Components of an Attraction Marketing System

What are the components of an attraction marketing system?  Let me begin by telling you that an attraction marketing system is an automated and standardized way of generating leads and converting them into paying customers by utilizing attraction marketing.

I believe there are four critical critical components in any system. They include: (1) lead generation strategy, (2) an offer, (3) a toll-free number or website, and (4) a CRM program. Let’s cover these in more detail below.

1. Lead Generation Strategy: All businesses must advertise to get their name out there. And I recommend paid advertising over free advertising, because you have complete control over paid advertising. Some of the most popular paid advertising options include pay-per-click, newspaper ads, direct mail, telemarketing, radio ads, television ads, and magazine ads. The purpose of your advertising is to send people to your website or to call your toll-free number to get a free report (more on that in a moment). In essence, you use advertising to generate leads for your business, not to make a sale.

attraction marketing2. An Offer: Your offer is crucial. You need something that converts well. Ideally, you want to give away something for free, in exchange for the person’s contact information. This could be a DVD, a free report, an eBook, a product sample, or anything with a high perceived value. You want your offer to be irresistible; something people don’t want to miss out on.

3. Toll Free Number or Website: If you want to send your leads to a website, I recommend you use a capture page. You want a simple one page sales letter where people can read your headline and offer, and then give you their contact information (name and email) in exchange for your freebie. You don’t want to give them too many choices, or give them information overload, either. Using a toll free number works very well. All you need to do is create a simple toll free, pre-recorded message, so people can listen to your sizzle call and leave their contact information if they are interested in getting more information.

4. A CRM Program: This acronym stands for Customer Relationship Manager. In essence, it’s a program designed to manage your contacts. For most people, this is an auto-responder. But, there are many web based options available, such as I use a simple address book manager and auto-responder to manage my leads. I’ve found it’s best to follow-up with a a variety of different methods, such as email, a phone call and direct mail.

Putting It All Together

There you have it. These are the four critical components of an attraction marketing system. Once you have your system set up and running, it’s crucial that you FOLLOW UP with all your leads as quickly as possible. After you send them the free information, you can give them a call; send them a piece of direct mail, broadcast fax, email or any other method. I recommend you keep following up forever until they opt out, buy or die. After all, most folks will need to see your message repeatedly, before they buy anything (7 to 20 times seems to be the magic number).

Final Thoughts

In summary, all smart business owners have their own attraction marketing system for their business. Whether you are building a MLM business, an online store, a website business, or a traditional business, you should follow the advice listed in this article and create your own attraction marketing system. It will help you generate more leads, more customers, and more profits in your business. It’s the only way I promote my businesses!

What are your thoughts? What do you think are the most important components of an Attraction Marketing system?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Components of an Attraction Marketing System

  1. In one of the earlier blog entries I had posted a question about attraction marketing. After reading this entry, however, my questions have been answered. The four steps for an attraction marketing system pulled the information together nicely for me. Your definition of the system was also crucial to my understanding. Thanks so much!

  2. I agree the Attraction Marketing System is a crucial component to generating leads. I like how the 4 components in making this system successful are in order and each step is dependent on the one before it. The advice given in this article is excellent for someone who want to promote a business of any type. Again, great article.

  3. “Follow-up forever until they opt-out, buy, or die.” This is genius, and quite catchy. 🙂 Phone follow-up can be made as easy as an email auto-responder as well, by using services such as PhoneVite, which place broadcast calls and play your pre-recorded message on your specified date and time.

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