“How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business” Book Review

Today, I’m going to do a book review of How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business.

I recently received a Amazon gift card for my birthday and I decided to buy a few network marketing books. One of those books was How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business: The Low Cost Prospecting and Recruiting Tool that Out Performs Online Methods by David Williams.

The book provides a simple system you can follow by mailing postcards to generate leads for your business. David covers all aspects of postcard marketing from why you should do it, to the best type of list to use, the best type of postcards to use, what the postcards should say, etc.

I would consider this short book a BLUEPRINT for network marketers looking to utilize postcard marketing. His method of using postcards is UNLIKE any other postcard marketing method I have ever heard of. It just makes sense. I don’t want to give away too many details of his system. You’ll have to buy the book to get that.

I really enjoyed the book. It’s a short book and quick read, but don’t let the SIZE of the book worry you. The content and information are plentiful. The book is 43-pages. It was first published in 2013. It has great reviews on Amazon and that’s one of the reasons I purchased the book.

how to prospect and recruit using postcards

How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards: For Your MLM or Network Marketing Business

What I’d like to do below is share a few key quotes from the book that really resonated with me. I will also share my thoughts on each quote. Each quote is in bold and italics.

# 1: Too many people doing the same thing and the process gets saturated.

One of the major issues with most systems is SATURATION. The systems might work great in the beginning when there are only a few people using them, but once you get a large team of distributors using the same system, it gets saturated, and is therefore less effective. Just about everyone in the industry is focused on social media and online recruiting, but the direct mail opportunity is wide open.

mass mlm prospecting

# 2: Anyone can do one-on-one prospecting, but if you can master mass prospecting that is personalized, and have your team doing it too, you will earn a fortune quickly and have a solid team not dependent of online rubbish leads.  

Word of mouth and face to face prospecting are still a great way to get leads and build your business. But when you can combine that with a system that reaches the masses, you really have the potential for rapid growth. Ideally, you want to use a combination of online and offline methods to find new business partners. And think about this for a moment. An average rep can talk with two or three prospects per day, but these same folks could easily mail 10-2o postcards per day, and make even more exposures.

postcard prospecting

# 3: The fact that no one sends real mail, letters or cards, is the reason why prospecting and recruiting through postcards work.  

Just about everyone is obsessed with the internet as the ONLY way to grow their business. As a result, there is a ton of competition online. Take your business offline and watch it grow. How many emails do you get each day promoting a business opportunity? How many of these emails do you actually read? Compare that to how many postcards you get in the mail and there is no comparison.

In the last TEN YEARS I have received less than 10 pieces of mail promoting a MLM Company or Product. I get more than 20 emails each day promoting different MLM Companies. That just shows the power of postcard marketing.

# 4: I realize that many trainers and lead sellers say get MLM Lists, because they are people looking to join a MLM. However, I have found this group is one or all of the following: cheap, jaded, looking for you to do everything for them, or they enter the witness protection program faster than you can say next.  

You have to test different lead sources to see what produces the best quality leads and new reps. Personally, I focus on recruiting people with network marketing experience; however, I see the value in trying out different demographics of people. Recruiting professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and accountants normally works well. Also, if you can mail to people with entrepreneurial or sales experience, that can work great.

# 5: Postcards are not easy, but they are simple.  

Nothing is easy. But anyone can put a stamp and address label on a postcard and send it in the mail. I can’t think of any other marketing method that is that simple.

# 6: Most people are looking for leadership first and product/opportunity second.  

Be a leader and have a system that others can follow and people will naturally want to work with you. People are looking for a leader to follow. Remember, people join people, not businesses.

david williams quote

# 7: Lots of people in MLM are happy with their company or product, they just can’t recruit. They have no system to make that happen. If you can show them a system, they will follow you in your company.  

Once again, if you can offer a SOLUTION to people’s recruiting challenges, they will want to work with you. Systems come before companies. There are tons of great companies in our industry, but most of these companies (or distributors in the company) do not have a simple recruiting system people can follow.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to grow your network marketing business via postcards, this is the book for you. David Williams really hit a home run when he wrote his book How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business. Overall, I give the book a 9 of 10 and consider it a must read for any network marketer looking for a simple postcard system to grow their business.

What are your thoughts? Have you read the book before? Have you used postcards to grow your business? If so, leave a comment below and let us know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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9 thoughts on ““How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business” Book Review”

  1. Hey Chuck,
    I like your site. I am interested in creating one similar.
    What platform is this site created on?
    Is it a wordpress website&blog?

    Where can you suggest I have a site like this created?

    1. John,

      This is a self hosted Word Press blog. I use Go Daddy for hosting and then I uploaded Word Press to do it. Between hosting and domain registration, it costs me about $125 per year. You can hire someone on elance or Fiverr to create a website for you. I hope that helps.


  2. Some of the points that you have shared from this book depicts that it would really be an interesting one to read. The one-to-one prospecting thought shared here seems to be an effective way of getting more leads. Combining various methods of generating lead could surely give you unmatched success results.

    1. Postcards are a great way to get leads. They work best when you use the tactics that David Williams talks about in his book. It’s also wise to have 2-3 different ways to generate leads.

  3. I also agree with Faye, most “junk mail” that comes is not from MLMs. It makes sense to use this system. Postcards are simple to make and use. The time and cost involved is probably less or similar to other forms of advertisement. It probably has much better results too. There is no “spam” filter at the post office. It does sound like this is a great book.

    1. I get a lot of junk mail in envelopes. I rarely open those, but I do at least look at all of the postcards I receive in the mail before I decide to keep them or throw them away.

  4. I rarely take the time to open any envelope that smells of unsolicited “junk” mail, but a pretty, glossy post card does not need to be opened. It states it’s message just sitting there in the recipient’s hand. I at least spare them a glance before they end up in the circular file. Mr. Williams is right, though: I cannot think of a single post card I have received that touted an MLM business. So while everyone else is pushing their business on line, perhaps Mr. Williams is really onto something with the post cards.

    1. If you put your marketing message on a regular looking postcard, people will read it. And that is more than half the battle: getting someone to actually read your message.

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