Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 12 – November 28, 2014

Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 12 – November 28, 2014

Dear Network Marketer:

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Here are some tips to grow your network marketing business.

# 1 Look for connected people – We all know people who are connectors.  These are influential people that others know, like and trust.  They are typically social butterflies, and when they talk others listen.  These are the folks you really want to sponsor into your business.  These are the folks who can build large teams fast.  Make a list of the top five most influential people you know and give them a call.  Send them a few free product samples.  Write them a personal note and include your business card.  Sponsoring even one of these folks can totally transform your business. Learn more about the best type of people to sponsor.

# 2 Your 18-24 month plan – Contrary to what many people think, this is not a get rich quick industry.  Everyone needs an 18 to 24 month commitment and game plan for their business.  Trying the business out for a few months to see what happens is a recipe for failure.  You wouldn’t get married and try it out for a few months or dabble with it.  You wouldn’t spend $100k to open a restaurant and “see how it goes.”

Ultimately, you need to commit to your business for the long-term if you want it to work.  At a bare bones minimum, make a commitment to stick with one company for 24 months and ignore all other business opportunities and shiny objects during that time.  Make a commitment to work your business 30 to 60 minutes a day for at least two years and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  Have realistic expectations, set goals, and do something every day to build your business.

# 3 Use your own talents and abilities – Everyone is wired differently.  We all have different natural talents and abilities.  We all have different personalities, strengths, and skills.  What works for one person to grow their business might not work for another person.  Your real key to success is to make a list of your talents and skills and then find a way to use those talents and skills to grow your business.  For instance, I love to write.  So I blog to build my business.  Other people are social butterflies, so using the three foot rule works for them.  Others like to do public speaking, so they can do public speaking to grow their business.  Study any top earner and you will see that they all built their business differently from each other.

# 4 It’s worth it, but it’s not easy – Nothing in life worth accomplishing is fast or easy.  Even though lots of internet ads promise you fast or easy money, business doesn’t work that way. Ask any successful person in any industry, and they will tell you that their journey to the top was a struggle, that there were tons of challenges and setbacks along the way.  They had hundreds of reasons to quit, but they stuck with it anyway.  Building your business is very simple (just work the numbers), but it is far from easy.  If you’re looking for something easy, just stay in a job.   Here are five reasons not to quit your company.

# 5 Build from the bottom up – I learned this from my mentor Don Failla.  He preaches the importance of building depth by working at the bottom most level in your organization.  He taught me that if you work on level 20 in your group, you automatically motivate the 19 levels of people above them.  I agree.  Most folks spend all their time working on their pay level, or their front line.  It’s much smarter to build depth and work at the bottom of each leg.  Don refers to this as upward motivation.  I’ve found it works well for me and I know it can work for you too. You can learn more about it by reading The 45 Second Presentation.

# 6 All of my 100% people come in depth – I watched a video on YouTube the other day by a top earner in another company.  He talks about how 100% of his serious people come in depth.  In other words, no one he personally sponsored was “all in” with the business.  He helped all of his new people sponsor a few, who sponsored a few, who sponsored a few.  Eventually, he found his key leaders several levels deep in his group.  The moral of this story is that people will lead you to other people.  You never know where or when your winners will show up in your group.  Support everyone.  Help everyone.  And let people lead you to people.

# 7 Keep doing what you said you would do, after the enthusiasm fades – MLM is like dating.  The first few dates are always fun and exciting.  But at some point that initial enthusiasm fades. I’ve found that anyone can be excited about the business for 30 to 90 days.  It’s what they do AFTER their initial enthusiasm fades that will determine whether or not they are successful with the business.  One of the reasons we have so many MLM Junkies in this industry is that people are looking for something “fast and easy.”  They keep jumping from company to company with hopes of making it big and looking forward to that excitement of a new business.  No matter what type of business you own (MLM or not) there will come a point in time where the initial excitement fades.

# 8 Don’t try to turn people into something they’re not – You’ve probably heard the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  This is so true.  If you’re like me, you will want success for your team members more than they want it for themselves.  It’s frustrating, but it’s truth.  Your odds of turning a follower or non-producer into a leader or producer is very slim.  Instead, your job is to work with the willing.  You can only motivate someone so much.  If they haven’t made the decision to sell out and make it happen, nothing you will do or say will really motivate them, or keep them motivated.

