Cookie Lee Business Review

The purpose of this article is to provide a review of Cookie Lee . Please know that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Moreover, Cookie Lee is a registered trademark owned by the company. The information in this article was collected through independent research.

About the Company

Cookie Lee is a direct sales company that manufactures jewelry. It uses the direct sales and network marketing business model to sell jewelry through an independent sales force. The sales force is a network of independent consultants who are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Cookie Lee takes the orders, ships the products, handles customer service issues and pays the consultants. It also provides training and resources for its consultants. In return, the consultants can focus on growing their own Cookie Lee business via word-of-mouth advertising.

Cookie Lee founded the company in 1985. Originally, she started the business so she could make money from home while caring for her young children. Since then, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. In 1992, it became a direct sales company. As of today, it has thousands of independent consultants throughout the United States. The company is located in Tustin, California. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

The Product Line

Their product line consists of fashion jewelry. This includes necklaces, earrings, watches, rings, etc. It makes different types of fashion jewelry for each season. The average price for a product is about $30. To get started with your own Cookie Lee business you pay a registration fee of $60. You also have the option to purchase a starter kit. From what I found online, there are several different starter kits. The first one costs $500 and comes with $1000 worth of retail products. The second starter kit costs approximately $243 and comes with $325 worth of products. Your third option is to simply pay the registration fee and not purchase a starter kit.

Getting Started

To get started with your own Cookie Lee business, you need a sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who shares the Cookie Lee business opportunity with you. They are responsible to teach you, train you and motivate you. If you want to succeed with the business opportunity, it’s important to find a sponsor who is already successful and is willing to help you grow your business.

How You Earn Money with Cookie Lee

How do you earn money in the Cookie Lee business? The first way to make money is to build your own customer base. The most successful consultants build large customers bases. In fact, some of the company’s top earners have 50 to 100 or more personal customers. Each time they make a sale, they earn a 50% commission. In essence, they purchase the products from Cookie Lee at the wholesale cost and then sell them to clients at the suggested retail price. Consultants sell the products through one-on-one presentations, in-home meetings and by sharing catalogues with others. They can also direct people to their own personal Cookie Lee website.

The next way to earn money with Cookie Lee is to sponsor new consultants. You can do that by sharing the business opportunity with friends and family members. The most successful consultants build large downlines by personally sponsoring 25 to 100 or more consultants. Once they do that, they help their new consultants find customers and sponsor others. By doing this, it creates a win-win situation for everyone.

As consultants progress through the achievement ranks, Cookie Lee rewards them by offering cash incentives, commissions, leadership bonuses and even the opportunity to earn a Mercedes-Benz. In my opinion, that’s pretty cool.

Downsides of the Business

The only real downside I see to the Cookie Lee business is that the products aren’t consumable. In other words, your customers won’t consume the product and need to reorder it next month. That means you must continue to find new customers and share the products. Also, if you enjoy making your own jewelry, you could make more money by creating your own jewelry and then selling it yourself. For example, my wife makes beaded jewelry and sells it to co-workers and friends. Her profit margin is much higher than a 50% mark-up.


On the other hand, there are many advantages to team up with the Cookie Lee business. First and foremost, Cookie Lee allows you start your own business for just a few hundred bucks. Additionally, it offers quality products, good product training, nice commissions and incentives, and the opportunity to work with other successful consultants. As I mentioned earlier, you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Cookie Lee business is a viable business opportunity for anyone who enjoys selling jewelry. It is a sound company with a great reputation and proven track record. It has exceptional leadership, strong financial backing and consistent growth. Your key to success is to find a successful consultant and join their team. Next, you must find lots of customers and build a large team of distributors by sharing the business opportunity with lots of people. If you can do that, you will build a profitable Cookie Lee business and achieve success.

If you are currently or formerly involved with Cookie Lee, I want to hear your story. Share your success story or product testimonial with others. What do you love about the business? What is your favorite product? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Cookie Lee Business Review”

  1. I do like that you pointed out the fact that jewelry isn’t a consumable product. I think its much easier to build a business if you have a smaller group of loyal customers who come back each month to reorder product from you than it is to try to find a larger base of customers who may only buy occasionally or once. Granted, as a person who love jewelry I know it is a product that I do collect in large amounts because I love variety and options. So of the jewelry is of high quality and beauty it may not be hard to market and sell at all.

  2. As Kyle also mentioned, the point about this company’s product not being consumable is a great one. I have attended Cookie Lee parties (as well as other in home jewelry parties), and bought a few things, but I have never returned and bought more. I never go to a second party for the same jewelry company. (The jewelry is not very well made anyway). The exception would be an Executive Beader jewelry party that I recently attended. That was some really well made stuff and I will certainly buy from her again.

    I much prefer parties such as Tastefully Simple or the Pampered Chef, where you get to eat good food and take some home. Then a couple of weeks later, I need to order some more. Those consumable goods MLM’s do well.

  3. I think you made a good point about it not being a consumable. Eventually you’re going to run out of people who are going to want to buy from you, but to get started is so easy. I believe the pros out-weigh the cons in this situation. Great review, found it interesting and helpful.

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