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Stella & Dot Review: Their Top 20 Products

Stella & Dot has grown to unbelievable proportions. Jessica Herrin, a Stanford School of Business graduate, had an entrepreneurial spirit which she claims she gained from her father. At 24 years old, she co-founded which was sold and is now The Knot. Jessica had a baby, but she still maintained her entrepreneurial attitude. Idea […]

The Top 23 Pampered Chef Products Ever

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck If we were to pull 10 people off any street in the United States and ask them if they are familiar with Pampered Chef, I would be willing to bet that 8 would be familiar and 6 of those 8 would have at least 1 Pampered Chef product. Known for […]

Xyngular MLM: Company and Product Line Review

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck Xyngular is one of the newer multilevel marketing companies. Even though they are somewhat new, they have grown in extreme measures. Xyngular is now located in over 30 countries worldwide. Xyngular markets and sells health, wellness and weight loss products. In today’s post, I am just going to tell you […]

Purium Corporation: Top 20 Products

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck Purium Corporation is a Long Beach, California-based multilevel marketing company that manufactures and sells weight loss, along with health and wellness products. The purpose of today’s post is to give you an unbiased look at the Purium Corporation’s top 20 products. I am using a variety of resources in determining […]

EvolvHealth Product Review: Their Product Line

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck In today’s post, we are examining an MLM Company called EvolvHealth. The company has made a statement that they long to help eradicate child malnutrition while also helping many other people reboot their health. Before I move further along with this post, I must tell you that I am not […]

Xango Product Review: Their Top 20 Products

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck Back in the early 2000’s, Joe Morton traveled to Southeast Asia and while there, he discovered mangosteen. This fruit is a dark purple and has a delightful taste, along with being high in some vitamins and minerals. Joe had an idea. He brought the fruit back to America, and working […]

Atomy Product Review: Their Top 20 Products

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck Back in 2004, Han Gill Park founded Atomy in his native South Korea. The multilevel marketing company he founded has grown worldwide and has an extensive network in the United States. As a matter of fact, the Atomy headquarters are located in Federal Way, Washington. Atomy has a large product […]

Take Shape For Life Product Review: The Top 20 List

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck Back in 1980, a company was founded called Medifast. Originally, the products sold by Medifast were sold to physicians. As Medifast grew in popularity, they established several subsidiary companies, and one of which is Take Shape For Life, which was founded in 2003, and is based in Owings Mill, Maryland. […]

Plexus Worldwide Product Review

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck One of the newer multilevel marketing companies, Plexus Worldwide began operations in 2011. They offer weight loss, health and wellness products that have been widely accepted. The core beliefs of Plexus Worldwide consist of: Be trustworthy Be responsible Be honest Be reliable This is what the key executives instill within […]

Nikken Product Review: The Top 20 List

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck Nikken is a multilevel marketing business that started from humble beginnings. In 1975, Isamu Masuda realized the pain and discomfort many of his fellow Japanese comrades experienced with sore feet. Upon entering a public bath, Isamu had a revelation. The pebbles on the bottom of the bath provided relief to […]