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Creating an Eagle File for Your MLM Business

You definitely want to create an Eagle File for your network marketing business. What is an Eagle File? It’s nothing more than a list of “top notch” quality people that you know, or have recently met. Basically, you want to keep a spreadsheet (or journal) with the sharpest people you know and come in contact […]

What to Say to Your MLM Prospects to Pique Their Interest?

What to say to your MLM Prospects… People ask me all the time, Chuck, “what should I say to my MLM Prospects to get them interested in the business?” I should start out by telling you that there are no magic words.  There isn’t one simple phrase that works every time like hotcakes.  Trust me, […]

Top 25 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Know You, Like You and Trust You

When I consider the relationship between an entrepreneur and a prospect, I relate it to dating in many ways. Since I am a male, I will speak from the perspective of a man, but this can be used on the female approach too. When we meet that woman for the first time, they will naturally […]

The Best Ways to Initially Contact Your Prospects

What are the best ways to initially contact your prospects about your products or business opportunity? Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. I’ve tried many different things myself in the past. Some methods worked very well. Some didn’t. I’ve also learned that everyone has a different method of communication they prefer […]

How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Business Prospects

Today, I want to share some practical tips about how to make a good first impression with your business prospects. None of this is rocket science. However, many business people forget to do these basic things. As a result, they lose some potential business without even realizing why. I don’t want that to happen to […]

How to Avoid Giving Your Prospects Information Overload

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t give your prospects information overload. One of the biggest mistakes that network marketers and new sales people make is they bombard their prospect with too much information. They share tons of charts, graphs, figures, and statistics. They talk about every little detail of the compensation plan. They talk […]

Example Prospect Follow Up System for Any Business

Are you looking for a simple prospect follow-up system for your own business? If so, you are in the right place. My name is Chuck Holmes. I am a Certified Business Coach and I specialize in MARKETING. I know I can help you develop a prospect follow-up system for your business. If nothing else, I […]

What Should You Do With MLM Prospects Who Ignore You, Don’t Return Your Calls, or No Show You?

So, what should do with MLM prospects who ignore you, stand you up, or don’t return your calls? I bet I get asked that question several times per week. The conversation normally goes something like this… “Chuck, I’ve tried to follow up with my Uncle Jim 15 times over the past two weeks.  I’ve called […]

Everyone is Selfish: Learn What Your MLM Prospects Really Think About

Everyone is selfish. We all care about ourselves, our goals and our agenda. It’s normal. I don’t think it’s a bad thing either. Some people have been taught in school, by their parents, or by close friends that being selfish is bad. My answer to that is BALONEY. Everyone is selfish, to some degree, whether they admit […]