I have worked with Doyle back in 2004 and honestly I should have never stopped. I am looking into getting back connected with him next month…picking a plan from his site and sticking with it. At that time I was mailing 20 postcards a day and he told us by roughly the 21st day or sooner that the magic would happen and he was right! Doyle knows direct marketing and I am glad that I had come in contact with him and saw your review. I was just wondering how things had been going these days. Amy is right about the postcard bit……the internet has really been giving people the “shiny object syndrome” it is time to get back to the basics and revamp that home based income

    1. Doyle is a great guy. I’ve never done his programs, but I’ve talked with him and studied up on him. The secret to success in this industry is to stick with something. Most people don’t do that. Doing direct mail is hands down my favorite strategy because there’s less competition and it’s more personal. Email and internet marketing aren’t very effective as I see it anyway.

    2. Hi im reading your comment on Doyle Chambers and I’m interest in his mailing list as well.
      What postcard system did you have success with?

  6. Doyle is a great guy. He’s been doing this almost 20 years now and if you search the internet you won’t find anything negative about him. To me, that really says a lot.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’d argue that anyone that can stay in business for 20 to 30 years is doing something right. In today’s world, good news travels fast, but bad news travels even faster. Scam artists get revealed pretty quickly, especially on sites like I still vouch for Doyle.

  7. I’ve worked with Doyle Chambers for nearly 8 years now. This guy is a class act. His products are great, his trainings are exceptional and he really cares abou the people he works with. Best of all, he’s helped tons of people achieve success in their home business. If you are in need of a good mentor, Doyle Chambers is the guy you should work with.

    1. Great testimonial, Roland. I’ve never worked with Doyle Chambers myself, but when I called him he seemed like a great guy. And his materials and systems are pretty top notch.

  8. The internet is so powerful and versatile that we tend to forget about more traditional ways to reach people. Postcards are great, and inexpensive to send out. Like personal letters sent through snail mail, it’s a different experience than electronically reaching out. They are also easy to create and print yourself, if you feel so inclined. Another nice thing about postcards is that it puts your information in someone’s hands, and, while it often ends up tossed on a desk or in a catch-all basket somewhere (granted, sometimes in the trash), the chances of it being viewed again are pretty good. Once someone closes your email, leaves your site or closes his browser, you are out of sight and probably out of mind the first go-around, unless you reach out to them again. I have found postcards several months after I received them and had it trigger an “oh, yeah” reaction, prompting me to pull up a website or make a phone call and even make a purchase.

    1. Good points about postcards, Amy. Most people who get your postcard will at least look at it, and probably file it away for future use. With email, it’s hard enough just to get something through the spam filters. I think Doyle Chambers has a smart marketing strategy and business approach.


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