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The Myths About Selling in Network Marketing

Today, I want to talk about the myths about selling in network marketing.  Some people will tell you that to succeed in network marketing you don’t have to know how to sell.  I personally have mixed feelings about that.  I believe that selling is very important in network marketing, if you do it right. In […]

Gifting Your MLM Products as Birthday and Christmas Presents

Today, I want to talk to you about gifting your MLM Products as holiday or Christmas presents. Let me begin this post by telling you a story.  When I was a young kid, my grandmother sold Avon. Every year, for my birthday and Christmas, some of my presents would be Avon products.  She would give […]

Building a MLM Downline with Just Customers

Today, I want to share a crazy idea with you. I want to talk about why you should consider building a MLM Downline with just customers and product users.  Just to clarify, when I say customers, I simply mean people who LOVE the products and have no intention (not initially anyway) of doing the business […]

Build Your Customer Base Before You Build a MLM Downline

When it comes to building a successful, long-term network marketing business, I think it’s wise to build your customer base BEFORE you start building a downline. Every distributor should make it a point to find at least 10 personal customers before they start looking for people to pursue the business opportunity. In fact, I wish […]

Your MLM Customers Will Be Your Best Distributors

Did you know that your MLM Customers will naturally become your best distributors?  When you can find someone who truly loves the product, and sees a tremendous value in it, there is a good chance they will upgrade from customer to distributor. Most network marketers are simply taught to go out and look for people […]

Why Direct Selling is Better Than MLM

After 12 years in the network marketing industry I have come to the conclusion that direct selling is MUCH better than MLM. Why? There are tons of different reasons.  For the purpose of this article, I want to share my hangups with MLM, and why I think direct selling is better. Here are the major […]

Retail to Recruit in MLM: The Best MLM Advice I Can Share With You

If there’s one valuable lesson I learned in my current MLM Company it is to retail to recruit. This simply means to focus on getting customers first and then let sponsoring be a byproduct of getting customers, rather than getting customers as a byproduct of trying to sponsor people as distributors.  To the best of […]

Why You Want and Need a Big MLM Retail Business

What I’m about to share with you can be completely life-changing!  If you are a serious distributor and have done everything in your will power to successfully build a large team of distributors, yet failed, this information will blow your mind. You see, our great industry started out in the 1950s as direct selling.  Yes, […]

Cookie Lee Home Party: How to Have a Successful In Home Party

If you’re involved with Cookie Lee, one of the best ways to grow your business is by hosting in-home jewelry parties. Few selling methods are more effective than hosting a Cookie Lee Jewelry Home Party. Not only is it profitable, but it’s also fun. Your key to success is preparation. By following the ten steps […]