Creating an Inner Circle for Your Network Marketing Business

Today, I want to talk about creating an inner circle for your network marketing business, also known as a mastermind alliance. If you’re new to being an network marketer, you’ve probably never thought about doing this before.  I can speak from personal experience and tell you that doing this will help you immensely.

What is an inner circle?  I define an inner circle as a group of people to serve as mentors and advisers to you and your business OR a group of people working together towards a common goal.  Your inner circle is a group of people who are subject matter experts on certain topics that affect your business.  This could include someone who is an expert on lead generation, an expert on marketing, an expert on selling, an expert on closing, an expert on training your team, an accountant or bookkeeper, a lawyer, and countless other people.

Once again, it could also include people with similar goals, which might include several members of your downline, cross-line team members and even some people from your upline.

The reason you want to have an inner circle of mentors for your business is to get sound business advice from qualified people who are subject matter experts.  When you have problems or questions about areas outside of your expertise, you can rely on your advisers for guidance and assistance.  This shortens your learn curve and prevents you from making unnecessary mistakes.

Having several of your team members in your own inner circle or mastermind alliance creates a spirit of harmony. When two or more people are working together towards a common goal, they can accomplish great things.  It also has a positive impact on morale. Realize that everyone wants to belong to something great than themselves and feel like they are part of a winning team.

Study any successful business owner (or network marketer) and you will quickly discover that they have their own inner circle in place. These people provide advice, answer questions, provide support and encouragement, help the business owner solve their problems, and offer a sounding board for new ideas.

If you don’t have your own inner circle yet, you are really missing out!  Don’t worry though, you can begin slowly.

I would start out by identifying areas of the business you need help with.  Try to find people who are really good at these things and get them in your inner circle.  You should also identify people in your downline who are really serious about the business and want to build it big. Invite them to participate as well.

When you first get started, it might just be you and one to two other people.  That is perfectly okay.  Work collaboratively and help each other.  Put the needs of the group above those of your own.  Offer your support and encouragement and be a team player.   Work in a spirit of harmony.

As time passes, your inner circle will naturally grow.  You will find new people to add to your inner circle.  Some people will leave.  Some people will stay.  Your goal is to keep the inner circle relevant, helpful and working in harmony.

I suggest that you come up with a meeting frequency of at least once a month.  Ideally, you want to meet in person, but you can also meet on SKYPE or on a conference call.  Depending upon the goals of the group, and how well the inner circle works together, you might end up meeting once a week, or once every couple of weeks.

Make sure that everyone benefits!  Everyone should learn something new, gain new skills and be able to provide input.  Bottom line: It should be a win-win for everyone involved.

I have my own inner circle myself and it is one of my most valuable business assets.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

If you’re looking for a mastermind team to participate in, you can join mine on Facebook.  I also have smaller, more focused groups with three to five people in it.  If something like that interests you, give me a call or send me an email and I can give you more information.  All groups are FREE.

Final Thoughts

In review, forming an inner circle for your network marketing business is a smart move.  It only makes sense to work collaboratively with other successful people and work in a spirit of harmony.  This lets you work smart, avoid costly mistakes and shorten your learning curve.  As I see it, it’s time well spent.

What are your thoughts about forming your own inner circle for your network marketing business?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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4 thoughts on “Creating an Inner Circle for Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. I try to stick with that once monthly meeting schedule. It seems to work well for everyone because the meeting frequency isn’t too much, but rather just enough to recap and refresh. I know people are busy so you don’t want to overwhelm them. But you do want to be consistent in meeting so new information gets shared, questions can be answered, and old topics can be readdressed as they need to be.

  2. When you network with other like-minded people, not only will you get to ask questions and get answers quickly, but you’ll also network, learn, teach, and build relationships. Being part of an inner circle, or creating your own, is one way to do that.

    There’s a saying along the lines of, “you’re the five people you spend most of your time with.”

    Also, I’d be happy to join your mastermind group on Facebook, I’ll hit you up on you email soon.


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