Damsel In Defense: A Unique MLM Company for Women

Welcome to this Damsel in Defense review.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community are affiliated with Damsel In Defense. This information is for educational purposes to help people decide if this is the right company for them.

A highly unique multilevel marketing company, Damsel in Defense claims a mission of equipping, empowering and educating women to protect themselves and their families.

But is it legit?

I am going to tell you about the company history, leadership, products and compensation plan. From there, you can decide if this is a home based business you would want to start, or even just purchase any of the products for your own use.

Damsel In Defense History

In 2011, two women put their brains and passion together in an effort to help women protect themselves and become financially independent.

Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes started Damsel In Defense and the idea quickly became a hit.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Damsel In Defense carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Damsel In Defense Leadership

Damsel In Defense has a great leadership team…

  • Co-founder Mindy Lin is the Chief Marketing Officer
  • Co-founder Bethany Hughes is the Chief Services Officer
  • Bob Hipple is CEO
  • Jimmy Lin is Chief Financial Officer
  • and Chris Hughes is Chief Procurement Officer

This leadership team is always working on ways to support independent Damsel In Defense representatives.

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Damsel In Defense Products

The company offers many products designed to defend against evil actions of criminals. They offer various bundles that have an array of products or single items like:

  • Stun guns
  • Personal alarms
  • Roadside emergency kits
  • Concealment devices
  • Entry alarms
  • Pepper spray
  • Educational books and videos (children)
  • Purses
  • Billfolds
  • Clothing
  • Digital protection plan
  • and more

Products are added consistently, and much of the Damsel In Defense MLM sales and recruiting is done using a party plan method.

Damsel In Defense Compensation Plan

The Damsel In Defense compensation plan is straight and blunt. You will earn 25 – 30% commission on sales depending on your level.

Once you reach Junior Mentor, you earn bonus commissions from downline sales and once you reach director, you are eligible for team bonuses and generation bonuses.

The Damsel In Defense levels are:

  1. Recruit
  2. Protege
  3. Junior Mentor
  4. Mentor
  5. Senior Mentor
  6. Director
  7. Crystal Director
  8. Pearl Director
  9. and Diamond Director

There is money that can be made in Damsel In Defense, but you do have to work at it.

Damsel In Defense – My Opinion

I am a firm believer in educating and helping humans defend themselves. I like the idea of Damsel In Defense but I do believe there needs to be a bigger focus on teaching customers when, where and how these devices should be used.

There is also the issue of legalities. Stun guns are not legal in all States and cities. So you have to watch closely that you are not selling to a person who lives where they are illegal. Plus, these are normally a one-time purchase item. Most people are not going to purchase self defense products on a regular basis.

Damsel In Defense – What Others Have To Say

I decided to take a look at what others had to say…

Great products! Representative was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.” Barbara

While I like the products they sell, my complaint is that their advertising materials on the benefits of hosting an event for them are misleading and deceptive. The company advertisement boasts that if you host en empower hour, you receive benefits called “protection perks.” While they do tell you… that protection perks cannot be combined with other sales or events, they do not in any materials, in their catalog, or on their website, inform you that protection perks are then sub-categorized into two categories that may NOT be used together. So while their catalog leads you to think that if you host a party, you’ll receive a monetary amount of credit that you may use on any items and additionally you’ll get half off those items, that is completely incorrect. They will only let you use both arbitrarily sub-categorized discounts on completely separate items, meaning that if you have enough sales to get 6 items at half price, you better find just as many totally different items to be able to use your hostess credit on.” Anonymous

Great direct sales business that has meaning behind it. Our mission is to empower, educate, and equip. For me as a college student, safety is my number one concern so this company is helping me make money and helping those around me be safe.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the whole picture, I believe Damsel In Defense is a good MLM business. Like any business, there will be some errors, but overall, I feel they have a great system.

It probably would help to add some products that are used regularly and can be repurchased.

I would say that for any person who has a passion to help others defend themselves, this would be a great home based business to start.

So what are your thoughts? Feel free to leave all comments and questions below. Thank you.


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