8 thoughts on “Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 62: November 11, 2015

  1. Greg Boudonck

    You mentioned it in this batch of weekly wisdom, and I have been realizing just how much importance there is in incremental growth. We will not become experts over night, but if we try to just get a little better each day, good things will come our way. I have been studying my last 5 years and have noticed the little increments of growth. It can be amazing how much you can learn and grow in just a few months time if you will fill yourself with educative material.

  2. Greg Boudonck

    There are 2 parts of this weekly wisdom post that are resonating with me. The #6 part about being mentally tough is so true. We have to have a tough skin and let stuff roll off our backs. People will quit, say no, not follow the plan and many other things. If we allow all these things to bring down our morale, we will suffer terribly. We just keep on keeping on, and in the long run, the finish line and trophy will be right in front of us. If we are like roller coasters, the finish line and trophy will be fleeting.

    Also #10. Self improvement should always be a priority. If we don’t learn something new each day, it was a wasted day.

  3. ilana Leeds

    I think you need to factor in perserverance in the larger scheme of things. Retailing and recruiting are important, but they are both underpinned by perserverance, without which the other two are going to be non-existent.
    The recuitment of new distributors is a given, however those new distributors would also have to be proactive, to focus and to perservere in the network.
    You are right to say that it is about teamwork and teamwork is vitally important.

  4. Diamond Grant

    I have seen such growth in myself since I first began in the network marketing industry. I was once very bothered by those who quit or failed to show up or failed to work as hard as I knew they could. I took it personally and it deeply affected my confidence early on. It wasn’t until I did some thinking that I realized more often than not, people’s actions are a reflection of them and not me.


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