Daily Checklist for Network Marketers

Today, I’d like to share my daily checklist for network marketers. I’m a big fan of checklists and “to-do” lists.

I learned about “checklists” during my time in the Army and I decided to incorporate them into my MLM Business as well. In the Army, there are checklists for everything. There are pre-flight checklists all pilots must go through before they can take off. There are checklists for inspections you must follow. There are checklists for doing certain jobs. These checklists force people to focus and do the right tasks in the right order, so they achieve a certain result or standard. As I see it, checklists help reduce human error.

We are all pressed for time. Most people in our industry have a day job, a family, and outside of the home responsibilities. By the time they get home, eat dinner, spend some time with their family and watch their favorite television show there isn’t much time left in the day to build the business.Daily Checklist for Network Marketers

There are only 24-hours in a day. I’ve found that if you don’t have written priorities SCHEDULED in your day planner or written down on a “to do” list, there is a good chance it won’t get done. Life just gets in the way.

I suggest to everyone on my team, and to all other network marketers as well, to have a daily checklist or “to-do” list covering the few critical tasks they must do that day to build their network marketing business.

Example Daily Checklist for Network Marketers

Here is an example daily checklist for network marketers, specifically part-timers.

_____ Make two exposures

_____ Ask two people to order a product

_____ Follow-up with two people

_____ Talk with your coach

_____ 15-minutes of personal development

You could literally complete these five tasks in 45-minutes or less.mlm is not rocket science

My Daily Checklist for My MLM Business

Here is my current daily checklist for my network marketing business. I can do these activities in about two and a half hours per day. The only exception is Tuesday. I normally put in 5-6 hours on Tuesday because of our team webinar.

_____ Empty Holding Tank (5-minutes)

_____ Recognize 3 people daily in Facebook group (5-minutes)

_____ Update team Facebook group (15-minutes)

_____ Mail 10 postcards (10-minutes)

_____ Create one piece of content to promote my business (60-minutes)

_____ Place one ad (10-minutes)

_____ Send out 3 handwritten notes (5-minutes)

_____ Talk with Key Leaders (20-minutes)

_____ Personal Development (20-minutes)

_____ Tuesday webinar (60-minutes)

Please keep in mind I am a full-time network marketer. Do not compare yourself to what I do. Instead, write down something that works for you and do that.

 plan your work and work your plan

Activities for Your Daily Checklist

What you will see below are 80 different activities you could do to grow your network marketing business. I suggest you pick minimum ONE idea from each category and do those four tasks each day.

I have the categories broken down into (1) Lead Generation/Prospecting, (2) Follow Up & Closing, (3) Duplication & Support, and (4) Personal Development. 

Lead Generation/Prospecting

  1. Post a Facebook Live
  2. Talk to two strangers
  3. Cold call two people
  4. Private message 2 new people on Facebook
  5. Add 5 new friends on Facebook
  6. Connect with 3 new people on LinkedIn
  7. Send out three direct messages on Twitter
  8. Mail 5 postcards
  9. Mail 2 handwritten notes
  10. Wear a button
  11. Respond to five spam emails with your link
  12. Do an in home-party
  13. Create a podcast
  14. Write and publish an article or blog post
  15. Hand out 5 drop cards
  16. Collect 3 business cards
  17. Attend a local networking event
  18. Wear your company clothing
  19. Visit a flea market and hand out drop cards and business cards
  20. Visit a job fair to network with people
  21. Post an ad online, such as Craigslist
  22. Give out a free sample
  23. Leave a voicemail explaining what you do
  24. Update your own email signature
  25. Add a brief overview of your business or products on your own voicemail
  26. Engage on other people’s social media posts
  27. Leave a blog comment with your link
  28. Leave a forum comment with your link
  29. Mail a prospect a birthday card
  30. Offer someone a free sample
  31. Speak at a local event
  32. Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about to meet new people
  33. Add 10 people to your name’s list
  34. Set up a bandit sign
  35. Place a classified ad in the newspaper
  36. Ask each person you talk with for referrals
  37. Place an ad on traffic exchanges and safelists
  38. Post your drop cards on bulletin boards
  39. Instagram stories
  40. Have a contest
  41. Fishbowl
  42. Hand out flyers
  43. Create a free Google Business listing
  44. Create a free Yellow Pages listing

Follow Up/Closing

  1. Contact a former distributor who quit and ask them to reactivate
  2. Contact a former customer and ask them to reorder
  3. Send out a weekly email newsletter to your prospects
  4. Mail a postcard or handwritten note
  5. Create a Facebook group for your prospects
  6. Invite your prospect to attend a local event, conference call, or webinar with you
  7. Call or text your prospect
  8. Offer someone a gift card or discount on their first order
  9. Utilize your CRM or autoresponder to send an email message
  10. Contact your new team member 7 days after they order to see how they like their products
  11. Look the person in the eyes and ask them to buy a product from you

Duplication & Support

  1. Launch a new distributor
  2. Help a team member make their name’s list
  3. Walk someone through the team’s getting started training
  4. Teach a team member a new skill
  5. Help your team member enroll someone
  6. Do a meeting for a team member
  7. Conduct a three-way call with a team member
  8. Do a training session for your team
  9. Recognize a team member publicly
  10. Thank a team member publicly
  11. Recommend a book or video for them to watch
  12. Tell them about an upcoming event
  13. Meet with a team member for lunch or coffee
  14. Share a helpful article or video that will help them develop a skill
  15. Share a testimonial about a product that might benefit them
  16. Send them a present or gift
  17. Lead by example
  18. Reach out to someone in depth you have not met before and ask them if they need help with anything

Personal Development

  1. Read for 15-minutes
  2. Watch a personal development video or podcast
  3. Attend a live or local event
  4. Counsel with your upline, sponsor or coach
  5. Listen to an audio book while you drive
  6. Learn more about a specific product
  7. Attend a company or team event or webinar

This is by no means an inclusive list. Instead, I simply wanted to share ideas that would help you. If you can identify additional income producing activities not listed above, by all means include them to your list.

daily marketing plan for mlm

Final Thoughts

I HIGHLY suggest you come up with a daily checklist for your network marketing business. Put three to seven money producing tasks on your list each day. Remember, the only money producing activities in your network marketing business are prospecting, showing the plan, following up, getting customers, and training your team. Make sure those are the activities you place on your daily checklist for network marketers.

This business is not rocket science. Success boils down to doing a few simple things every day, over and over until you reach your goals. Most people fail in our industry because they do not focus, and they are not persistent and consistent!

Take 15-minutes right now and come up with a daily checklist for your network marketing business. Post it by your computer, put a copy in your day planner and one on the refrigerator. Make sure you do everything on your list at least five days a week, and preferably six days a week. Do that for two to three years and I know you will have a big business. Don’t do it and you will fail.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about my daily checklist for network marketers? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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