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19 Life Lessons That Helped Me In The Business World

Today, I want to share some life lessons that helped me in the business world. When I look back on childhood, I probably did not consider that someday I would be in business for myself. But then again… I was somewhat of an oddball kid. I didn’t dream of being a firefighter or policeman; I […]

Results of Sponsoring 100 MLM Distributors

This post will review my results of sponsoring 100 distributors into my primary network marketing company. None of this is to brag. Some of these stats are impressive. Some are not. You be the judge. I simply want to be transparent and give you something to shoot for, so you know what you (might) have […]

Why Every Home Business Owner Should Have a Dog

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck In my childhood, I did not have the advantage of having a dog like so many of my friends did. Our living conditions did not allow this, but we did have a cat. That poor cat probably thought he was in hell with my brother and I in a small […]

How to Deal with Loneliness When Working from Home: 22 Tips for Success

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck 20 years ago, I had not even considered the possibility that I may become a person who works at home. I had been involved with many types of professions from managing telemarketing operations to operating a break-press in a large metal factory. But, I had always loved to write and […]

Top 30 Business and Life Skills I’ve Learned from Network Marketing

Network marketing has been a huge blessing in my life. I’ve learned so many valuable life and business skills that have shaped many other areas of my life. If it wasn’t for this industry, I’m not sure WHERE I would be today! What I want to do in today’s post is share some the top […]

Why I Only Work My MLM Business an Hour a Day

I have people ask me all the time why I only work on my MLM Business for about an hour a day. I figured it would be an interesting topic for a blog post, so here it goes. First off, I love the industry. I’ve been doing it a long time (just over 14 years) […]

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing: The Downfall of an Industry Giant

We are going to examine a major player in the multi-level marketing world that was taken to its knees, and then the head was chopped off. When this assassination happened, there were many people clapping and yelling with joy. But, there were also some people crying and screaming foul. So who was right? I cannot […]