10 Things That Will Destroy Your MLM Business

Today, I’d like to share 10 things that will destroy your MLM Business. Basically, these are things NOT to do in your business.

I have made many of these mistakes myself in the past. Other mistakes I’ve learned by watching other people in the industry. My goal today is that you will evaluate yourself in each one of these areas and make an honest assessment where you stand.10 Thing That Will Destroy Your MLM Business

10 Things That Will Destroy Your MLM Business

Keep in mind these ten things are listed in no order.

# 1: Jealousy & Comparison

Jealousy will destroy your MLM Business. Being jealous of other people’s success is a big NO-NO. Avoid it at all costs.

Sometimes, you will see other people grow their business quicker, surpass you, move through the ranks quicker, make more money than you, or get more recognition than you.

Do not let this bother you. Be HAPPY for other people’s success. When one person accomplishes something in your company, it shows what is possible.

Have an attitude of gratitude. Simply focus on becoming the best version of you possible and never compare yourself to someone else. If you are going to compare anything, compare your current performance to what you are truly capable of.

# 2: Being Unlikeable

This business is a people business. Long-term relationships will lead to long-term money in this business.

Having bad people skills will destroy your MLM Business. Why? Because it is a volunteer Army, and no one MUST follow your lead or do business with you.

You will interact with many different “types” of people in this business. It is vital for you to learn how to get along with these different types of people.

Work on your people skills. Follow the lessons in How to Win Friends and Influence People. Be a better listener. Focus on serving and helping others. Take your eyes off yourself and focus on other people and you can’t go wrong.

Also, stay humble, stay hungry, and never forget what it was like to be a brand-new distributor.

# 3: Starting & Stopping

Starting and stopping will destroy your MLM Business. I see this everyday in my own team. People get excited for a day, a few days, or even a week. They do a lot of work and start to get some growth in their business. Then they let life get in the way and they put their business on the back burner for a few days, a week, or even permanently.

You will never “find the time” to grow your business. Instead, you must “make the time” if you want to build a big business. Your priorities dictate where and how you spend your time.

I suggest you plan out your week each Sunday night. Set business hours, develop a game-plan, and then have the self-discipline to follow your plan each day throughout the week.

Every time you “stop” or “slow down” you lose any momentum that you did have in your business. Plus, your team is watching you and if they see you slow down or stop, they will more than likely do the same thing themselves.

Be persistent and consistent daily and never let a day go by (ever) where you didn’t do something to move your business forward. Small daily actions add up and compound over time.

# 4: Lack of Focus

Focus is key. Could you imagine an Olympian training for five different sports? Me neither. Could you imagine being married to three different people at the same time and trying to keep everyone happy? Me neither.

Promoting multiple MLM Companies or trying to create multiple streams of income at once will destroy your MLM Business. Why? Because you can only be good at so many things. When you spread yourself too thin you are less productive and don’t get the results you could have gotten.

I suggest you focus on your MLM Business. Grow your income and then invest or create multiple streams of income.

On a side note, I’ve never met a top earner promoting multiple companies at once. Food for thought.focus in mlm

# 5: Dictator Leadership

Everyone on your team is a volunteer. They already have a boss at their job and at home. They do not need or want another boss.

Simply put, don’t be a jerk. Don’t sit around barking out orders to your team. Your team wants to be inspired, not bossed around. Set a good example, inspire them by your actions and work with the willing.

Also, focus on helping each person achieve what they want in the business, not what you want them to do. Finally, never make someone feel bad for not being as committed to their business as you are to your business.

Love on everyone and meet them where they at.

# 6: Short-Term Thinking

We live in a society where people expect instant gratification. Most people are impatient and want it now. When it comes to building a successful business of any type, this type of thinking will hurt you.

Building a successful business of any kind is a long-term project. It does not normally happen in the first year or two, let alone the first few months.

You must always keep your why and vision in front of you. Otherwise, when things get tough, or don’t go exactly as planned, you will throw in the towel and quit.

Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let today’s problems throw you off track.

# 7: Pettiness & Ego

Pettiness and ego will destroy your MLM Business. Don’t expect everyone on your team to think like you, talk like you, vote like you, or have the same belief system. RESPECT the differences of people. This is what makes your team unique and powerful.

Also, keep your ego in check and don’t expect everyone on your team to admire you or like you. Don’t expect everyone on your team to come to you for advice or do what you teach them.

Just be nice to people. Love everyone. Meet them where they are at and encourage people to learn and grow.

# 8: Lack of Belief

Lack of belief will destroy your MLM Business. You must believe in your company, its products, the industry, and yourself. Fortunately, you don’t need to believe in all four of these things on day one, but if you want to achieve massive success you need to have “unshakeable” belief in all four of these things.

Use the products. Learn everything you can about your company and its owners. Study the network marketing industry and learn everything you can about it. And most importantly, build up your own belief by doing any of the following things: (1) associate with successful network marketers, (2) attend events, (3) read books, (4) talk with your coach, and (5) listen to audio training programs.pettiness will destroy your business

# 9: Inappropriate Relationships

Inappropriate relationships are bad. Never date ANYONE on your team. EVER. Even if they are attractive and flirt with you. It always backfires. If you are married, be faithful. Also, do not mess with anyone else’s spouse.

Folks, this always backfires. What starts off as something innocent can destroy your business. Even if you care caught in the heat of the moment, or are attracted to someone, do not let your guard down. Your character is everything. Do the right thing.

# 10: Money

Never ever loan a team member money. Ever. You are not a bank or loan provider. Also, don’t rob your business. Don’t spend your business profits for the first 1-2 years. Instead, invest them back into your business, so you can grow it. Your business is like a newborn baby. It must be fed, nurtured, and loved.

Also, don’t mess with other people’s money. Don’t borrow money from your team members or cheat someone out of a commission.

Every decision you make in your business should be based upon your long-term goals.

My # 1 money advice is to get a job and keep a job and build your business part-time until you are debt free, have 12-months’ worth of living expenses saved up, and are earning 3x in your business compared to what you do in your job. At that point, go full-time in your business.

No new business is designed to provide a livable income on day one. Going full-time in the business “too early” has destroyed more MLM Businesses than it has helped.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are 10 things that will destroy your MLM Business, as I see it. I hope you will evaluate yourself in each of these 10 areas and identify areas you can improve upon.

What are your thoughts? What did I forget to add to my list? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

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