Create A 5 Year Life Plan – 6 Tips

Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

life plan

Do you have a solid answer?

The fact is, most people cannot answer that question. So don’t feel bad if you also cannot answer it, but now is the time to consider creating a 5 year plan for your life.

In today’s post, I am going to give you 6 tips on creating a 5 year life plan.

Create A 5 Year Life Plan Tip #1: Make A List

I suggest you start out by making a list; no, make it 4 lists… List

  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • The fears you have
  • The opportunities you see before you

Create A 5 Year Life Plan Tip #2: 1 Per Week

Okay, now taking your list, I suggest you work the 4 lists monthly… 1 area each week. You

  • Build on a strength 1 week
  • Find a method to get stronger in a weak area the next week
  • Overcome a fear the 3rd week
  • And seek out a way to take advantage of an opportunity on the last week.

There are many ways you can attack each of these. Books, videos, mentors, etc…

Create A 5 Year Life Plan Tip #3: Look Forward With A S.M.I.L.E.

As I was roaming the world wide web, I came across this great website/blog by a woman named Chrissy. It is called Organise My House and she put together a great way to look forward for 5 years using a SMILE technique.

You want to ask yourself questions that relate to:

  • Social – Your relationships… Friends, family, etc…
  • Managing Home Life – Where I will live? Who will be in the home? Etc…
  • Income – Where will my income come from and how much do I want it to be?
  • Leisure Time – What will I do in my leisure? New hobbies?
  • Energy – Where will I be in my health and well being?

I also suggest you list all these out.

The main idea is to just get your brain wrapped around your needs and wants.

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Create A 5 Year Life Plan Tip #4: Create A First Year Goal

I suggest using a journal, because each year you will set a goal for that year…

  • A physical goal… Weight gain/loss, hair, muscle mass, etc…
  • Personal goal… Write a book, join a social club, learn a new skill, etc…
  • Financial goal… Save X amount, invest in stocks/cryptocurrency, etc…
  • Fun goal… Learn to fly a plane, skydive, snow ski, etc…
  • Family goal… Have a child, get married, etc…

And each year, mark off the goals you accomplished and set new ones.

Create A 5 Year Life Plan Tip #5: Now 1 Huge Goal

Now considering the list in #4, find one area and dream big… Make a huge goal; a goal that will take you the better part of 5 years to achieve:

  • I will run and finish the Boston Marathon
  • Or, I will invent a device to help solve the problems people have with car theft
  • I will save $100,000
  • Or maybe, I will travel to 10 world cities

I believe you get the idea.

Create A 5 Year Life Plan Tip #6: Define Your Values And Determine How You Will Live Them

Again, you need that paper and pen.

What are your top values? What do you care about the most? And what makes you cry or get angry if you see it violated?

Maybe you just have 1 or 2, or maybe you can list 10 or 20. No matter what, list the top values… Some examples may be:

  • The welfare of children
  • Or the care of animals
  • Possibly, the environment
  • Political shortcomings?
  • The death penalty?
  • Abortion?
  • Discrimination?
  • Etc, etc, etc…

Now, pick the most important one and start a plan on how you are going to help solve it. Maybe you can help start a foundation. Or you can organize a protest group.

It all starts with your creativity. But go after it! Look at the Man, or Woman, in the Mirror.

You will have people who don’t agree with you, but if you are living your values, it IS right. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Who Am I To Tell You How To Make A 5 Year Plan?

I am not a psychologist, a doctor, a lawyer, and I am sure not President of the United States.

But I have followed a path of 5 year plans and they have been wonderful…

When people said that I could never make it as a writer, I showed them! (Over 50 books published and many clients who love the words I put to paper.)

When others said that I would stay in one town and work a dead-end job until I died, I proved them wrong thanks to a 5 year plan! (On this Caribbean island with my own business and no plans of dying anytime soon.)

So what is my huge 5 year plan now?

I have 2…

  • I want to have $500,000 in owned stocks
  • And I WILL write and publish a best selling book

So let me ask you…

What is your huge 5 year plan?

Final Thoughts

If you feel it, you CAN do it! Because, it all starts with you.

Feel free to share your huge plan if you desire… You can do so in the comment area at the end.

I am really hoping this post inspires all who read it. Now do me just 2 favors please…

  1. Share this with everyone you know
  2. and, Have a fantastic day!


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