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The Laptop Lifestyle: Top 22 Ways To Make It Happen

The laptop lifestyle… Many people travel through this thing we call life as if they were put on this planet to never enjoy their creation. We are taught at an early age to go to school, do our chores, get a job and work our asses off to pay our taxes and try to feed […]

19 Life Lessons That Helped Me In The Business World

Today, I want to share some life lessons that helped me in the business world. When I look back on childhood, I probably did not consider that someday I would be in business for myself. But then again… I was somewhat of an oddball kid. I didn’t dream of being a firefighter or policeman; I […]

Blogging Success Story: Realistic Traffic, Website Visitors, Growth and Time-frame for Success with a Blog

In today’s post, I want to share my blogging success story with you… I did a guest post for my friend Erik Christian Johnson the other day. He is a successful MLM Blogger as well. He interviewed me and asked me to share some of my best blogging tips with his audience. **** If you […]

Earl Shoaff: 13 Great Lessons and Quotes from Jim Rohn’s Mentor

Today, we’re going to talk about Earl Shoaff… Not too long ago, I wrote a post entitled Top 40 Jim Rohn Quotes of All Time. Jim was a very wise man, and he has mentored a number of highly successful network marketers. When you consider matters closely, you will realize that those who mentor were […]

How I Sponsored My 3 Best People in My MLM Company

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell I know I am not in alone in saying, I love network marketing! I think there are so many positive things about it and I have seen very little negative. Of course there will always be haters, but the positive greatly outweighs the negative, as I see it. With that said, […]

Sam and Kim Bean: 7 Lessons I Learned from the Organo Gold Top Producers

Up until I read the March/April 2015 edition of Networking Times magazine, I had never heard of Sam and Kim Bean before.  I have since learned that they are top producers in Organo Gold.  I am really in awe of their wisdom and experience in the industry.  They are true network marketing professionals. After reading […]

John and Tiffaney Malott Seacret Top Earners: Six Lessons I Learned from Them

If you’ve never heard of John and Tiffaney Malott, you are really behind the power curve. They are some of the most successful and highly respected people in the entire network marketing industry.  I have TREMENDOUS respect for what they have accomplished and how they handle themselves. As a quick disclaimer, I am NOT part […]

ACN Top Earner Spencer Hunn Quotes and Wisdom: 10 Things I Learned from Him

Spencer Hunn is a legend in the ACN business and he is an extremely successful network marketer.  He’s a young guy, very talented, and very driven.  Although I’ve never met him personally (nor have I been in ACN myself), I am completely mesmerized by the knowledge and wisdom this guy has about network marketing. I […]

Paul Orberson Excel Communications and FHTM Legend

I’m a big fan of studying successful network marketers.  One successful marketer was Paul Orberson.  In fact, he might be one of the top 10 most successful network marketers ever. Paul grew up in Kentucky and attended Western Kentucky on a baseball scholarship.  After college, Paul was a high school teacher and basketball coach in […]