Closing Tips & Techniques for Network Marketers

Today, I would like to take some time and share some of my best closing tips and techniques for network marketers.

As a network marketer you must be able to look someone in the eye, ask them to take out their credit card, and make a purchase. If that scares you, you will not survive very long in this business.

Just about anyone can invite a prospect to a presentation, but most reps don’t get the results they want in their business, because they don’t know how to lead their prospects to a decision. If you don’t know how to close the sale, you’ll show lots of presentations, but no one will sign up or buy your products.

Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. Learning how to close is not something anyone naturally knows how to do. It is a learned skill. Very few people have it mastered when they first join our industry.

What is Closing?

Closing is nothing more than asking for the sale and leading your prospect to a favorable decision.

You have to realize that most people don’t know how to make a decision on their own. Most people have been told what to do their entire life, from the time they were a small child (by their parents and teachers) all the way up to the present day (by their spouse and boss).

Since they have great difficulty making decisions on their own, it’s your job to help LEAD THEM to a decision. Just to clarify, there is a difference between leading someone to a decision and pressuring them to sign up or buy.

I am not a fan of hard-selling or pressuring anyone. I think that is amateurish and unprofessional. It’s one of the many reasons our industry has a bad reputation.

Besides, if you have to pressure or convince someone to join your team or buy your product, you’re going to have to pressure and convince them to do anything at all with the business.  That’s not a good use of your time.

Your real job is to lead people a decision. Your job is to give your prospects enough exposures and information, so they can make an informed decision. You must also ask them to make a decision. This happens with an effective selling process and good follow-up.

The only purpose of following up with someone is to give them additional information and added exposures, to move them one step closer to making a buying decision.

In other words, closing someone and sponsoring them into the business is a process that takes time. You can’t expect to just show someone a presentation and then have them be “all in” with the business right then and there. That would be like asking a girl to marry you on your first date with her. Even if she liked you, she would think you are crazy.

Just so you know, most of the people I personally sponsor take 30 to 90-days to join my team, from the time I first contact them. Some folks take 1-2 years to make the decision to work with me.

However, every time I talk with my prospects, I ask them to buy.  I’ve learned that if I don’t ask them to buy or join, they won’t (even if they want to).

Top 8 Closing Tips Techniques for Network Marketers

Top 8 Closing Tips for Network Marketers

With that being said, here are my best closing tips for network marketers:

# 1: Develop a Selling Process

The first thing you need to do is develop a sequential selling process. Your job is to develop a series of steps you will follow from the time you first meet someone until the time that you sign them up.

Here’s a simple process you can follow:

  • Pre-qualify and invite
  • Show a presentation via a third-party tool
  • Give the person a product sample
  • Three-way call with sponsor or upline
  • Bring prospect to an event

Your job is to follow-up with your prospect within 48-hours (max) after EACH STEP of your selling process.

You might end up following up with your prospect five to ten times BEFORE you collect a decision. It also might take 1-4 weeks (or longer) to walk someone through the entire selling process.  

Your # 1 goal is to sell your prospect on going through the entire selling process, so they can make an informed decision. In addition, you are asking them to buy AFTER EACH STEP in your selling process. Some prospects will be ready to buy or join right away, but most won’t.

Having a simple, well-defined sales process is key to successfully managing your salespeople and your sales pipeline.

Source: Sales Pop

Salesperson failed to ask the client to make a purchase

# 2: The A/B Close

I don’t know the technical name of this closing technique, but I call it the A/B close. Here is an example of what you might say:

Would you like to order the weight loss shake or the energy drinks with your first order today?


Would you rather purchase the $499 starter kit or $199 starter kit today?


Would you rather pay wholesale or retail with your first purchase?

In other words, you are giving them two options to choose from, and asking them to pick one. This is much better than asking YES/NO type questions.

After any customer call or completed action item, ask the customer what he or she thinks should be the next steps. If they are unsure, make suggestions of next steps that move you closer to a close.  Remember that the next step could be to close the sale.

Source: the balance careers

# 3: Assume the Sale

I think it’s wise to assume that people WILL join or buy. You have to be positive and optimistic and have an abundance mentality.

