Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 28 – March 18, 2015

Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 28 – March 18, 2015

Dear Network Marketer:

I hope you are happy, healthy and well.  I also hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day.  Here is this week’s training.

# 1 Go All In – I learned a long time ago that people that “dabble” with their business don’t accomplish much.  You can’t really “dabble” in anything in life and expect much good to happen.  People who succeed in life go “all in.”  When I refer to the term “all in” I am talking about being committed to something.  I’m talking about burning your bridges and canceling your exit strategy in case things don’t work out as planned.

When I say “all in” I am referring to doing something every day to build your business. I’m referring to the attitude of “I will do it no matter what.”  It means no excuses and no giving up.  Until you draw that line in the sand and put both feet on ONE SIDE you will struggle with your network marketing business and not reach your goals.  I hope you will make a decision to be “all in” and make a MINIMUM five year commitment to your business.  Do that, never look back, and you will be headed toward success.  Check out this video called “Fellowship of the 2%.”  It’s so powerful.

# 2 Don’t Expect Much from Anyone You Sponsor – This tip might sound harsh, but let me explain.  I used to have high hopes when I sponsored people.  I’d sponsor someone sharp, knowing they were going to build a huge business.  When they quit a few days (or weeks later) I was devastated, disappointed and upset.  Now, I have ZERO expectations of everyone I personally sponsor.  I HOPE everyone will do what they need to do to succeed, but I don’t expect them to do anything at all.  I see the POTENTIAL in people, but I don’t put MY SUCCESS or my future in their hands.  From this day forward, you should look for the best in your people, and believe in them, but don’t expect anything from ANYONE you sponsor.  That way you won’t be disappointed when they do nothing and you will be thrilled if they do anything at all.

# 3 Build Rapport with Questions – People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  In a typical day, I get about 10-20 phone calls from people trying to recruit me into something or sell me something.  In EVERY single case, the person goes right for the jugular.  No one asks me questions, finds out my interests or even pre-qualifies me before they try to sell me something.  And then they wonder why they get the “click” button when I hang up on them.

The moral of the story is that when you go for the jugular and try to hard-sell people, they don’t like it.  They know you are only thinking about yourself and how much money you can make from them.  Does that make sense?  A much better option is to ask questions and build rapport BEFORE you go into your pitch.  By doing so, you can find out their wants, needs and desires and you can see if the person is even a good fit for what you have to offer, BEFORE you offer them what you have.  This also lets you tailor your presentation to their needs.  This is the smart way to build your business.

# 4 Be Coachable – The more I learn, the less I know.  We all have a lot we can learn.  Don’t act like a know it all.  Be coachable and listen to people who are successful in your upline.  If you aren’t where you want to be in your network marketing business, why wouldn’t you seek advice from someone who has what you want?  It’s crazy not to.  Find one or two mentors in your upline and jump into their hip pocket.  Keep an open mind and learn everything you can from them.  Do what they recommend!  Realize that there is always something you can learn from everyone you talk to, even if it’s what not to do.  I see so many people in our industry struggle, yet they won’t even listen to the advice from someone in their upline who is successful.  It just makes me scratch my head.

# 5 Use Social Media to Expand Locally – and are two great social media sites to meet people in your local area.  On you can join local groups and organizations to meet new friends and find new business partners.  They literally have groups for almost anything you can imagine.  In addition, you can search on Facebook for local groups and people in your local area to connect with.  You can target your search to almost anything imaginable, even by a certain age, gender, marital status, interest or town.  Using the internet and social media to expand locally is simple and easy.  You can even do it from home in your pajamas.  The key is to meet them online and then take the relationship offline as quickly as possible.

# 6 Your Magic Number – Your magic number is the number of exposures or “contacts” you are willing to make on a daily basis.  At a minimum, you should contact five people a day about your products or business.  That might sound like a lot, but most people come in contact with at least 200 people a day.  You might not think so, but by the time you factor in the people at work, on lunch break, at the gas station, at the grocery store, while you are running errands, at the post office, etc. you have an endless supply of potential leads.  All you have to do is put a smile on your face, say hello and meet new people.  Heck, there are over 350 million people in America alone!  The bottom line is to pick a number, the minimum amount of people you want to contact per day, and do it every day, at least five days a week.

# 7 Build Your List – One of my BIGGEST regrets in this industry is not making a list from the time I first got started the industry.  No, I’m not talking about an auto-responder and I’m not talking about a warm market list either.  I’m talking about a list of EVERYONE I ever talked to about the products and business.  Just think how many leads you would have if you talked to five people a day for ten years in our industry.  You would have almost 20k leads.  Many of the people you told you NO initially would eventually become a customer or rep if you stayed in touch with them.  Remember, most people need 7-20 touches before they will buy or join.  Build your list.  Stay in touch with everyone and never stop following up with them until the person dies or buys.

# 8 Leading with Your Heart – I am a big fan of being a servant leader.  I think one of the biggest mistakes network marketers make is they have dollar signs in their eyes when they are talking with prospects.  And their prospects can sense it!  I think it’s much better to lead with your heart.  That means that you truly have a genuine interest in each person you talk to.  It means you are concerned about their wants, needs and desires.  It means that you want to help them solve their problems and improve their quality of life.  Once you take your eyes off yourself, and start focusing on other people, you will be amazed at what you could accomplish in your business.

# 9 The Value of Patience – We live in a society where everyone wants it and they want it now!  Few people have any amount of patience.  Heck, most people quit their New Year’s resolution in less than a week.  Think about that for a moment.  Patience is a virtue my friend.  Have some patience with your business.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You have to realize that good things take time.  You won’t build a big business in a few months or even in a year or two.  It’s going to take minimum a few years. All you need to do is focus on the right activities every day, stay the course, and things will work out.  Don’t question your business after a few months of getting started.  A few months is nothing.  After all, you wouldn’t start a restaurant and quit in 90 days would you?

# 10 Recommended Videos

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that I recommend.

# 11 Suggested Blog Posts

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# 12 Special Offer 

Anyone who signs up as a retail customer of my MLM Company (weight loss and wellness products) and places a minimum one time order of $50 or more, I will send you a free copy of my MLM Blogging Profits course ($40 value).  If you are interested in this offer, or want to learn more, reply to this email or give me a call to learn more.  This offer ends Friday, March 20th at 9pm eastern.  This offer is for new customers only. You must live in one of the 65 countries we do business in to participate.

# 13 Tribute to My Mentor – Earlier this month, one of my fondest mentors passed away, Mark Yarnell.  He was just 65 years old. Mark was a $20 million+ earner in our industry and he was a no nonsense type of guy.  His teaching and training positively impacted my life and business.  You can read the tribute that I wrote to him here.  If you haven’t checked out his books, I would order a copy of “Your Best Year in Network Marketing.”  It’s one of my all time favorites. Read my tribute.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of my MLM Weekly Wisdom.  If you have questions or need help, give me a call or send me an email.  Here’s to your continued success.  Have a great week.

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