Do You Have to Be Good at Selling to Do MLM?

Do you have to be good at selling to do MLM?

People ask me this question all the time.

Some people actually act like SELLING is a bad thing.

Or, they’re scared to tell their prospects that they must know how to sell to succeed.

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You wouldn’t own ANYTHING you own right now if no one sold it to you.

Never forget that.

YES, network marketing is selling.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is giving you a bunch of BULL CRAP.

No, network marketing is not traditional sales.

You aren’t Sid the Salesman at the used car lot.

You aren’t the guy with a cheap suit from the thrift store, with bad breath, who is 50 pounds overweight and has slick hair who is looking for your next person to hustle so you can make your end of month quota, or get your bonus.


You must sell yourself.  You must have influence and persuasion skills.

You must be likable.

You MUST be able to look someone in the eye and ask them to buy your business opportunity, product or service.

You must be able to do these things to be successful at ANYTHING in life.

If you can’t do that, you are screwed.

Yeah, your product and business opportunity are important.

But YOU are even MORE important.

You are the ACE in the hole.

After all, people join people, they don’t join businesses.

That’s worth writing down and remembering.

People join people. 

Selling is not bad.

Sure, you might have had a bad sales experience at some point in your life.

Who hasn’t?

You’ve probably even been to a bad restaurant at some point your life.

Did that keep you from ever eating again?

I doubt it.

You might not have gone back to the same restaurant, but you still eat every day.

And you still visit other restaurants from time-to-time.

I would argue that you are a salesperson almost 24/7 whether you realize it or not. 

Even if you are the Wal-mart greeter you are in sales!!!

If you have a spouse, you pulled off the best sales job ever.

You convinced ONE PERSON to agree to spend the REST of their life with you, instead of over 3 billion other people of the same sex.

If you are a mother or father you are in sales.

Every day, you must trick, bribe, manipulate and convince your kids to do what you want them to do.

If you have a job of any kind you are in sales.

You convinced a boss or HR director to hire you over everyone else.

do you have to be good at selling to do mlmOnce again, we are ALL salespeople.

We all must sell our ideas and influence EVERY SINGLE DAY of our lives.  

We must get others to see our point of view.

Don’t act like it’s bad.

Anyone who says they hate selling doesn’t really understand what selling is.

It’s not about hype, pressure, begging or convincing people.

It’s really a transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another.

It’s really nothing more than getting other people to accept your ideas and see things from your perspective.

That’s it.

You don’t have to be like the used car salesman trying to make his monthly quota to be successful in this industry.

In fact, you shouldn’t act that way.

No one likes Sid, the Sleazy Salesman.

However, everyone likes the professional.

The person who is nice, smart, kind and looks out for your best interest…

The person who asks questions, finds out what your problems are and offers you a solution…

The person who educates you about what they are offering…

The person who can help people get what they want. 

To succeed in network marketing, you must believe in yourself, your company, your products and the industry.

You must genuinely like other people.

You must want to help other people.

Those things are non-negotiable.

And you must become more likable.

If people don’t like, know and trust you they will never buy from you, join your team or work with you. .

So, work on your people skills.

Be a student of your business.

Take pride in what you do.

Accept that you are in sales, whether you are a network marketer, a mom, a husband, a CEO, or a janitor.

Be proud of what you do for a living.  Be the best you can be.

Get better every single day.

And remember this: you don’t need to be a product expert to be good at sales.

Instead, you need to be a people expert.

Master your people skills and you can achieve almost anything you want in life.

YES, network marketing is sales.

Embrace it.  Accept it.  Enjoy it. And get good at it!

What do you think about this concept?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have to Be Good at Selling to Do MLM?”

  1. That has to be one of the best non-religious sermons I have ever read Chuck!

    You hit the nail on the head; we are all salespeople in one form or another. I believe the hate of sales comes when people have been “suckered” by a sleazy salesperson, but why hate the profession? Actually, why hate the sleazy salesman? He was just doing what he knows how to do best and feed his family.

    The person that needs to be looked at is in the mirror. If we fall for a bad sale, it is essentially our own fault, because we said yes.

    When we accept that sales is just the means of getting where we want to be in life, we are on the proper road to understanding sales is a tool and the tool operator is the one guiding it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my sermon, Greg.

      Yes, we are all salespeople.

      I’m not sure why so many people deny it.

      Some people will even spend HOURS selling you on the idea that they aren’t a salesperson.

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