MLM Leads

Surveyed MLM Leads

What is a surveyed MLM Lead? I definite It is a person who responded to a survey about starting their own network marketing business. The person answered specific questions about what they are looking for in a home-based business. Most MLM Lead Companies place generic ads in different newspapers or magazines and on the Internet to acquire …

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Opt In MLM Lead

What is an opt in MLM lead? I define it as someone who willingly provided their name, email or contact information into a web-form to learn more about a home-based business opportunity. Here’s how it works. When someone visits a “work-from-home” themed website, there is normally an opt-in form on the website. Visitors can type …

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Real Time MLM Leads

What are real time MLM leads? I define it as someone who recently requested more information about starting a network marketing business. When I say recently, I mean within the past 24 hours or less. More importantly the person must request information about network marketing, and even better, your specific company. Just because someone fills out a form …

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