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People Want to Do Business with Successful People

People want to do business with successful people. This is some time-tested wisdom that is applicable to 99% of everyone you talk with. Very few people want to work with people who are unsuccessful, desperate and/or improperly trained. People want to work with the best-of-the-best, people who are on top of their game. To put […]

Three Challenges Network Marketers Deal With: And What to Do About It

Today, I’m going to share three challenges network marketers deal with, and teach you what to do about it. Of course, this is just my opinion. By all means, we can agree to disagree. Let me tell you right up-front that MLM is tough. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve owned several […]

Are You a Good Recruiter or Good Network Marketer?

Are you a good recruiter or good network marketer? That is the lesson in today’s post. Many people think these two things mean the same thing. I know I have in the past. However, I watched a video a few months ago that changed how I feel about this subject. In the video, the successful […]

People Will Disappoint You in Your MLM Business and in Life

People will disappoint you. Hell, you already know that… We’ve all been disappointed at one point or another in our lives and business. It’s part of life. It sucks, but it’s a common reality. When it comes to network marketing, it’s easy to be disappointed. Why? Because you have to work with other people you […]

Your First Year in Business: 7 Things to Expect

Today, I want to teach you about what to expect your first year in business. This message is for ALL entrepreneurs, regardless of what industry they are in. I should start out by telling you that most new entrepreneurs have NO idea what they are getting themselves into when they start their own business. Not […]

Nurturing or To the Point: What is the Best Way to Act in Your MLM Business?

Should you be nurturing or to the point? What is the best way to act in your MLM Business? My immediate answer is to BE YOURSELF. I don’t believe there is a right answer or a wrong answer. Just realize that this is a “volunteer Army” and no one has to follow your lead. No […]

Why Most Businesses with Low Start Up Costs Fail

Thousands of people in America start their own home based business each and every day. This includes many different types of businesses such as network marketing, eBay, blogging, consulting, coaching, virtual assistant, babysitting, pet sitting and countless other things. For many people, it’s the American dream to be your own boss. After all, who wouldn’t […]

Why Your MLM Business Isn’t Working Out for You or Growing

Are you struggling in your network marketing business? Do you want to throw in the towel and quit? If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to network marketing we have a really high failure rate. Well, to be quite frank with you, most businesses do. Building a successful business is tough. Building a successful […]