If you are thinking negative thoughts, your prospect will sense it. Of course, not everyone will buy or join, but you should assume that they will!

You must also come across as confident and poised. Remember this, no one wants to buy from someone who is needy or desperate.

I believe the Law of Attraction is always working, either for us or against us. Positive attracts and negative repels. Choose your thoughts wisely!

Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania was able to convince MetLife to hire “super-optimists” those who scored extremely high on the optimism test but who failed the aptitude test.  And this is where it gets interesting.  Those sales reps who scored high on the optimism test but failed the aptitude test or “super-optimists” outperformed those who passed MetLifes aptitude test by twenty-one percent in the first year. They then outperformed pessimists by a massive 57 percent in year two.  The data was indisputable, optimism heavily correlated to predicting a sales person’s success, even if they lacked the prerequisite selling aptitude.

Source: Forbes

39 percent of the people stopped being a part of the network marketing business

# 4: Third Party Validation

Third party validation is one of the most important steps in the selling and closing process.

Make sure you use a business tool or someone successful in your upline as third-party validation. If you are talking to someone you already know, this step is vitally important.

People who know you really well are MUCH more likely to listen to a trusted adviser that you know, than listen to you. It’s hard to be a prophet in your own land.

Use your sponsor or upline to help you close your prospects whenever possible, until you have mastered these skills yourself.

Small businesses know in order to be successful, they must provide something unique that fills a void or a service. That service needs to intrigue new customers and bring back existing customers again and again. While there are many marketing strategies that can help you reach your end goal, the most effective can often be validation by third-party experts. After all, listening to someone tell you how awesome their product is will fall on deaf ears, but if a credible source talks about your service, suddenly doors will begin to open.

Source: Entrepreneur

# 5: Ask “Yes” Questions

One of my favorite things to do is to ask YES questions. I like to get my prospect answering YES repeatedly before I ask for the sale.

This gets them in the right frame of mind and subconsciously prepares them to say YES to you when you ask them to join or buy. Never ask a question where your prospect can answer NO.

Once the pattern is established, and they’re automatically answering ‘yes’, you slip the question that you really want a ‘yes’ to.

You’re building ‘yes’ inertia so that they say ‘yes’ to your real question without thinking about it. Psychology says that people do things and justify their actions afterward. In other words, once they say yes — they will justify that decision, rather than change their mind.

Source: Medium

Salespeople who make 12 contact attempts perform nearly 20 percent better

# 6: Expect Objections

Objections are normal in every sale. I’m actually scared when I get a prospect who doesn’t have any objections. I welcome objections. I anticipate them. After all, there are only five to eight objections you will ever hear from your prospects. The most common ones include:

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the money
  • Is this a pyramid?
  • I have to think about it
  • I have to talk to my spouse about it
  • The products seem expensive

Do yourself a favor and get with your upline and learn rebuttals for each of these common objections. Memorize them so you know how to overcome them.

Anticipating and dealing with these objections is a natural part of your journey to close a sale, but it requires adequate preparation ahead of time—otherwise you’re leaving your deal up to chance.

To prepare yourself for every major sales objection in your space, start by building a list of all the most common objections you’re facing. Write down concise answers to them, get feedback from others on your team until they feel strong enough to walk into any conversation with them, and rehearse the responses until you know them by heart.

Source: Close

# 7: Tell People WHY They Should Join or Buy

Tell the person what they are getting if they buy or join your team. In other words, what’s in it for them. Here’s what I tell people considering joining my team.

When you join our team today, I am going to build one leg in your business for you. That means half your business will be built for you. You’ll also get access to our team’s secret marketing materials, our Facebook group, weekly training calls and webinars, and much more. We will teach you how to advertise your link properly so you don’t need to chase friends or family.

Once your prospect knows what’s in it for them, it’s much easier for them to make a decision.

# 8: Ask for the Sale

The last thing, and most important step is to ask for the sale. Here are a few questions/phrases that I use to close my prospects.

  • Which is a better fit for you today, signing up as a customer or as a distributor?
  • Which product would you like to order as your first order, the energy drinks or the weight loss shake?
  • How about we take five minutes and get your account created?
  • What questions do you need me to answer before we get you started today?
  • It sounds like this would be a good fit for you, how about we take two minutes and create your account?

