The Top 10 Clothing MLM Companies

Today, we’re going to talk about the top 10 Clothing MLM Companies.

Not being much of a “Fashionado,” I do not keep pace with clothing styles or companies.

But, when I was walking through [a major retail chain that I do not want to give free promotion to] and saw jeans that looked like a person had taken a sharp knife and sliced slits in… yes, jeans that Mom would have tossed in the garbage and yelled at me for keeping them around… yes, jeans that looked like they would not pass the Salvation Army donation checklist… these jeans were marked at $90.


Did I get in the wrong business, or what?

Fashion IS big business and I have discovered that many fashion companies have diverted away from traditional business formats; storefronts. They have went to either direct sales or MLM business formats.

Today, I have decided to do some deep research to determine my opinion of the top 10 Clothing MLM Companies. Links to the company websites will be in the reference section at the end of the post.

I want to mention up front, for those of you expecting to see LuLaRoe on this list, sorry to disappoint you. Because of the highly negative publicity as well as court actions against the legging company, I just could not allow them to be within the top 10.

So without any more waiting, here are

Clothing MLM Companies

The Top 10 Clothing MLM Companies

Starting from #10 and going to #1…

#10: Etcetera

Well known designer William Rodina founded Etcetera. He is best known for his Carlisle Collection and using a “Trunk Show” method where Stylists show and sell the newest designs, they also can attract other Stylists into their team. The fashions are high-end, but very well accepted.

#9: Cabi

Carol Anderson, a clothes designer, spoke with her friend Kimberly Inskeep about how they could help women succeed in business. The two friends pulled in 10 more friends and the final result was Cabi.

The motto of Cabi is: A company for women by women.

The year of launch was 2001 and Cabi keeps adding new stylists who wanted to start their own home based business. With great fashions at good prices, Cabi will continue to grow.

#8: Doncaster

Bobo and Millie Tanner were children of successful entrepreneurs, so it was natural they would follow in their parent’s footsteps…

In 1931, the couple founded Doncaster Collar and Shirt Company which has since been shortened to Doncaster.

You see, it still runs in the family… The children of the Tanners have carried on the tradition with fashions many women just adore.

Looking at the Doncaster website, I am quite impressed.

By the way, the Doncaster name came because Bobo and Millie took their honeymoon to Doncaster, England.

#7: Essential Bodywear

For many women, the idea of shopping for bras and panties is no fun at all. And for a woman not to have fun shopping seems to be just on this side of being a dire emergency.

Carrie Charlick and Marcia Cubitt recognized this, and seeing a need, they solved it. The idea was making it fun, and they have done just that.

These women launched Essential Bodywear in 2003 and using a party plan method, sales of their luxury underwear.

#6: W By Worth

A New York City fashion brand that decided direct sales… Home parties, could compete with the top fashion trend setters.

W By Worth was hatched in 1991 and has gave financial independence to many of the W By Worth home based business owners.

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#5: Ava Rose Design

With an amazing story and even more tremendous designs, Melanie Santarius started Ava Rose Designs from her home in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2008.

But, the story…

You see, Melanie was 9 months pregnant with their daughter… Yea, that’s it… Ava Rose.

The designs are the talk of Scottsdale and has since become popular all over the United States. All because many hard working and faithful independent representatives have helped build the brand to outstanding heights.

#4: J. Hilburn

Fashion is not just for women. We men like to dress sharp too and that is the product J. Hilburn stylists are able to show us.

The prices come down while the quality is as good, if not better than the high-end brands of suits, ties and more.

How is the price lower? No inventory or expensive advertising. Pieces are custom made so you get the perfect fit.

Veeral Rathod and Hil Davis founded the Dallas based J. Hilburn in 2007. And it has grown into a huge business and keeps developing further.

#3: Ellie Kai

It all started back in 2011 when Liz Hostetter lived in Hong Kong. The Cape Cod native could not find clothing that fit, nor had a style she liked.

The mission began… Liz went after the best fabrics and designed the clothing styles and fits she loves, and discovered a myriad of other women who felt the same.

Ellie Kai now has offices in Boston, Cape Cod, Hong Kong and China.

Liz and her brand, Ellie Kai are loved all around the world.

#2: Stella & Dot

Jessica Herrin founded this company and soon after, in 2007, Blythe Harris teamed up with Jessica. They named the company Stella & Dot after each of their Grandmothers.

An amazing company that carries an enormous product line that includes:

  • Jewelry
  • Handbags
  • Clothing
  • and much, much more…

This company came quite close to having #1, but…

My Opinion Of The Top Clothing MLM Company

#1: La Señorita Jolie

New York, New York; that, along with living an expat life abroad, is where Jennifer Dixon found her desire to create fashion.

In 2006, in her Charlotte, North Carolina home, Jennifer launched this company that makes styles that has mouths watering.

Much of the company’s products were sold in high-end storefronts until taking the company into the direct sales format and realizing a much better way.

Yes, Jennifer’s company gets #1 from me this year.

Clothing is a Great Niche for the MLM Industry


So, which of these companies have you heard of? Do you purchase any products from any of the above Clothing MLM Companies?

Lastly, what do you think of this list? Do you agree or disagree? Please post all comments, questions and feedback below. Thank you and have a great day!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these Clothing MLM Companies. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is unbiased.



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2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Clothing MLM Companies

  1. I can see why clothing would be a great fit for network marketing. Everyone wears clothes. Most people buy new clothes every year. Sure, it’s not a consumable product like a vitamin, but I’m sure the average person spends anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more per year on clothes. Some folks spend even more than that.

    • Definitely. Clothing companies could be huge in network marketing, especially if the items were priced right and something that most people wore. Things such as jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, skirts and dresses would all sell very well.

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