3 thoughts on “Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 65: December 2, 2015

  1. Richard Brokenshire

    Hi Chuck,

    I think that this may be your very best edition of Weekly Wisdom! Yes, I’ve read them all! I think that #10 and #11 may be the most important things to people in network marketing. They are very much related. In my opinion, it all starts with a love and passion for your company’s products. If a distributor isn’t excited about what they are being asked to sell, then nothing else matters. I say that because almost all compensation plans offer big money if you are able to meet certain recruiting and sales requirements. If the distributor is excited about their products that excitement will spread through out their business. This will make them more attractive when they go to recruit.

    1. Greg Boudonck

      You are so right with your assessment, this is one of the best weekly wisdom posts I have read. You really put the nuts to the bolts in this edition Chuck. #7 really hits me, because the business is quite simple, but so many people are looking for a “magic” system that they neglect to do the simple things that are tried and tested. Thank you for these great reminders and this great posts. Many of us look forward to your weekly wisdom posts. Keep ’em coming!


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