Collette Larsen USANA 10 Star Diamond Director Top Earner

Collette Larsen is a legend in USANA.  At the time of this writing, she is the only 10-Star Diamond Director in USANA. She and her son, Zachary Ross, work collaboratively to build their USANA business. Their distributorship is incorporated and does business as Larsen Global Alliance.

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Collette grew up in small town Idaho along with her nine siblings. Prior to USANA she was a single mom of five children. She was in debt making $8 per hour. She joined USANA in April 1994. Her first check with the company was $100.

Obviously, she’s come a long way since then. According to one online report, she earns more than $150k per month with USANA. She has been recognized as the top earner and number one USANA distributor thirteen times!  That’s amazing.

She lives in California with her husband. Collette and Zachary are great leaders. They travel the world helping spread the word about USANA and spend the rest of their time helping their downline grow their businesses.

Collette helped launch the USANA Australia market. Her business spans the globe and continues to grow each year. Her team does business in approximately 20 different countries. Zachary is married and has four children.

Collette Larsen Testimonials

Here are some testimonials I received about Collette Larsen on my website. I decided to consolidate them all onto one page to make it easier to read.

“Collette Larsen is an outstanding leader with a big heart. Not only does she talk the talk, but she also walks the walk.” ~ Tina

“I’ve been part of Collette’s team for about ten years now. I don’t have a huge organization, but I do make a decent profit with my USANA business every year. I credit most of my success to the lessons I learned from Collette Larsen.” ~ James

“I joined USANA because of Collette Larsen. Although I’ve never met her personally, I visited her blog, read her success story and watched her YouTube videos. Being a single mom myself, I could really relate to her. I’ve been in the USANA business for about 90 days now and I just got my first bonus check. I am very excited. Thanks for everything Collette.” ~ Sandra

Final Thoughts

Collette Larsen is a true credit to our industry and she is the ultimate MLM Success Story. If you have ever worked with her, I would love to hear your story. Please tell us when you met her, how she helped you and how long you have worked with her. Just leave a comment to this post to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.  You can visit her website here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with USANA in any way, shape or form.  USANA is a registered trademark.

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10 thoughts on “Collette Larsen USANA 10 Star Diamond Director Top Earner”

  1. I’ve watched a few of her YouTube videos. She sounds like a really great person and mom. The fact that she involves her kids in her business is really appealing.

  2. I was in Usana with Collette for a few years. I never had the success that she did, but I can tell you that she is really a wonderful lady. Her heart is in the right place and she really cares about her team.

  3. Talk about a classy lady. I met Ms. Larsen at convention and was very impressed. She is an amazing role model for anyone in the industry who wants to go from nothing to something and build an empire. My hat goes off to her!

  4. Collette Larsen is a tremendous leader. She has helped so many people achieve success with USANA. If you were going to join the company she is exactly the type of sponsor you would want to have.

  5. I met Collette Larsen at a USANA convention about seven years ago. She is really a classy lady. She handles herself well and knows how to build a team. I talked with her briefly and think she is a very nice lady.

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