How To Convert Your Leads – 10 Tips

Here at Online MLM Community, we have talked a lot on getting leads but we realized that we have not talked nearly enough on converting your leads into recruits or customers.

Let me start by telling you that there is no magic wand for lead conversion. You cannot just throw your lead into a top hat and pull out a sale. But there are tried and true strategies to help lead conversion percentages.

In today’s post, I am going to give you 10 tips on how to convert your leads. I suggest you find one or two that appeal to you and test them until you find lead conversion methods that work for you in your situation.


How To Convert Your Leads Tip #1: A Free Gift Or Discount

Name one person who doesn’t like getting something for free… I bet you can’t!

If used properly, you can offer a discount or something for free in exchange for a sign up or customer purchase.

The only issue that can arise with this method is people just signing up for the freebie and we never hear from them again. This is why I suggest the discount method be used more than the free item.

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #2: Educate With High-Quality Content And Visual Material

Be it your blog or email marketing, you will get nowhere just telling people to join or buy. You need to be an educator. Teach them various things that show them by joining or using your product or service, they will gain in health, financial stability, time management, etc…

When we educate, the conversions come.

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #3: New Or Improved

Have you ever noticed how many marketers use the terms New or Improved. They may have added a piece of rubber to one little thing to give a softer touch and it is suddenly “improved.” Or, they may have added the minerals with the vitamins and they have a “new” product.

If your network marketing company has improved a product, make sure your leads know about it. If they have a new product, make sure they know that too!

Many people have a trigger that tells them to buy a new or improved item.

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #4: Score Your Leads

Depending on where you got the lead, the interest level and their engagement, you can score leads to create a system on following up with them.

Let’s say that you have 1 lead who pushes like on all your Facebook posts and you have another lead who typically comments positive words on 20% of all your posts.

Who would get the higher lead score?

I would say the commenter gets the score because it takes little time to push like but it takes more to comment.

You will then develop follow up plans according to score levels. It could be plans according to the 3 stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. and Decision

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #5: Be Touchable

Sometimes we get to “big for our britches.” We become untouchable and many leads fall away because of this.

You need to be answering some of the questions and comments on your social media. It needs to be you calling the person back instead of an assistant.

Just being touchable can make the difference between lead conversion and lead loss.

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How To Convert Your Leads Tip #6: Use Technology Wisely

When you get a question, comment or contact, it is imperative that you answer as quickly as possible.

In today’s world, patience is going into extinction. People want what they want when they want it, so you need to be technologically wise.

To deal with these short attention spans and keeping a lead “hot,” I suggest you use auto-responders, chatbots and virtual assistants. These can all keep that lead in your corner until you are able to contact them personally.

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #7: Make Sure You Are Mobile Friendly

We now live in a mobile world. Your website/blog needs to be mobile friendly or your leads will find the competitor who is.

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #8: Be Consistent

Blog posts need to be consistent,

Newsletters need to be consistent.

You need to be consistent… Leads expect it and if you are not consistent, they will not convert. You see, people assume that if you are not consistent in those areas, how will you be consistent in the business?

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #9: Ask For The Sale

Here is where so many fail!

Why after going through the whole process wouldn’t a network marketer as the person to join or buy. You will amaze yourself how many will say yes if you just ask.

Most people will not ask you to sell them or to join you, they expect you to ask them. So ask and watch your conversion rate climb!

How To Convert Your Leads Tip #10: Tell Stories

“A few years back, I was just starting in this business and I met a retired gentleman with a cool dog. As we were talking about the opportunity and the products, I had set all my samples down. When I went to give the man a sample energy bar, I looked in horror as the dog had gotten into my case and eaten all 25 of them. We laughed and that gentleman has been one of my best recruits.”

Yes, stories… true stories.

People love stories and many leads are converted by just telling stories.

Final Thoughts

I hope these lead conversion tips help you. Please leave a comment and tell me if it is so. If you have any questions, you can post them here too.

I wish you great tidings in your business and have a wonderful day!


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