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Recruiting Up or Sponsoring Up in Your MLM Business

Most people in our industry try to recruit the wrong people into their business. Rather than recruiting success minded people, most distributors look for people they are comfortable approaching. These folks are normally at their level of motivation (and success) or lower. This is a big mistake as I see it. I want to explain […]

How to Sponsor 20 New MLM Reps or Distributors Quickly: An 8 Week Action Plan

I hope you are crushing it. You’ve probably heard the saying that the quickest way to create a surge in your network marketing business is to bring in 20 new recruits as quickly as possible! I couldn’t agree more. The reason most people don’t do this is because they don’t know what to do. They […]

How to Recruit More MLM Reps and Distributors:  21 Tips for Success

Want to recruit more MLM reps? That’s probably a dumb question. Who doesn’t? Recruiting is one of the biggest struggles for most people in our industry, especially new people. That’s why so many people give up with broken dreams and leave our industry for good: they don’t know how to recruit more MLM reps. Show […]

Think Like Your MLM Prospect If You Want to Sponsor More People

If you want to sponsor more MLM Reps you need to learn how to think like your prospect. One of the best ways to connect with your prospect is to put yourself in their shoes. Take your eyes off yourself and focus on what’s in it for them. I learned about this simple concept from […]

How I Sponsored My 3 Best People in My MLM Company

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell I know I am not in alone in saying, I love network marketing! I think there are so many positive things about it and I have seen very little negative. Of course there will always be haters, but the positive greatly outweighs the negative, as I see it. With that said, […]

MLM One Liners: Simple Things You Can Say to Promote Your MLM Business

In today’s post I want to share some of my favorite MLM One Liners.  I’ll give examples for the products and for the business opportunity.  These are some simple phrases you can say to prospects to pique their interest in either the products or the business opportunity. They are designed to help you sift and […]

Recruiting Baby Boomers into Your MLM Business

Of all the “target markets” you can choose from to recruit into your network marketing business, I can’t think of any group of people with more potential than baby boomers. I’m not saying you should ONLY focus on this group of people, but I wouldn’t neglect them in your prospecting efforts either. In the paragraphs […]