There is no secret closing phrase. Just find something you are comfortable with and use it every time.

Out of all of these closing tips, this one is the most important.

Sometimes, it’s not just the question that matters, but how it’s presented. You may have to set the stage or tell a story leading up to the question that helps the client rationalize the buying decision. No matter how good your lead in or story is, however, you won’t get the sale if you don’t ask for it.

Source: Entrepreneur

Example MLM Closing ScriptsExample Closing Scripts for Network Marketers

Last night I did a training session for my team on how to close the sale. I gave them some example closing scripts. I figured I would share them with you today to help you out. Keep in mind these are pertinent to my company, but feel free to modify them as needed to fit your company or opportunity.

Fear of Loss Close

Hey Tony! If you place your order right now, I can apply a gift card toward your purchase, which will save you $25! I only have one gift card available, so we’ll have to act now. How does that sound?

Summary Close

Based off our conversation today, Tony, I know the Black Seed Extract and Nourish would be a good fit for you. How about we take 2-minutes and I help you place your order?

Question Close

Tony, is there any reason why we can’t place your order right now so you can have these products within the next few days?

Assumptive Close

Based off our conversation, Tony, does the NOVA Coffee sound like it would be a good fit for you? I can even give you a $25 discount if you order right now.

Takeaway Close

Tony, I only have one $25 gift card left. Would you like to be the one to use it right now and save $25 on your order or would you rather have me give it to someone else?

Soft Close

If I took two minutes and helped you create your account and place your first order right now, and offered you a $25 discount, is there anything that would hold you back from doing that?

My Favorites

What questions do you need me to answer before we get you started today, Tony?

Tony, this sounds like it would be a good fit for you. How about we take 3-minutes and set up your account and place an order? I even have one coupon left that will save you $25 on your order.

*** After you ask one of these closing questions PAUSE, do not speak, and wait for the other person to respond first (even if you sit there for 10-minutes in silence).

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my best closing tips and techniques for network marketers. Knowing how to close your network marketing prospects is a very important skill to develop if you want long-term success in this industry.

You have to understand that most people cannot make a decision on their own. It’s your job as their sponsor and adviser to walk them through your selling process and give them enough information to make an informed decision. Whatever you do, don’t forget to ask for the sale.

By following the advice in this post, you should be well on your way to MLM Success. What are your thoughts about my closing tips and techniques? What are some of your favorite closing tips for network marketers? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar
  2. The Perfect Close by James Muir
  3. The Lost Art of Closing by Anthony Iannarino
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6 thoughts on “Closing Tips & Techniques for Network Marketers”

  1. A huge amount of sales are lost just because the salesperson does not assume, and ask for the sale. For some reason they think the person is going to beg them to sell them. They went through the whole process, but are fearful to ask for a sale. It just baffles me.

    Very good post Chuck.

    1. Yes, this is something I used to struggle with myself. Even if you give a perfect presentation, you won’t get the sale unless you ask for it. That being said, you don’t need to use pressure or hype, but you must be able to look someone in the eye and ask them to purchase whatever it is you are selling. Otherwise, you are nothing more than a presenter, not a salesperson.

  2. Assuming the sale is a very good point–and one I need to re-work my mindset on. I tend to go into a home party hoping that a few people will make purchases, not assuming that each of them will buy something! If you’re assuming everyone wants something, the selling part doesn’t seem so bad.

    1. Definitely. Always assume the person listening or watching your presentation is interested in buying what you are offering. If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t be there in the first place.
      Plus, the Law of Attraction is always working, either for you or against you. If you think the person isn’t going to buy, for whatever reason, you are sending out negative energy.

  3. My favorite tips for network marketers in this article are to have a laid back approach in closing the deal with the prospect; and to always assume the sale. I agree it is better to allow the prospect to look at the business as option, instead of trying to convince them it is a necessity for them to be a partner in the business venture, only to have them leave in the end. This is not only good advice for the business world, but also for life in general.

    1. The best way to close is to assume the sale and to lead the prospect to the decision you want them to make. That has nothing to do with pressure or convincing. It just boils down to leadership and good posture as a salesman.

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