Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 19: January 14, 2015

Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 19: January 14, 2015

Dear Network Marketer:

I hope you are happy, healthy and well.  Welcome to this week’s training.

# 1 Exposures, Exposures, Exposures – It takes an average of four to six exposures or more, before someone will join your team.  The purpose of an exposure is to set up another exposure.  Most people will not join your team the first time they see your presentation.  You need a good follow up process and you can use tools such as webinars, conference calls, three way calls, videos, and samples to walk your prospect through the closing process.  You want to keep giving your prospect additional information until they are ready to make a decision.  Yes, some people will join right away, but most people will need to simmer in the crock pot for a few weeks (or months) before they decide to take action and join your team as a customer or distributor.

# 2 The 1/3/5/7 Formula – This lesson comes straight from Eric Worre’s book “Go Pro!”  He states that “It will take you about one year to become competent and profitable in network marketing.”  He goes on to say that “It will take you about three years of consistent part-time effort in order to go full-time.  It will take about five years of consistent effort be become a six figure earner or above.  And it will take about seven years of consistent effort to become an expert.”  My Take: When you consider that you are doing the business part-time, this is a pretty good deal.  My key takeaway is that you need to be persistent and consistent for several years, before you can expect significant results.  This is not the lottery or some get rich quick type of thing.

# 3 The Importance of Customers – Customers are vital for your long-term business success.  If you’re building your business right, MOST of your income will come from your customers (and your team’s customers).  One of my mentors in another company has a team of about 50k distributors, but his organization has several hundred thousand customers in it.  Even if 100% of his distributors quit the business, he would still have a rock solid income from his customers.  Never underestimate the importance of customers.  You should also realize that most people hate to sell, but most people like to buy.  One of the easiest ways to find new distributors is to lead with the products and find new customers first! A happy customer can become a great distributor.

# 4 Connect with Five People a Day – Five seems to be a magical number.  Approaching just five people a day (every day) about your business would allow you to approach 1,825 people per year.  Think about how big your business could get even if just 1 in 20 people you contacted joined your team!  Success in this business comes down to EXPOSURES.  The more people you can expose to the products or business, the more money you will make.  PERIOD.  Don’t expect to just share the products or business with five or ten people and build a huge team.  Most people will not be interested, but if you can contact five people every day, you will find enough people who are interested.

# 5 Don’t Beg and Don’t Chase – This business is no fun when you are begging, chasing and trying to convince people to get involved with you.  I know I don’t like to be bugged, chased or pressured and I’m sure you don’t either.  When you are talking to people about your business or products, you need to have posture.  Believe in yourself, your company and your products.  Let people know that you are excited about what you do, and if they express and interest, give them more information.  You don’t need any one specific person to join your team to build a successful business.  In addition, people can sense when you are needy and desperate.  Approach people the right way and many of them will ask you for more information.

# 6 A Unique Way to Contact your Warm Market – One great way to contact your warm market is to send out a personalized letter in the mail (USPS).  You could send out a letter in the MAIL to everyone you know telling them that you just started a new business, or just started marketing a new product/service.  You could ask for referrals in the letter.  About a week after the letter is mailed out, give each person a call and ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in what you have to offer.  There’s a good chance they might be interested.  Even better, some people might call you back after receiving the letter (before you called them).  Make sure your letter doesn’t have a bunch of hype in it.  Just keep it real with people and be honest, but excited.   This is a very low key, low pressure, and simple way to contact the people you know.

# 7 The Joe Rubino 3/2/1 Method – Joe Rubino is a very successful network marketer and author.  He teaches the 3/2/1/ method.  One of the key lessons he teaches people is to make three prospecting conversations per day, two follow-up conversations per day and one call to a team member each day.  The beauty of this method is that it is easy to do and doesn’t take much time to do.  You could probably do the entire process in just 30-45 minutes per day.  If you did this consistently, day in and day out, you would definitely see good growth in your business.

# 8 How One Guy Become a Top Earner – I was reading a great book last week (Insider Tells All) and the author told the story of how one person in his network marketing company became the # 1 recruiter.  Apparently, the guy just cold called one page in the phone book every day (about 100 people) and typically recruited 1-2 people per day, just by doing that.  Now, I’m not telling you to cold call people in the phone book.  The real lesson of this story is that if you find SOMETHING that works for you and do it consistently, you will get good results in your business.

# 9 What I Learned from the Amway Diamonds – My first MLM Company was Amway.  That was many, many years ago.  I’m still fascinated by the company even though I am not affiliated with them in any way.  I’ve studied most of their successful distributors and I’ve found a few things in common.  First of all, most of them were with the company for five to ten years BEFORE they achieved huge success.  They started part-time and worked consistently to get their business built.  Most of the top earners have currently been with the company for 20 to 40 years!  The Amway top earners are great at creating a team culture and getting their team plugged in to a system.  These are all helpful lessons that can help you in your business.

# 10 Building Up a Database – How much is a database worth?  Just ask companies like Amazon and eBay how much their customer database is worth.  BILLIONS.  From this day forward, I hope that you will build up a database of everyone you meet, everyone you contact about the business, and everyone who contacts you.  Your goal is to add new people to your database every single day and then find a way to stay in touch with them every 60 to 90 days.  You can send handwritten notes, phone calls or emails to stay in touch (or a variety of methods).  Not only will your database help you grow a large network marketing business, but it will also help you expand your professional network.  Even a database of 500 to 1000 names of people that you have a good relationship with could be worth a large amount of money to you. Never underestimate the value of your list.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s training.  Have a great week.  Thanks for subscribing.

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9 thoughts on “Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 19: January 14, 2015

  1. Kristen

    The contacting by actual mail is a great idea. So many emails get lost in spam folders and I check my main inbox daily, but I don’t always read all of my emails that day. And I don’t check my spam folder daily.
    I am also curious about the Joe Rubino 3/2/1 method. It sounds good, and it is something that I would definitely like to try out for myself.

  2. Greg Boudonck

    In #6 you mentioned contacting your warm market via the United States mail. I am in total agreement with this and I believe it may even be a good system to use with leads. If in your lead getting process, you are getting addresses, it would be a good move to develop a simple, but attractive postcard that somewhat explains the products or opportunity. I would also ask for referrals. This is a great system because so few network marketers use the mail.

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      I use the mail every month with great success. Most people read their mail every day, but very few people I know read every single email that they get.

      1. Greg Boudonck

        You do have to be very careful what you send and what you state in mail items. I know that you follow all on the up and up Chuck, but the many who use any hype or lies could find themselves in Federal prison very quickly by using the United States Postal Service. I recommend checking all laws as to what you can send and any rules around offers you can provide using the mail.

        The mail can be a great tool, but if used improperly it can harm you very bad.

  3. Diamond Grant

    Building a database has been such a valuable tool for me since starting in my business. Initially it seems pretty tedious to keep track of everyone you come into contact with, but it is so vital to helping you grow, build leads, and turn prospects into actual business team members.

    I use a spreadsheet that enables me to track where I am in the process with each person so I can accurately determine where my business stands and what specific steps I need to take in order to grow it.

  4. Greg Boudonck

    I just love these nuggets of wisdom you provide Chuck. In this week’s list, there are a couple of the tips that I want to add to.

    #3: The importance of customers. To me this is one of the top nuggets. As you said, distributors will come and go, but when you have a happy customer, they will stay forever. A good example of this is Avon. There are many Avon reps that have no one underneath them, but they do quite well with just their customer base..

    The last one: building your database is a huge priority. Having contacts is the top way to have leads and customers.

    Thanks again for these wise nuggets.


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