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The Home Office Deduction: 15 Things You Should Know

Guest post by Greg Boudonck As we near that dreaded time we face yearly… tax time, I want to share some information that I believe will be beneficial for you. The amount of people that work out of their home in one form or another is staggering. Many businesses have started downsizing office space and […]

Move To Florida: 15 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Consider It

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck They call it the Sunshine State. Florida! Many of you know that I live further south in the United States territory of Puerto Rico, but the owner of this website, my friend Charles “Chuck” Holmes resides in the lovely State of Florida. And from what I see, many highly successful […]

How to Involve Your Kids in Your Home Business: 13 Simple Ideas

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck I have heard some people claim they could not have a home business because they have children. Sorry if this offends you, but that is a B.S. excuse. Many of the top business leaders in the world were doing so when they had kids at home. The fact is: it […]

Why Every Home Business Owner Should Have a Dog

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck In my childhood, I did not have the advantage of having a dog like so many of my friends did. Our living conditions did not allow this, but we did have a cat. That poor cat probably thought he was in hell with my brother and I in a small […]

List of MLM Companies in the Philippines

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck While multi-level marketing has been growing in the United States and other countries, one of the countries that has had huge growth in the MLM business model is the Philippines. There are multiple theories as to why this is, but it is my belief that many of the Philippine people […]

Eric Worre’s Go Pro 2015 Event: My Review & 10 Key Takeaways

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell Leaders are born at events. If you been in the industry longer than a minute, you’ve probably heard that saying before.  What I have found over the years is that leaders do attend events. It’s the best way to get to know people and there are always good nuggets of […]

Five Lessons eBay Taught Me About Network Marketing

I’ve been selling on eBay for more than a decade now.  Just to clarify, I do NOT sell my MLM products on eBay, nor do I endorse it.  Instead, I sell antiques, jewelry, clothes, belt buckles, books and more. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons about business and network marketing from eBay, believe it or […]

Supporting Other Companies in the MLM Industry

This post might come across as a weird post to some of you, but I think it’s very relevant.  As MLM Distributors, I think we have an obligation to support our entire industry, not just our primary company.  What do I mean by that? I think every distributor should be a customer of several different […]