Direct Sales Home Party: How They Work and What You Should Know

The direct sales home party is one of the most effective, yet underutilized ways of building a successful direct sales or network marketing business. A direct sales home party is an in-home party where a host or hostess invites over some of their friends and family to learn about your products and business opportunity.

Typically, a home party is fun, exciting, and memorable. The guests arrive at a certain time and the presenter shares the products with them. They presenter conducts product demonstrations, samples the products, and educates the customers about what the products can do. The presenter answers questions, takes orders, and books additional parties. In many cases, an independent consultant can earn $500 or more, just for a couple hours of work (individual results will vary).

If you aren’t using the direct sales home party plan to grow your direct sales business, you are behind the power curve. In fact, you are missing out. My favorite thing about home parties is that you can work smart. Rather than sharing your products with one person at a time, you can gain exposure for your business and meet with five to ten prospects at a time. Plus, I’ve found it’s much easier to sell in a group setting. In most cases, your guests will help sell each other on the products.

If you’ve ever attended a home party, you know what I am talking about. Most in home parties are one to three hours. They’re fun. You get to hang out with friends, socialize and have a glass of wine or cold beverage.  It’s just a good way to spend an evening or Saturday afternoon.

If you are new to direct sales, or have never conducted an in-home party as a presenter, you should sit down with your sponsor or upline consultant and formulate a game plan. If you don’t feel comfortable presenting at in-home parties, you should ask your sponsor if you can attend one of their in-home parties with them, so you can learn the ropes. That would be very beneficial. My best advice to you is to just conduct an in-home party, even if you are uncomfortable. You’ll learn as you go.

In conclusion, the direct sales home party is one of my favorite ways to grow a direct sales business. Home parties allow you to work smart and share your products and business opportunity with several people at once. Additionally, they are lots of fun and are a great way to socialize. If you are new to direct sales, you should consider using in-home parties to grow your business. That way, you can earn more money and grow your business faster.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever utilized the direct sales home party grow your business?  If so, leave a comment below to tell us how it went.

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7 thoughts on “Direct Sales Home Party: How They Work and What You Should Know”

  1. Karen Barnhardt

    I have always wanted to do the home sex parties and sell products on line. For years the girl the did all my said I really needed to do this. That I have the perfect personality fun laid back no sham and lots of knowledge on them. I think the key is all in how comfrotable you are doing them. I really want to getore info asap. This has been a dream of mine for over 12 yrs.

  2. I think that direct selling is so much easier in a home-party atmosphere. I have not used a home party in my business yet but after reading your blog I’m working on putting together a home party. I provide services as opposed to products which is why I haven’t jumped on this yet but I’m working on a way to highlight the services in a fun way. They need to experience the service which is harder than when you have a tangible product that people can handle and use.

  3. This is really interesting information. I have never tried direct sales home parties. It is so true that direct selling and cold calls gives you a lot of disappointment at many times. The idea of home parties appears to be absolutely amazing and I am considering of having a home party soon now.

    1. Home parties are a great way to find new customers and grow your business. If you do it right, you can have 5-10 people get together in one setting. This lets you work smart and earn a nice wage for your time. If you’ve never tried home parties for your MLM Business, it’s worth giving a shot.

  4. I remember as a child my dad used to host these Direct Home Parties for this company called Melaluca, I believe. I didn’t quite understand it then, but these parties really worked. He built a strong base of customers who consistently purchased products from him, and they were so loyal because these parties allowed for a personal interaction that other businesses do not provide. To say the least, he was very successful in his business for many years as a result.

  5. You are absolutely correct that home parties should be utilized. First, you actually have people that are interested in hearing about the product or opportunity. With “cold calls” there is more resistance and rejection. They can be fun and profitable. If a person is in a Network Marketing plan that works off home parties, by all means, they should be using it.

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