Dave Severn Amway Open Meeting in Washington DC in 2003

During my time in Amway, back in 2003, I one time drove from Maine to Washington D.C. to attend an open meeting hosted by Dave Severn. If I can recall, it was about 600 miles one-way to the event.  It was a long drive, but boy was excited to meet this guy.  Up until that time, I had listened to several of his tapes and something about Dave just resonated with me.

Looking back, it might have been a bit extreme to drive that far for a three hour meeting, but at the time, it was really important to me. From the first time I ever listened to Dave Severn’s tape “Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink” my life was never the same.  Something about that tape changed the way I viewed entrepreneurship, the American Dream and being in control of my own life.

In fact, Dave Severn was the ultimate man’s man as I saw it.  He was tenacious, fierce and gregarious, just like one of my other heroes, General George S. Patton. I always enjoyed listening to him at the major functions and on the tapes, but I really wanted to meet him in person, so I made the drive.

I don’t remember very much about the meeting except getting the opportunity to shake his hand and say hello (at the end of the meeting). I told him how far I had driven and he seemed impressed.

Heck, he let me take a picture with him. I kept that photo on my “dream board” for a few years. Whenever I thought about quitting the Amway business I would look at the photo and it would help motivate me to keep moving forward.

Although my time in Amway eventually ended, I learned how important it is to have role models and heroes, in life and in business. Everyone needs someone they can look up to. About once a year, I pull out a copy of his famous tape “Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink” and listen to it. It keeps me motivated and moving forward, closer to my goals. To this day, Dave Severn is still someone I look up to and admire. And I know that he’s had the same effect on thousands of other people worldwide. I hope to do the same thing with others!

Listen to Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink

If you’ve ever met Dave Severn, or listened to him speak at an event, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment to share your story.

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