December 2014 Month in Review for My MLM Blog and MLM Business

Here is my month in review for December 2014 for my blog and my MLM Business.  This is my third month of doing this.  I post this publicly to stay accountable and show others the power of incremental growth.

My Business Goals for December 2014

Here were my business goals for December 2014.  I have them broken down into two categories: one for my blog and one for my MLM Business.


  • Publish 20 new blog posts
  • Publish 8 videos and 6 podcasts
  • Mail out newsletter on last day of month
  • Add 300 comments to website
  • Publish and release blogging course

MLM Business:

  • Personally Sponsor new 5 customers/reps
  • Send out mailed newsletter
  • Generate 80 new leads for my company on my capture page

My Daily Mode of Operation for December 2014:

This is what I did each day to build my business in December (Monday through Friday).

  • Publish one new blog post daily
  • Revise one old blog post
  • Post 3-5 updates per day in my Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Send training email to my list every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Follow up with new leads daily by phone and/or email
  • Send out training newsletter in mail on last day of the month
  • Mail out two hand written notes per day

*** This takes me about 90 minutes to do per day!

I also do the following two things every day:

  • Read for 30 to 60 minutes daily
  • Exercise daily (5 days a week)

Stats and Results for My MLM Blog and MLM Business December 2014

  • Total Visitors: 17,170 (previous month: 17,657)
  • Unique Visitors: 13,769 (previous month: 14,464)
  • Total Page Views: 25,499 (previous month: 26,061)
  • Visits Per Day: 553.8 (previous month: 588.6)
  • Unique Visitors Per Day: 444.16 (previous month: 482.1)
  • Page Views Per Day: 822.5 (previous month: 868.7)
  • New MLM Boot Camp Leads: 230
  • New MLM Company Specific Leads: 45
  • New Weight Loss Leads: 10
  • New Requested free CD Leads: 21
  • Total New Leads: 306  (previous month: 312)
  • Published 30 blog posts
  • Added 335 blog comments
  • Published 6 podcasts
  • Created 8 YouTube videos
  • Personally sponsored 1 new distributor

As you can see, I didn’t hit every goal I set.  Here is where I came up short:

  • I wanted to sponsor five reps, but only sponsored one
  • I wanted to generate 80 leads for my company, but I only generated 45
  • I finished my blogging course, but I didn’t get the CDs back from the manufacturer in time so it will get released in January 2015

What I Did for Advertising in December 2014

Within MSN Ad Center I had one campaign and got 25 clicks for $1.06, at an average cost of four cents per click.

Personal Development in December 2014

Here are the network marketing books I read in December 2014:

I also did some mastermind calls with some of my mentors.  It was a great month for personal development.

What’s Ahead for January 2015

January is going to be super productive.  Here are my goals for January 2015:

  • Publish 25 new blog posts
  • Publish 5 videos and 5 podcasts
  • Mail out newsletter on last day of month
  • Add 300 comments to website
  • Publish and release blogging course
  • Personally sponsor 4 distributors
  • Generate 100 leads for my MLM Company

Final Thoughts

In summary, December 2014 was a great month for my blog and network marketing business.  I didn’t hit every one of my goals, but I made great progress considering December is typically a very slow month for all of my websites.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about my results for the month?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes is a Network Marketing Professional, author, and blogger. He's been in the industry since 2002. He is one of the top producers in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel. He enjoys flea markets, reading, writing, walking, fishing and funny movies. You can call Chuck during business hours at (352) 503-4816 EST or you can email him at

9 thoughts on “December 2014 Month in Review for My MLM Blog and MLM Business

  1. You didn’t hit all your goals, but you still did great, especially since you said that this is typically a slow month. Something is better than nothing!
    And you also said it was a great month of personal development for you…..that wonderful! I think it is awesome that you not only devote a lot of time to your business but you take time to work on yourself as well!

    • Yes, I spend a lot of time working on myself. I figure that if I can grow as a person, my business will naturally grow as well.

  2. I have a question Chuck; you mentioned using MSN Ad Center. Are you generally happy and satisfied with them? On what browsers do they show your ads? Do you feel they are doing better than Google Adwords?

    I have thought of advertising our books. I have done it before with Adwords and just did not receive the numbers I had hoped for. I have had some people tell me I should go through Clickbank or Clickster. Have you ever tried them?

    I know that it comes down to writing a good ad, but I also believe the ad supplier makes a big difference too. I think that Adwords has become so normal and bland, that many people just will not click them much anymore.

    What are your thoughts?

    • I like MSN Ad Center because it is cheaper, even though they get a lot less traffic than Mother Google. That being said, PPC will not work for everyone. You have to have something you make at least $40 profit on, preferably more, to typically break even or make a profit.

      • Thank you for that great information. None of my books would provide $40 of profit, but maybe if I were to make a set of say the bilingual Puerto Rico books, that would be an option. Where many of those programs are pay per click, I am also considering going with a higher cost, but a pay per sale scheme.

        I also had another question as I am considering starting a new website. What host do you use, and are you happy with them? If you will PM me with that information.

        I learned some major things with our first website, and I feel I have a great plan for this one. I found a great plan through iPage–are you familiar with them?

        Thanks for your help, or if anyone else would chime in.

  3. I am especially fond of the section where you lay out your mode of operations for the month of December. It is helpful to see, step by step, just how you went about the process of building your business and then what specific results that translated into by the month’s end. I also think it is very brave to share where you came up short as a means of demonstrating that every month will not be a total success. Nice work.

    • It’s all about doing the right activities and incremental growth. I seldom hit all of my goals.

  4. I believe this system of yours with publishing your statistics is a great idea Chuck.

    I have found that not only yours, but overall, December is a slow month online for many. Overall, your numbers were better than I would have even expected in comparison to what many of my online works do.

    I expect that January will be a great month for your sites and MLM business. Thank you for posting these statistics, because it helps me make goals and gain ideas for mine.

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