Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 49 – August 12, 2015

Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 49 – August 12, 2015

Dear Network Marketer:

I hope you are happy, healthy and well.  Here is this week’s edition of Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom.  Enjoy the training.

# 1 Big Key to Success in Our Industry

One of the major keys to success in this industry is to get a lot of people to do a little bit CONSISTENTLY.  Consistently is the magic word.  Nearly 98% of your team will consist of people who are:

  • Product users/Customers
  • Part-timers
  • Some-timers
  • Small retailers
  • Order once in a while
  • Do nothing

Typically, only one to three percent of your entire team is going to build big organizations.  Those folks will build it with or without your help because they are leaders and doers.

It’s your ability to get the other 95% to 98% of the people on your team to do something consistently that makes the difference in the size and growth of your team.  This is where a good training program comes in handy.  This is where systems are helpful.  This is where events help.  This is where coaching and mentoring make a difference.

Basically, you need to help each person on your team come up with a simple game plan that works for them, so they feel comfortable with it and can follow it.   Find out what they want with the business and show them what they need to do to achieve it.  Even if you can get a small percentage of this 95% to 98% of your team to do more on a consistent basis, it can really pay off.

# 2 Managing Your Team

Here’s a quote by Jordan Adler about managing your team.  I couldn’t say it better myself.

“Your job when sponsoring someone is to simply get them started.  It is not your job to manage them.  Each person who joins you is an independent business owner and is responsible for his or her own business.  If you plan on managing thousands of people you will have a big problem.  There are not enough hours in the day.  The formula for burnout is the belief that you must manage your whole team.” ~ Jordan Adler, Million Dollar Earner

# 3 How to Cripple Your Group

The fastest way to cripple your group is to do everything for them.  Yes, I understand you need to help your team members.  That’s important.  But you should never do anything for your team members that they can do for themselves.

I see so many people in our industry who are 100% dependent on their sponsor or upline.  I don’t even think it’s their fault.  I think it’s the upline’s fault for not setting expectations, boundaries, and not training them right.

One of the reasons long distance legs do so well in our industry is there is no one there to coddle them.  They can’t rely on their sponsor to do everything for them so they have to figure it out on their own.  In most cases, your long distance legs will be your best legs.

You should train your people.  But don’t do tons of presentations for them.  Help them with their first few presentations and let them do it on their own after that.  The sooner you can get them to leave the nest, the better they will do in their own business.

# 4 Third Party Validation

People are funny.  When they know you well they don’t always listen to what you have to say.  If you have kids you know what I am talking about.  You tell your kids one thing and they think you are an idiot, but when someone else tells them the exact same thing they consider that person a genius!  It’s weird but true.

When it comes to network marketing it’s the same way.  Typically, your warm market won’t believe what you say or listen to you (in most cases anyway).  This is where third party tools AND your upline support team come in handy.  Use tools and leverage your upline whenever possible.  Have them help you close prospects, answer questions and work with some of your warm market.

This third party validation makes a HUGE difference.  Be the messenger, not the message.

# 5 Your First Year in Business

Believe it or not, you’re probably NOT going to make a million dollars your first year in network marketing.  I’m not sure what someone promised you, but it seldom works that way.  You see, the first year in any business is a SURVIVAL period.  It takes time to get a business profitable, get established and learn the ropes.

During the first year you are going to make tons of mistakes.  It’s inevitable.  You might not even make a dollar profit.  Heck, most entrepreneurs don’t make ANY money their first year in business.  For most entrepreneurs it’s a survival period.

Expect it.  Yes, you can make money from day one, but chances are it’s going to take some time.  Think about how long it took you to graduate college, learn how to do your job effectively or master your trade.  In most cases, it took you years.  If you are new to network marketing you are going to have to go through the same learning curve.  Have some patience, work hard, and stay the course.  You will be glad that you did.

This is not the lottery folks.

# 6 Treat the First Day of the Month Like the Last Day of the Month!

This is some of the best advice I have ever heard.  Have you ever noticed how the last week of the month you are typically more productive in your business than you were the first three weeks of the month?  I know I am guilty of this myself from time to time.

People do this because they tend to procrastinate.  The last week of the month people are forced to get to work and be productive if they want to hit their business goals.  So what do they do?  They HUSTLE.

My advice to you is to treat every day of your business like the last day of the month.  Have a sense of urgency.  Be proactive.  Get excited.  Do something every day to move your business forward.  Stop procrastinating and making excuses.  Work hard and work smart every single day.

# 7 Problems and Solutions

Most network marketers make the mistake of puking their products and business opportunity all over people.  And then they wonder why people get annoyed or don’t join.

The truth is no one cares about your business opportunity.  People only care about themselves.  And unless you learn how to show people what is in it for them, you will never get good results with your prospects.

You have to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes.  Think how they think. Find out their hot button first.  Figure out the void in their life and then show them how your products or business opportunity is a solution to that problem.  If you can learn how to do that you will sponsor a lot of people and get more YES’s.  It’s really that simple.  What do you think?

# 8 Featured Videos

Here are a few neat YouTube videos that I thought you might enjoy.

# 9 Featured Podcasts

# 10 Trending Blog Posts

# 11 Good Lead Source

If you’re looking for some leads for your business, or to create an extra income stream, check out OppSeekers.  They have great leads at great prices and they have a wonderful two tier affiliate program.  It’s pretty darn good.  Learn more.

# 12 Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom.  I hope you have a great week.  If you have questions or need help with anything feel free to drop me a line.

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6 thoughts on “Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 49 – August 12, 2015

  1. Mickiyas

    Your tip #1 is absolutely correctly. Consistency is the key word. I also agree that 98% of people are not consistent with anything. That’s sad but true.

    You have to focus on the 2-5% when you’re building your team, and more importantly, be one yourself.

    Also #6 looks like a very interesting concept. It looks like most people put things off until the last minute. And they rush things when the deadline is approaching. A nice productivity hack.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Diamond Grant

    I really love the quote about managing your team. I made the mistake early on of thinking it was my role to manage the person I was sponsoring, but people have to have some sort of self-responsibility if they want to be successful in MLM. Once I learned to simply help people get started and understand the process so they could branch off on their own and soar (if they chose) I was able to eliminate so much stress and focus on what I needed to do.

  3. Greg Boudonck

    This is loaded with great information.

    You are right in saying consistent is the magic word. I have learned the hard way that consistency creates success. If we keep practicing and making just slight changes to fix errors, we will find the best and most successful system for ourselves.

    I also love the part about puking the products on people. It is much better to use an educational approach instead of the high pressure sales approach. If we can educate people as to how, and why our products can benefit them, they will ask to purchase instead of us asking them to purchase.

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      Yes, being consistent in your business is very important. Less than 2% of the people on my team, and problem in the industry, are really consistent. I wish more people would take it seriously, but it’s just a reality we have to deal with.


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