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Top 27 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Today, I will share my top reasons to hire a virtual assistant. As a business owner, whether you have many employees, just 1 or 2 or you are a Lone Ranger, you may want to consider contracting the services of a virtual assistant. While there are many business owners who balk at the idea, there […]

Top 17 Ethics To Abide By In Network Marketing

Excuse me for being slightly blunt, but I sometimes think that 90% of the human population has no idea what ethics are. What happened to the days when men opened a woman’s door or a child helped an elderly person across the busy street? Yes, there are still ethical people, but I think that they […]

The Top 35 Vacation Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Guest post by Greg Boudonck Entrepreneurs need a vacation too! Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in our work, and making sure the business keeps flowing smoothly that we neglect our own sanity and peace of mind. Sometimes we just need to turn off the phone, laptop and tablet and go to […]

Promote Your Home Based Business For Free: 17 Amazing Ideas

And 9 Great Low Cost Methods Guest post by Greg Boudonck No matter what your home based business is, the key to success is marketing and promoting your business. Large corporations have the advantage of having “deep pockets,” and can afford to promote their businesses on television, radio and billboards. But small businesses do not […]

People Want to Do Business with Successful People

People want to do business with successful people. This is some time-tested wisdom that is applicable to 99% of everyone you talk with. Very few people want to work with people who are unsuccessful, desperate and/or improperly trained. People want to work with the best-of-the-best, people who are on top of their game. To put […]

Three Challenges Network Marketers Deal With: And What to Do About It

Today, I’m going to share three challenges network marketers deal with, and teach you what to do about it. Of course, this is just my opinion. By all means, we can agree to disagree. Let me tell you right up-front that MLM is tough. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve owned several […]

Are You a Good Recruiter or Good Network Marketer?

Are you a good recruiter or good network marketer? That is the lesson in today’s post. Many people think these two things mean the same thing. I know I have in the past. However, I watched a video a few months ago that changed how I feel about this subject. In the video, the successful […]

How to Recharge Your MLM Business: 10 Tips for Success

Looking to recharge your MLM Business? If so, I can help. I was coaching one of my team members today to help her create some excitement and growth in her team. I spent about 30 minutes before our call developing a list of 10 tips to help her recharge her MLM Business. I know her […]

A Confused MLM Distributor Does Nothing…

A confused MLM distributor does nothing… A confused person does nothing… There is a beauty in keeping things simple. I once heard that any idiot can make network marketing complicated, but it takes a genius to keep it simple. Unfortunately, I have been an idiot in this respect. … several times anyway. Thankfully, I am […]