Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul Book Review

Today, I’m going to do a book review of “Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Bill Hyman. I have to tell you that I am a big fan of these books.  The “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series” is really awesome.  I’ve read many different titles within the series and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I purchased this book from a recommendation that Amazon® gave me with another purchase I made.  The book retails for $19.95.  It was first published in 2008 by Health Communications, Inc.  The book has 291 pages and includes short stories from approximately 40 different top earners in the industry.

Overall, I liked the book, but I didn’t love it.  I give it a 6 of 10.  There are some good stories in it.  The stories aren’t really success tips or training tips, just different people’s experience and journey in the network marketing industry.

Some of these successful network marketers include:

  • Earl Shaw
  • Bill Hyman
  • Michael Dlouhy
  • Jan Ruhe
  • Jeff and Ruth Elliott

The book does have some Golden Nuggets sprinkled throughout.  I’m going to share a few of my favorite quotes below, along with my own thoughts about each quote. Each quote is in bold and italics.

# 1 The people who get deeply involved in network marketing undergo one of the most rewarding and challenging personal development courses on earth.  What I love most about the network marketing industry is the person you BECOME through training, temporary failure, setbacks and obstacles.  The reading, mentoring and training really are second to none.  Network Marketing is the ultimate success course.

# 2 What you focus on becomes reality. Let’s face it; we are what we think about.  Get your thoughts right and you can become successful.  You can either be your own biggest asset or biggest liability.

# 3 I realized that the true power of MLM lay not in your ability to sell products but to help others succeed.  Retailing is an important part of network marketing, but the big money comes from team building.  Help others succeed and you will become successful.

# 4 Network marketing is the ultimate lifestyle if you’re willing to stay the course.  In any case, I know what my lesson was.  No matter how rough it gets, strive to improve and never quit. Set goals, take action, learn from your mistakes and persevere.  It sounds simple, but a lot of folks don’t have the mental toughness to stick it out.

# 5 Sure, it’s easy to say that you want to work for yourself and work for what you think you’re worth.  It’s another thing when you’re actually out there, and realize that if you fail, you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.  I meet lots of folks who say they would like to work for themselves.  It sounds sexy, but it’s hard work. There is a lot of uncertainty and risk involved.  It’s not like being an employee.  You have to be mentally tough to make it in your own business.

# 6 We replaced watching TV and reading the paper with reading inspirational books and listening to these life-changing CDs. TV won’t do ANYTHING for your personal development.  It won’t make you money either.  Turn off your TV or get rid of it UNTIL you have your business built.  It’s one of the best things you can do.

# 7 Life is too short not to be doing what you are passionate about. You get one shot in life.  Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

# 8 You are truly wealthy when you can live the way you want without physically working. Residual income is very powerful.   As long as you have to physically work to get paid, you will never be free.  You need money that comes in month after month, whether you work or not.

# 9 Be so busy giving recognition that you don’t need it. People will often work harder for recognition than money.  Be the person that gives other recognition, inspires others and makes them feel appreciated.

# 10 MLM is the business of caring. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

# 11 No one but you can control your thoughts or your destiny. You are the master of your own destiny.  Accept responsibility for your own success and failure and you will do very well in life. No one cares as much about you as you do.

Final Thoughts

In summary, “Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul” is a book designed to share short stories from successful network marketers.  There is lots of wisdom in this book that you can apply in your business.  If you haven’t read it yourself, I suggest you check it out.

What are your thoughts?  Did you like the book?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul Book Review”

  1. This is such an impressive collection of quotes that inspire you. Chicken Soup for the Soul issues is really interesting to read and I love them all. I haven’t read this edition but I will surely get one now. These books tell you words of wisdom with flavor of humor. My favorite one from the list you shared is that Life is too short not to be doing what you are passionate about.

  2. Some great nuggets you picked out of the book. I was really taken by #6. The television has become a huge problem in today’s world. What is really terrible is the ones who have 200 channels and can’t find anything to watch. Television has created a laziness lifestyle. Many of the shows are also teaching immoral actions. We say that it is just tv, but all of it gets into our beings and before we know it, we are like actors on the tv. I agree get rid of the tv and make your business succeed.

  3. I love number 7: life truly is too short to do something that does not excite you. I think that it was Jim Carey, in a recent commencement speech, who said that you can work really hard at but still fail at something you hate, so why not just go for what you love? The passion you bring to the task will go a long way towards ensuring your success.

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