Cold Call Your MLM Prospects With Little Rejection

Most people fear the phone. I understand that. But, I want to give you a secret tip you can apply to cold call your MLM Prospects and get less rejection. What is the tip? The tip is to never mention your business opportunity! As crazy as it sounds, it is a sure fire way to reduce rejection AND get better results in your network marketing business.

I know what you’re thinking, if you don’t mention your business, how will you make money? I’ll answer that in a minute. But from this day forward, I want you to follow this approach.

1. Only call other network marketers. Stop calling opportunity seeker leads and stop trying to prospect people that you know.

2. When you call people, ask them how things are going in their business. Let them talk. Be a good listener. Find out what parts of the business they are struggling with.

3. Offer the person a free newsletter that you publish every month, or offer them a way to get more leads for their business.

4. Another option is to recommend a generic affiliate product that you earn a commission from.

5. One you build a relationship with the person, or IF the person asks you which company you are affiliated with, then you can bring it up.

You see, most people are sick and tired of having another business opportunity rammed down their throats. If you’re like most people, you get 10-100 emails per day about the next greatest thing and you also get several phone calls trying to prospect you.

But very few people (if anyone) ever contact you to show you a SOLUTION to get better results in your network marketing business. I encourage you to be the person who shows others a solution to their challenges. Take the time to learn how to be a network marketing professional and attract others to you.

Never lead with your business opportunity. Instead, lead with a low cost, generic training product that you can give away or sell to your prospects. Once you have a relationship with the person, you can bring up your business opportunity.

The advantages of following this approach are two-fold. First of all, you get LESS rejection. Most people will listen to you if you are offering them a solution to their challenges. In addition, you now have multiple streams of income and can make money when people tell you NO. It really is the ideal situation to be in.

Of course, you’ll still have to pick up the phone and call people. You might be wondering who can I call. To answer that question, I would tell you to open up the Yellow Pages® and start calling other network marketers. You can literally have immediate access to tens of thousands of serious distributors from just about any company you can imagine. Since these folks are in your target market, this is a win-win proposition for both people. You get free leads and all of your leads are in your target market: other network marketers.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the easiest way to get less rejection with your cold calls to MLM Prospects is to offer a low cost generic training product, instead of your business opportunity. Instead of puking your business opportunity all over someone, you can offer them a solution to their leads and training challenges. And once you have a relationship with the person, later on down the road, you can mention your business opportunity and see if they are interested. Or, you can wait until they ask you about your company.

What are your thoughts about this strategy?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Cold Call Your MLM Prospects With Little Rejection”

  1. I agree that cold calling can be scary but your approach makes it easier. Starting with people you know and offering them a solution to their problem instead of offering them another business opportunity is a great way to make friends. I would even think it would be great to ask them for referrals instead of jumping right into the business opportunity. If they like what you do for them they will eventually ask about the business and if they don’t become a distributor they will most likely become a client and a fan.

  2. You are right: it is so much easier, and more successful to call people already in direct sales or MLM. They already have the personality, or the mindset to succeed in the business (one hopes), and the good ones are always looking for the edge, whether that be the training that you mention offering in your article, or simply keeping their options open for other business opportunities. Either way, so long as you are not seen as competition, they should at least be receptive to your call.

  3. I would also add Chuck, offering a free eBook is another great way to “break in” with these possible new people that could end up in your down-line. Some people may think, “I can’t write a book.” Writing and publishing an Ebook is easier than ever. There are many great writing websites that can give you hints. You can publish an Ebook through Amazon Kindle now easy. Another course of action is buying one of the many Ebooks that have been developed through Amazon that you can make your own. The person sells you the Ebook and all the rights to it.

  4. Great advice Chuck!

    You are so correct about people being bombarded by “great business opportunities.” With many of those “great opportunities” not being on the up and up, people have lost trust and are very wary. If you just call with a “How are you doing,” and offer something for no cost, you will gain a friend. That friend could very well turn into a great business partner if treated right. Making a friend is the first step to getting a solid sale.

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