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David Butler is an ultimate Xango Success Story. He is currently a 500K Premier Distributor with the company. He is one of the top earners in Xango. Prior to joining Xango, he was a very successful distributor in another network marketing company. In fact, he was a multi-million dollar earner with a different company.  Here are a few things you should know about David Butler:

  • He is married to Colli Butler.
  • They’ve spent close to 20 years in the network marketing industry.
  • Prior to joining Xango, they spent 8 years with a different company and earned more than $3 million with that company.
  • A large portion of their Xango business is overseas.
  • They are still actively building their Xango business, traveling the world and focusing on overseas markets.
  • They are some of the top income earners in the entire network marketing industry.

I’ve just watched several YouTube videos of David Butler. From what I can tell, he is a very dynamic leader. He has exceptional people skills, sales skills and marketing skills; everything you need to succeed in this industry. He has a proven reputation of helping others succeed.

He grew his Xango business by sharing the products with his friends, family-members and acquaintances. He also brought most of his existing downline into Xango when he joined the company. He has achieved huge success and he continues to grow his Xango business today. Recently, David created a CD titled “The Million Dollar Secret.” It is a network marketing prospecting CD.

He is a true credit to our industry. In fact, he is one of the top 500 earners in the entire MLM Industry. If you have ever worked with Xango 500K Premier David Butler personally, I would love to hear your story. Please tell us when you met him, how long you have known him and what you have learned from him.  Just leave a comment to this post. Thanks.

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10 thoughts on “David Butler Xango 500k Premier

  1. You mentioned that David Butler has exceptional people skills which I think is a must-have in this industry. People really underestimate the role people skills play in this industry, but I have found my interactions with people to be the key to forming solid business and customer relationships. Too many people think they can rely solely on the internet to build their company and that just won’t do. People need to know you are genuine and feel a real connection with you in order to trust what you are trying to sell or what you want them to be a part of.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog and reading about David Butler. I am interested in speaking with David Butler as a relatively new business builder in the MLM industry. Does he have a website or email address or a telephone number that is available? I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks so much.

    • I don’t have his contact information, but I’m sure that if he ever reads this blog post, he can contact you through this comment. Thanks.


  4. I spent about four months in Xango on David Butler’s team. I never met the guy. I decided to get done Xango because the auto-ship was just too expensive. You had to spend so much money each month just to qualify for your bonus check. I liked the products though. Now I just order my mangosteen juice off Amazon when I want it.

  5. It’s interesting to watch some of his videos on YouTube. One (uploaded in two parts) in particular caught my attention http://youtu.be/XA7_AjYRt4Y in which he talks about common responses to what makes a great network marketer, then he gives his answer, which is developing skill sets. He emphasizes mastering them, not just learning them, as an essential ingredient in differentiating yourself as great.

    • Thanks for sharing the David Butler videos, Amy.


    • That is an interesting but logical take he has on how to be a great network marketer. If you simply learn everything and are mediocre at a whole bunch of skills, then you will probably just be a mediocre network marketer. However, if you take the time to really master a set of skills you are priming yourself to be a master at network marketing as well. My personal take would be to work on mastering one skill at a time until you’ve mastered multiple. You’ll find that it will make you better in the long run although it is time consuming.

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