# 9 Nothing will happen as quick as you want it to – This is one of the hardest lessons I have learned in this business.  We all expect things to fall in place and happen quickly.  I’ve since learned that nothing goes as planned and success always takes longer than we expected.  You have to remember that businesses (of any kind) take time to build.  You won’t get rich overnight.  It will probably take you 2-3 times longer than you expected to reach your goals.  Don’t let that stop you though.  As long as you are doing the money making activities consistently, you will eventually make it.  Make sure that your goals match your actions.  Don’t expect to be a big producer quickly if you aren’t talking to at least 20-30 people a day.

# 10 90% of your frustration happens because you can’t get others to do what you want them to do – I’ve always been frustrated when I couldn’t get my team to perform.  The truth of the matter is “everyone is their own independent business owner.”  People will do what they want.  In most cases, you will want success for your team members more than they want it for themselves.  You just have to accept this.  Realize from this day forward that you have no control over what others do.  There’s nothing you can do to keep someone motivated and get them to build their business.  You can coach them, help them and support them, but if they aren’t committed, it won’t matter much.  When it comes to people on my team, I have zero expectation that anyone will do anything. That way I a never disappointed.

Thanks for reading my Weekly Wisdom.  I hope you have a great weekend.  If you have questions or need help, give me a call at (352) 503-4816.

Best Regards,


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14 thoughts on “Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom # 12 – November 28, 2014

  1. R.G. Westerman

    One positive element I have seen in a variety of MLM businesses is the inclusion of having a mentor. It is built in to the structure on an inherent level. Learning from your upline can offer beneficial amounts of knowledge which can be applied in many ventures throughout one’s life.

  2. Greg Boudonck

    And again I found something that really hit me when I reread this post.

    Use your own talents and abilities. In many cases, we hear of replication, but that doesn’t mean copying your sponsor or mentor in every single thing. Each person was made differently. We all have talents and abilities others do not have. Building on those talents to utilize them in our networking business is wisdom at its finest.

    I love this. We need to use what we have been blessed with. That doesn’t mean you don’t use other methods, but make them your own, by installing your abilities into them.

  3. Greg Boudonck

    As I have said before, rereading these wisdom nuggets always has me finding something I just didn’t catch the last time I read it.

    This time, the quote about building from the bottom up by Don Failla is sticking with me. It is so easy to think we need to build from the top down, but if you truly look at the best architecture in all the world, it starts at the bottom. The foundation needs to be set, and then brick by brick, or whatever building material gets laid to make an amazing and solid structure. If a person builds down, one strong wind will blow it over.

    It works the same way in business, be it traditional or network marketing. Building from the bottom up is the way to be solid.

  4. Diamond Grant

    Tip #1 about looking for connected people is vital. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in college was the value of networking and making connections. It was there that I made the shift from the reserved person I used to be, to the more outgoing person who is not afraid to converse with others. So selecting a person who fits this mold to sponsor is so wise because you know they have the skills to reach out and have those interactions with people that could go on to benefit the business. It is these people who tend to have very valuable resources at their disposal because of who they know.

  5. Greg boudonck

    I also hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

    This is a great batch of wisdom Chuck. I am especially taken by #3. We do all have different talents and looking for the way to use our individual talents is important. This goes with #8 that you cannot turn people into something they are not. We can actually help people use their talents to achieve success. When we sponsor them, we should dig in to find that person’s special talents.

      1. Greg Boudonck

        Yes, that includes both introverted and extroverted people. We all have something that draws other people to us. Yes, some people are more charismatic, but if you were to look at highly successful people, you would find that many are introverted, not great at speaking, and don’t like selling. This did not stop them from finding success. They used what talents they did have and leveraged the system to work in their favor.

  6. Ehsan

    Hey Chuck,
    Thanks for the great tips, they are spot-on. I especially like #9. People join MLM or network marketing hoping to make quick bucks. Then when it does not happen, they quit. In reality, it takes time and lots of effort. It’s so important to set the correct expectations and long term planning in this business.
    If people take the time to really learn this industry and become a professional network marketer, they would achieve the success they deserve.
    Thanks again.

    1. Diamond Grant

      One of the most frustrating things for me to learn to deal with is the high drop out rate of people in the MLM industry. You think you find a quality group of people to teach and invest in and then a chunk of them leaves because they aren’t overnight millionaires. Grrr! However, I have learned to really be detailed about what people can expect when they join an MLM (particularly my mlm) in the introductory packet so there are no surprises. And therefore, less chances of people claiming they didn’t know and using that as an excuse to leave.


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